Best Website Builder For Artists

Best Website Builder For Artists
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The best artist website builders


There is a long list of professions, which can be covered by the umbrella of the notion of ‘artists’:

  • actor
  • animator
  • architect
  • fashion worker
  • florist
  • graphic designer
  • illustrator
  • jeweler
  • model
  • music composer
  • photographer
  • sculptor
  • singer
  • tattooist
  • video games designer
  • videographer
  • web designer
  • woodworker
  • 3D artist.

Not to say that they all need a site to showcase their individual works and ones collected into portfolios but if someone of them decides to start a website to fill it with their creativity, the goals he or she is going to pursue may look like this:

  • to show own previous works to people around so to make them admire (or hate, as it happens in 1 occasion out of 10, statistically)
  • if someone of viewers likes this or that work, it’d be nice to sell it right through this site, using one of popular payment means (bank card, e-wallets with e-money or e-coins, Skrill, SWIFT payment, direct debit, or others)
  • to find new clients by showing them a portfolio of works
  • creating an artist website with several different portfolios if an artist has skills and experience in more than just 1 area. Sometimes, it may be not even adjacent areas but ones that stand out from each other really distantly (like the main specialization of a person can be shooting short films and additional ones are plastering the walls and ore mining, why not).


Artist website builders: introduction


A best website builder for artists is software online, which corresponds to the following criteria:

  • simple to make an artist site for any user, with or without knowledge about artist or any other types of sites’ creation
  • fast to do it and without a need to attract anyone – just having a desktop PC with a mouse, keyboard, and Internet access should be enough to make the job done really quick
  • it costs really little money – compared to what studios offer (as a rule, the best website builders for artists take money for a monthly run, amounted to some dollars… tens of dollars (as well as other artist website builders, even not top-rated ones, charge clients on a monthly basis), while studios charge you one time for the elaboration of an artist site – and it takes thousand(s) of dollars in most cases, taking anywhere between days and months of time for the full implementation of your demands, which, by the way, you should lay down on paper to describe every functionality of a future site – not all users of site builders can do that)
  • have a lot of pre-made templates to make it possible to select one and personalize it under your needs. 

Surely, the artist site creators won’t work without the Internet (or if any of them allows working in the offline mode inside of 1 page, you aren’t able to switch between pages of its working area without the obtained connection, as well as it is impossible to save the results of the implemented modifications). There are some offline tools but they are hard to work and we’re not considering them in this article.


How to choose a good artist website builder?


For whatever case an artist site creator is needed, it must solve the tasks, allowing a person who is going to make a brand new artist site not to master another specialization – namely, site making. So it has to be convenient for everybody, to have a comprehensible and easy interface, and allowing making an artist site within hours or days. Also, as artists are people highly demanding to the beauty of visual representation, this part of an artist site has to be of high proficiency – maybe even more than in a part of the functionality. 

Below, we are giving you some handy pieces of advice, which you can apply when selecting the right artist site creator, suiting your needs and wants:

  1. There should be if not a hundred templates to appeal to you then at least a couple of dozens – so you can choose the one, which the most closely going to resemble you the final result that you have in your head. The lesser time you spend on adjustments and personalization – the faster you are going to start your online presence. For such a goal, it is worth spending extra time to look through the templates.
  2. Check the friendliness to mobile and tablet screens of the selected template – without it, there is no sense to even start working with it, as the most part of users in the 21st century browses the Internet via mobiles and tablets, not through desktop gadgets.
  3. Uptime – the bigger share of time from all available time your artist site is going to be online, the better are the chances to appeal to your audience, not causing irritation in them that your artist site isn’t working.
  4. An ample list of special tools, which, amongst the rest of functionality, shall correspond to your desires and professional skills – like, for instance, Adobe tools to work with photos and videos to process them in an alluring and effective manner. It is unlikely that some artist site creator has an embedded 3D graphics working interface (which is of use for videographers, 3D artists, animators, sculptors, and other related professions), but the representation of 3D is supported by some artist site creators. Only to render them, you have to resort to another professional tool, to work in it separately.


Looking at ten best artist website builders – 2020 


  1. Wix
  2. Squarespace
  3. Weebly
  4. Shopify
  5. Duda
  6. Jimdo Creator
  7. SmugMug
  8. Wordpress
  9. Pixpa
  10. Gator


Review of Wix site builder 


It is loved by people of creative professions because this artist site creator offers a lot of templates ready to be used in many artistic and adjacent areas. It is powerful in making customization of pages and it has a lot of integration abilities – with hundreds of apps from its store (paid and free websites for artists). 


