Best Free Website Builders For Small Business

Best Free Website Builders For Small Business
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    Unlimited: 9

    VIP: 28.80

    uKit has a professional approach to the web page creation that has been polished and updated for years by the top experts in coding and programming. It is a unique fully-featured and utility-rich platform that is highly valued by the representatives of lots of kinds of different businesses. 
  2. Free: 7

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    We give you all the tools you need to create your website today. Enjoy the freedom to drag-and-drop your content and images into your chosen template and build your dream site.

Choosing A Website Builder: Which Platform Is The Best One


Today, being a successful owner of a small business means understanding the importance of having a good company web page. Some people think that it is incredibly difficult to construct your site. Well, the truth is there are plenty of top free website builders created to help people raise the sales and/or increase the visibility of your brand.

We have analyzed that largest and the top-rated website creators to help you pick a platform you need. Keep reading to learn everything about each platform’s strengths and weaknesses.


Webnode – Is it the best free website builder for small business?


Webnode was created around 10 years ago and quickly gained popularity. Currently, more than 30 million newcoming and professional businessmen from all around the globe use this website maker to create their websites. This is not surprising at all: it has much to offer to big and free websites for small business, from the point-and-click editor to backups and smooth interface.


What is good about Webnode

  1. The drag-and-drop editor allows a user to add any elements from pics to videos, but it will take some time to understand how the things work.
  2. SSL encryption included.
  3. A wide variety of designs, the opportunity to change colors.
  4. It is perfect for creating multilingual sites – more than twenty languages are available.
  5. Five subscription plans to choose from including the Free one. 
  6. Reasonable prices - even the owners of small business can afford one of the Premium plans.
  7. Opportunity to register a domain for non-paying members.
  8. A free domain is included in all paid plans for the 1st year of usage.


Webnode cons


  1. Even though the customer support department works pretty well, the platform does not provide help to their clients by phone. User can only access most important data stored in knowledgebase and contact support via email, and, to be honest, not all beginners can understand the info in tutorials and FAQ.
  2.  Unfortunately, users cannot share their work in social media because of the absence of some key widgets, and that is crucial for small business.
  3. Users cannot change a chosen template without losing all data.


Wix – One of the best free website builders for small business


Wix is one of the most-used free builders on the Internet, mostly because of its fantastic features. Currently, over 10 million people are using it constantly in their work. So what differs it from thousands of other similar platforms? The most significant thing is that it offers everything, literally everything to everyone who wants to construct a site from scratch. All tools and software are available, and that the main reasons why people who start their small business often choose this very free platform.  But does it mean that it is perfect? Well, just like any other provider, Wix has its pros and cons.


What is good about Wix

  1. You do not need to pay for using Wix, but if you want to use pro features, including a unique domain or eCommerce, you can choose a premium subscription plan.
  2. Wix makes the building process simple due to the intuitive interface.
  3. Lots of categories for businesses and a wide variety of modern, top-quality templates.
  4. One-click SSL.
  5. Wix websites are fast. 
  6. A user can reach the Support Department via email and phone.


Wix cons


  1. You cannot apply another template if you have already created your Wix site.
  2. You need to search for other apps to scale the site.
  3. It may be difficult for a beginner to choose one of the thousands of customizable options.


Weebly – Great builder to create a free business website


Weebly is another online builder that has a huge user base. More than 40 million sites are powered by this platform, and this number is steadily growing. What are the reasons why it is so popular? Well, Weebly has a lot of strong sides, and we have described them below, but there is one major reason why plenty of owners of small business from different countries choose this very platform. Weebly is incredibly easy to use, and it undoubtedly has one of the smoothest interfaces ever.


What is good about Weebly


  1. You can create a great site for your small business even if you are not a professional webmaster.
  2. Free templates offered by Weebly are even better than themes offered by more popular builders like Wix.
  3. Detailed SEO guides.
  4. It is fairly easy to add any content elements like images and video materials
  5. If you want to use more sophisticated tools, you can download apps you need in Weebly App Store.
  6. Customer support available around the clock.
  7. Almost all templates are mobile-optimized.


