2015 Is Here Now What?

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It has been some time since I’ve posted any articles here. As you can see, 2015 is here now what? I feel bad about it but I plan to make it up to everyone.

Christmas has come and gone and everyone, I hope, had a wonderful one with family and friends. The new year is here and I hope you all are having a good one so far. If you’re not, don’t feel bad because others might be going through what you are going through.

If you are having an awesome new year, congratulation and I know you are off to a awesome start!

The new year is here, 2015 now what? Have you made any new years resolutions? I hope you did and plan to stick to them. For me, I didn’t really plan any but I have made some goal setting. Some that are truly attainable and plan to share them here when they come to reality.

We know and here of people who make new years resolution but for reason beyond there control it falls apart around the third or fourth month. When did your new years resolution fall apart last year? To stay on the safe said I only made like two and they both have come to pass.

One was to build a site call hotellico.com and the other was to further work on used 15 passenger van. They both have had many changes but the winner by far, for now, is used 15 passenger van. Even though I spent over 200 bucks upgrading it I didn’t even keep the design I spend the money on.

The site started to generate a ton of error codes which I found in Google Webmaster tools. I was furious and sent the guy who did the site over some emails. He was no help and I switch to the theme you now see. I even deleted the plugin that was listing the vans. That’s how mad I got.

To make a long story short, the site regain some ground on Bing after losing the number one position which it held for three years. One good site to this is that the site is regaining position in Google.

For about a year the site was sandboxed. You couldn’t find it anywhere on the search engine. Google at least. Now, the site is climbing. The last time I checked it was on page 5. To know that it was on page 127 four 6 months again is testament to diligent s and patients. Don’t give up on your sites. Even when it looks hopeless!

What’s Next and for the year 2015?

Well a lot. I have a lot plan and I hope to achieve them. What I find hard is to stay focus on one thing. There is some much to do here online. So many ideas and so little time. This is not really a good thing because I find doing so many things at the same time don not give you the chance to honestly develop a project to the max. My suggestion……Do only one project at a time.

I find myself build too many websites. Some of become successful most a majority of them have failed. Why? I didn’t give them my 100% attention. But this will change in 2015. I will focus on only a few projects a time. What I also find is that money is been spent in the wrong place. Instead of spend the money and getting that project develop to the fullest, I spend it on a new project. Not a good idea at all.

If you are doing this, please stop. Just focus on one project. If you see some success, go with it. The only way you should stop and do something else is if its not doing jack for your bottom line. Meaning….it’s costing you money instead of making you money.

The good news though is that I am learning more and more every year. I can’t wait too long to make my make on the web because these awesome opportunity won’t last forever. The internet right now is still like a Gold rush. With still have of the population still not online, just image how much it will become when 100% of the human race are able to log onto the web. It will truly be awesome!

By this time in a couple of years, I believe demand for website building will still be huge. Free website platforms will still be in high demand. Lucky for you, you’ won’t be using free websites to build the sites that put money into your pocket. By now, you should be building self hosted websites. Those that you one hundred percent control.

If you don’t don’t know what are self hosted website, read this article on that page. Also, watch the videos that I have prepared to fully explain the process.

As 2015 begins, fell free to succeed, fail and enjoy successes building websites and making some money in the process. I will still be talking about the free options available but I will have a wide array of options for you to explore.

Have something to add this article or discussion? Please add your thoughts and ideas. I would love to here from you.

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2015 Is Here Now What?
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