The advancements of website maker Wix:

  1. It has an Art Store, where it is possible to manage the pieces of your work, choose from great-looking templates, and sell your works with ease – all in one place.
  2. Sophisticated and powerful builder.
  3. A lot of integration powers.


The shortcomings of website builder Wix:

  1. All artistic templates are highly dependent on the beauty of pictures you are uploading or using from the gallery. Without them – it’ll be just another web page filled with text and having large empty spaces. This is not only Wix’s drawback – every artist tool has the same con.
  2. No storage and bandwidth limitlessness in all plans, they all limit users.
  3. Not the best value for money on the market.
  4. Has one of the biggest numbers of limitations and functional drawbacks on the market of artist site creators.
  5. Once an artist site is published or changes are done, the template cannot be switched to another, without having to rebuild everything from scratch.


The cost of the best free website builder for artists Wix:

Starting with $4.50 a month, it is possible just to touch a low edge of functionality. This plan restricts pretty much everything and we do not recommend it to anyone, as well as the following one for $8.50 a month, which is also heftily limited.

The nice decent choice of functions starts with $12.50 and continues with $24.50 a month. Then, to be able to sell, not only showcase your works, you have to opt for e-commerce plans. They also limit storage but, at least, do not limit in bandwidth. Storage space limiting in the highest-cost plans is the worst offer on the market of artist site creators, so think twice before opting for Wix (especially if you plan to store high-weight files like 3D renders, already one of which can completely exhaust your storage).


Review of Squarespace website builder 


It is hard to find flaws in Squarespace artist site creator. Well, maybe, only the absence of app store to select apps from to integrate with – but that’s a kinda widespread thing that there is no app store in an artist site creator. So no worries. Select Squarespace artist site creator if you completely agree with its pricing, which is relatively expensive – but hey, someone has to pay for the excellence of templates, functionality, and great help center.


The advancements of website builder Squarespace:

  1. Fabulous templates in beauty & functionality.
  2. Astounding help center, which you can rely on 24/7.
  3. Every plan of subscription gives you a free custom domain for a year (if paid for 12 months in one payment, not month-to-month), as well as limitless space for storage & bandwidth. 
  4. SSL and SEO in each plan.
  5. Savings up to 25% when paid for a year compared to monthly payments.


The shortcomings of website builder Squarespace: kinda pricey.


The cost of website builder Squarespace:

The lowest possible plan is going to cost ya $12 a month (paid annually). Others cost 18, 26, and 40 bucks. On a month-to-month basis, these figures are 16, 26, 30, and 46. Do you want to save? Then at least 144 dollars should be paid to begin with ($12 * 12 months). To sell ready-made things from your portfolio, you have to pay at least 312 dollars a year – to avoid 3% commission for financial transactions, which makes it closely to 1 dollar per 1 day of usage.


Review of Weebly website builder 


Weebly is one of the undisputed leaders on the market of artist site creators because of huge design abilities and ease of work. Unlike Wix, which strives to hyper functionality, Weebly is more user-friendly and holds the balance between speed of obtaining the result and functions to add to the artist site.


The advancements of website builder Weebly:

  1. It is hassle-free and easy to start an artist site of any complexity (reachable for an artist site creator), from simplest to greatest. 
  2. Scaling up is easy.
  3. It is relatively cheap for all kinds of best websites for artists (but not e-commerce). 
  4. Super solid e-commerce (which is even somewhat close to Shopify’s one).


The shortcomings of website builder Weebly:

  1. One cannot restore an artist website builder’s site if anything goes wrong – there is no saving and backup option.
  2. A relatively short selection of themes.
  3. Well, paying for a month is not that straightforward – you have to pay for as minimum as 6 months to use the services of this website builder for artists. 
  4. It plays around with your SEO efforts, rewriting a part of it. 


The cost of website builder Weebly:

Two low-cost plans (€0 and €5) do not offer any solid power – and they are absolutely the same, showing ads on your pages, depleting your bandwidth quickly, and only differing with a possibility to have a domain name for a year when paid.

The next plan for €10 opens to you a curtain separating you from the world of the absence of limits of most essential things – like storage. Also, this plan removes branding. €20 and €30 both give you nice power of sales – to monetize your blog or the entire site with great power.


Review of Shopify website builder 


Shopify allows much more than just to create an artist website – it is great for e-commerce. That is, you can use it as a platform to place pieces of your work and to sell them using devastating power of sales: through multiple channels and payment gateways, using promos and discounts, have multiple versions and degrees of the same merchandise, manage shipping, returns, feedbacks of customers, have sales through Amazon and Facebook, as well as to do a ton of other sales actions.


The advancements of website builder Shopify: 

  1. Extra powerful for sales – allowing sale tools to work for your enrichment.
  2. Fabulous reporting.
  3. Wonderful templates.
  4. Functional drag-and-drop.


