Do you know of this site? No worries….most of us have never heard of 350.com. The good news though is that making a free website with them is simple.

Like most of the sites featured here, 350 provides a simple yet powerful solution for creating beautiful professional looking website without knowing a lick of html or php codes.

One of the first thing you’ll notice on 350 home page is the BIG green button telling you to get started. It actually says…Try A Demo or Sign up Now.

Their motto says…”The Easy Way to Create A Website”. I love simple and this site does it well.

Based out of the UK, 350 offering free websites to the world. 350.com is not has flamboyant as Goliath Wix or Weebly but they will get the job done in minutes.

An a smaller scale, 350.com is do-able.

If you are not picky, check out their examples. Some of them look pretty good and may well be just what the doctor ordered.

All Breeds Crooming don’t look too shabby as do Kathy Langley.  All these sites were made using 350′s free website building platform.

A few drawbacks to consider.

With the free option, you only get to build one free website with 15 pages. That’s a big site. You get 20MB (mega bites) of space and 1 GB (Giga Bites) of space monthly.

Customizable graphics are allowed as well as photo and clipart library for all your photos.  You can add up to 700 on these.

You can also, add videos/audio, a logo and Flash Animations to your free 350.com website.

On the support side, Tutorials, Videos, Articles and News are available as well as software support and email. Also, free domain name, Photo Editor, Scale photos and graphics in real time and Search Engine Optimized website.   Everything else is extra cost.

There is a Lite Option with a few difference from the free version but if you want full blown function ( like unlimited websites) then opt for the Platinum package.

In closing,

350.com is not the biggest nor is it a home run site but it will get the job done. If you are looking for something like this…..meaning (small scale) then check out 350.com free website building platform. I think they are worth the effort and time.



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