Weebly cons


  1. The builder offers high-quality, stylish themes, but there are only 70 templates, which is less than offered by other similar platforms.
  2. Customization is pretty limited.
  3. No automatically backups, the only way to restore your site is to contact the Support Department.
  4. No Artificial Design Intelligence.


Ucraft – Is it a good free website creator for small business?


You do not have to be a professional designer or a developer to create a website for your small business or online store. Ucraft offers tons of top-quality tools and various templates to help beginners and experienced businessmen to start selling on the web. Still, like any other platform, Ucraft has its advantages and disadvantages, and we mentioned all of them below.


What is good about Ucraft


  1. Even beginners can use the tools without any difficulty.
  2. Users can connect their domains to the new Ucraft websites.
  3. A wide variety of beautiful templates, lots of small business customization options.
  4. High-quality eCommerce builder – secure financial transactions, various payment options, and shipping methods included.
  5. Integration with the most popular services like LiveAgent, Google Analytics, Intercom, Yandex Metrica, etc.
  6. Good SEO App.
  7. Mobile-optimized templates are available.


Ucraft cons


  1. Less advanced features compared to other popular free builders.
  2. It is perfect for beginners and for small business but not as good for professionals and for big companies.
  3. It takes some time to get used to the Ucraft functions and interface.


Webstarts – A free website maker for small business


Webstarts is a relatively new but fast-growing platform that has almost everything a good builder is supposed to have. Firstly, it allows constructing a good website for small business, in particular for online store without much difficulty, offers a lot of stylish templates, provides all the info that a newcomer may need to use basic and special features. What is even more important, it provides plenty of opportunities for customization. But is it perfect? Let us find out.


What is good about Webstarts


  1. Quick and simple registration, good interface.
  2. Good-quality free features.
  3. A lot of advanced features including Blog Manager and eCommerce.
  4. Integration with social media, the opportunity to provide links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  5. Advanced Photo Editor allows customizing the site
  6. Integration with Google Analytics.
  7. Professional Support Team working around the clock.
  8. Great marketing tools are available for premium members.
  9. Reasonable pricing.


Webstarts cons


Only Premium members have access to a Mobile Website feature, marketing tools, and other special services.

As a new platform, Webstarts lacks some special functions like Blog importing.

FAQs – Most important info about website builders for small business


Which free builder for small business is perfect for eCommerce?

All of the builders that we have mentioned above are pretty good for creating your online store. Nevertheless, Wix is rightfully considered to be the No. 1 builder when it comes to eCommerce because it allows selling lots of products, creating discounts and promo codes, controlling shipping, etc.

So who pays for those free subscription plans?

All above-mentioned providers hire moderators, pay salaries and promote their services, and that costs money. So how does it work? All of the providers offer free plans, but there is no denying that a lot of people prefer to pay for the more sophisticated tools included in premium plans. Consequently, the paying members “sponsor” the non-paying ones. Should you choose a free plan or upgrade? It is up to you.

How to create my first free site?

The algorithm is simple: 1) Pick one of the builders; 2) choose a hosting plan; 3) pick a domain name; 4) choose a site template and a theme 3) customize your site, add pictures, videos, and text; 5) install plugins (optional); 6) publish your website.

What about SEO?

Some may say that free website creators do not perform well in SEO rankings, but this is nothing but another stereotype. A lot of free small business sites can be found on the first page in search results.  The thing is that the really good builders provide users with an opportunity to edit Meta titles, customize URLs, add pictures, videos, texts, and edit descriptions.


Top-rated free website creators: Our conclusion


Do you want to construct a web page that will attract a lot of new customers? It is possible. What is more important, you can do it for free. All site creators we have described above can help you reach your goal without much difficulty. The only question is which one to choose. Just analyze and compare the advantages and disadvantages of these great platforms, identify your immediate objectives, and make your choice.