The shortcomings of website builder Shopify:

  1. Not good for other types of sites but e-stores.
  2. Quite costly.


The cost of website builder Shopify:

$29, $79, and $299 a month – these three types of packs deliver differing power of sales. In addition to the basic, you can have -10% discount on the price when you’re paying for a year.

Also, for $9 a month, you can do sales through social media not having an online store. And to receive custom conditions, you can request an individually tailored package for you. 


Review of Duda website builder 


It offers high ease of use and amazing flexibility of designs, which may be highly important for creative people.


The advancements of website builder Duda:

  1. It can provide you some inspiration by its fabulous templates – if you lack one. It also has a number of good apps and widgets to help you with creativity.
  2. Lovely templates are going to offer you a large choice of starting points for the online presence.


The shortcomings of website builder Duda:

  1. It does not give too many features and its help center is not awesome (which we can estimate as 8 stars out of 10).
  2. Pricey – compared to Wix, twice or even threefold as much.


The cost of website builder Duda:

Currently, it offers discounts for a yearly payment: the pricing of all three plans is going to be 19, 29, and 99 dollars. With annual discount and current promo, they are 14, 11, and 55.50. The plan that goes for 11 usually costs 22 dollars – now it’s just promoted. 

It is good as a working tool for teams, not individuals. The features inside of Duda artist site creator are tuned at teamwork. This builder is good if you run an agency with lots of clients and each of many of your employees works with own client base, which must be run on a site (if you choose not to run it in CRM of your company for whatever reason).


Review of Jimdo website builder 


Jimdo is a fairly nice tool, which allows making sites fast – but not good for sophisticated solutions due to this fastness. It is loved by many for its unlimited plans, which cover the most of users’ needs – that is exactly what you need when you are going to store a huge volume of images, videos, and 3D models. You do not pay too much to withdraw the artist site creator’s branding – and that is another advantage, making this tool not only simple but also relatively cheap. Price, however, is considered in more details below.


The advancements of website builder Jimdo:

  1. Many cool features even in starting packages.
  2. It is easy to make an artist website of quality fast.


The shortcomings of website builder Jimdo:

  1. Deceptive price – there are different prices among all its 5 plans of subscription when their pricing page is displayed in different regions. 
  2. Unlimited storage and hosting space come only with the costliest subscription plan.


The cost of website builder Jimdo:

Deceptive and fogged pricing. For instance, shown for Western Europe, it says that 5 plans come for 0, 9, 15, 19, and 39 Euros a month. Shown for a country out of EU, located in Eastern Europe, it shows pricing equal to 0, 3.78, 6.57, 8.31, and 17.01 Euros a month. The drastic difference, as you can see – at least two times! So here is a small but useful lifehack to you: be sure to connect through VPN selecting the poorest country of the world to pay even smaller money than the indicated smallest ones. We aren’t sure but we think that the pricing can be like 0, 2, 3, 5, and 10 Euros a month – for instance, for countries like Togo, Syria, Morocco, Venezuela, Mauritania and akin. 


Review of SmugMug website builder 


This artist site creator is tuned for photographers and people closely working with images. A number of embedded tools like Adobe Lightroom allow working right in the interface of this artist site creator, not exhausting the computing powers of your PC. Ability to put watermarks on the images is a wonderful addition, amongst many, highly needed for a photographer and visual designer.


The advancements of website builder SmugMug:

  1. No need to have any specific site-making knowledge to start a site.
  2. It is easier to master the skills of a visual designer while working in this artist site creator than trying to master ones in a separate tool like Adobe Lightroom.
  3. 24/7/364 working schedule of the support team. They do take only 1 day off in a year, as they claim about selves, and are ready to answer anyone within 24 hours during the number of the rest days.


The shortcomings of website builder SmugMug:

  1. Fewer starting templates to choose from – a point of weakness compared to its competitors.
  2. There is no free plan – only a 14-day free trial. But you can request your money back if you dislike its services.


The cost of website builder SmugMug:

  1. $48 a year to start with – or $5.99 a month paid monthly. Receive a possibility to customize sites through drag-and-drop, build artist website’s galleries, have any number of uploads of pics, password-protect your items online in a cloud storage, a number of accessible sharing channels, connection to a print lab, and allow people with direct access to order prints in a lab right from the site.
  2. $72 a year to continue with power – or $8.99 a month paid monthly. Receive the mentioned + ability to edit CSS and HTML, do the protection of downloading of your images through the right-click, and enabling own domain name.
  3. $180 a year to gain almost everything – or $23.99 a month paid monthly. Receive the mentioned + galleries optimized for e-commerce, easy connection to top printing labs of the UK, download videos, sell any number of digital merchandise.
  4. $360 a year in the final plan – or $41.99 a month paid monthly. Receive the mentioned + custom pricelists for different groups of clients. Branded shipping to your customers. 

