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This free website creator is very popular, cool, fun to work with and I know you all are going to love this one. I have made a post or two about Wix but I think it needs more than just one post.

You see…Wix is this super cool free website creator software that offers stunning website for free. People will think you code this all on your own but we both know you don’t know a lick of code.

However, hawking bragging rights wouldn’t be too bad because who could tell you didn’t design that all on your own? I won’t tell.LOL

With that said, have you tried Wix yet? If you haven’t, try them out. I am not saying this to hype up anything. All I am saying is that the product is good and deserves your attention.

Really Michael, Why Wix?

For starters, 37,791,372 sites created using Wix and counting. Why not make yours 37,797,373?
That’s a lot of sites. Don’t you think so? It just goes to show you how popular Wix is.

Next is their sites are Google friendly. Do you know what this means?

This means that Google will be able to find your site easily. You need to get listed in the search engines so people can find your site. Bing and yahoo will find you as well as yandex and doople.

Currently Wix have 1.2 million Facebook likes. That’s a lot of likes if you ask me. Don’t you think so? If I get that much likes, it would surely catapult me site into the stratus fare. Some day, that will surely happened to this site. But for now, I’ll keep chugging along until it’s our day.

Another cool factor about Wix is that their running the latest software which means you’ll be getting the latest updates in website design software. You’ll also have up to 7 languages to choose when creating your site.

Anything Else Michael?

Well, I did a video so you can watch it if you like. It’s all about wix. It also goes into how to set up your wix site. It’s very informative and I believe you’ll get a lot out of it.

I can honestly say that Wix free website creator is versatile and it gives everyone a chance to get a site up quickly. If you can click a computer mouse and type 2 words a minute, you can do this.

If you haven’t build a site before, don’t panic what the video below and follow my instructions.


To start creating your free website with Wix, Click here.

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