All the mentioned above subscription plans are going to be charged with ‘applicable’ taxes.


Review of Wordpress website builder and are two different things – just to inform. We are talking today about the, as it has a number of pre-made templates and nobody needs to know how to create an artist website using code and set up a site technically to work in it, unlike


The advancements of website builder Wordpress:

  1. The simplicity of the rest of best website builders for artists yet almost the entire power of
  2. Drag-and-drop and powerful changes to the templates.
  3. Cool support service, which is working solely for customer satisfaction, which makes this artist site creator so great in every aspect.
  4. It is possible to select from thousands of third-party tools (paid and free).


The shortcomings of website builder Wordpress:

  1. Selling ads is not possible. Running a widely popular site, though, you can benefit from huge traffic, sharing the profits from it with Wordpress Company.
  2. Cannot install your own plugins, only use some that are included in the so-called ‘JetPack’.
  3. Custom themes are impossible – only use ones from the offered and adjust them to your needs.
  4. Stats of visitors come only with the ‘Business’ plan and higher.


The cost of website builder Wordpress:

So how to build an artist website in a Wordpress? You can start a free run – endless. Then, you may select one of 5 available other plans – ranging from 3 to 45 Euros a month, and including ‘Blogger’, ‘Personal’, ‘Premium’, ‘Business’, and ‘eCommerce’. Sell things only in the largest-cost plan – in over than 60 countries of the world. There are nearly 25 functions and abilities of plans, and their number rises from plan to plan approximately evenly.


Review of Pixpa website builder 


Pixpa is an artist site creator, which shows the biggest popularity in India and the US (45% of the entire count of countries collectively). It is a portfolio platform with user-friendly themes – but there are not so many of them, only several dozen. Editor of the working area is neat and modest.


The advancements of website builder Pixpa:

  1. Great friendliness of all best website templates for artists for mobile and tablet screens.
  2. You can do a page performance test – to see how optimal it is from a technical point of view. The loading speed and general performance index are high – collectively, 92%.
  3. Organize cool galleries and albums.
  4. Accept payments through a number of modern and convenient channels.


The shortcomings of website builder Pixpa:

  1. Image editing is not there, pity.
  2. You can’t select a domain name in this artist site creator.
  3. Not much freedom in customization.


The cost of website builder Pixpa:

There are 5 payment plans:

  • for $6 a month, you can get started with so many cool options and even sales of 3 products at a time
  • for $9, you receive unlimited things, which were limited in the previous plan (like images, number of pages, galleries, hosting volume), and up to 10 products on sale
  • build your own artist website with own galleries for only $5 a month – but without a sales power
  • start two types of e-commerce: for 15 dollars a month, you are able to sell physical goods. And for another $15, sell more through galleries, with greater power. 

Review of Gator website builder 


Currently, it is impossible to use Gator artist site creator, as it simply disallows to enter its building an artist website area:

It constantly returns us to some Russian-speaking landing page with hosting (not web creating) services. There is no way out of which, as it does not have an option of switching into English or any other language but Russian. We do can connect directly to following the direct insertion of an address into the address line of our web-surfing Internet navigator but as soon as we click on the link of a site building tool (, it again redirects us to Russian hosting services site without a possibility to exit and to find what we’re interested in.

Once we connect a VPN service to try to bypass the iterative restriction (being connected to the Netherlands, France, and the US), their site won’t work in either case.

Thus, we are concluding that artist site creator Gator is no longer in best website platforms for artists business and so there is no point to consider its advantages and disadvantages, as well as pricing, as it has gone out of business. (Just to make sure, we’ve opened three other direct links of this service from its direct US site and they all keep on working, which means that only artist site creator business has been stopped, not other online services:,, and Also, an indirect approval of this circumstance is the fact that the last update on their webpage of making sites was made in 2015 – so, they are out of business of sites building for 4 years.




In a world of specialization, having a possibility to work in one of the specialized tools for artists is a great solution to boost up your oeuvre level and to showcase professionally. There are so many image-oriented abilities of the mentioned artist site creators above that selecting any is going to boost up your abilities as an artist and many of those tools are going to make it possible to trade online – profitably selling pieces of your work. Some websites for artists like SmugMug allow easily transform the e-copies of your works into hard copies thanks to the ease of integration with printing agencies (however, take into account that the physical location of these agencies on the map may not suit your needs and geographical location – as the mentioned SmugMug, as an example, gives connections to the print houses located in the UK).