Best Website Builders For SEO

Best Website Builders For SEO
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The best website builders for SEO in 2020: review of top 5

It is not a secret that website creator that people use for creating their websites are often looked for their SEO capabilities – so to make users sure that their website will be indexed high in the ranking of Google. Today, we are talking about website builders great for SEO. 


Defining a website builder for SEO

SEO is a bunch of things to be implemented on a website in order to make it found online. For this, special activities are done. They include filling out meta tags (Title, Description, and images Alt), giving it a sitemap (useful for search robots), inserting keywords to make people searching those come to your website. Activities also include smooth client experience, fast rendering of a website on a device’s screen, relevant structured content, ease of website’s search, investigating the time spent by users on the website, bounce rate, and a lot of other things that SEO masters manage in order to get a website in the top of search. The SEO website builder is a tool, which allows its users to work with SEO to make it look as fine as possible. 


Looking at 5 best website builders for SEO

  • Wix 
  • Weebly 
  • Squarespace
  • WordPress
  • Shopify.

Wix best website builder

Wix is one of the market leaders. And, as such, it is in a constant improvement process, which also embraces SEO. The Wix company has improved the work with SEO so much that it now can actually lead you through the SEO process and even set goals. 

When you add a product or a new page, Wix prompts you not to forget to think about SEO if you happen to fall short. It even offers a specific app (downloadable from its own app store). The connection to Google Analytics is as straightforward as entering your track ID. It supports keywords, integration with social media, manages your alt tags, as well as the basics like Meta title and description. 

SEO Wiz is a special tool, which leads you through, points at the shortcomings and estimates the job done already so to bring you to the point of efficacy. The entire job is done in a dashboard through a number of fields and data that you input – you don’t have to have coding skills. 

Another point of attention today is its comprehensible and voluminous documentation on the issue – even if you don’t use Wix for now, reading it makes you understand all things clearer and to the bone – this is even better than a lot of textbooks or SEO-specific articles that you can find online. 


The points of excellence of the best website platform for SEO Wix:

  1. It actually teaches its users on SEO, completely understanding that most of them aren’t techies and may not know what comes next.

  2. It has special tools & super easy integration with Google Analytics to track your SEO positions and visitor stats.

  3. It has own app store with hundreds of various tools to boost up productivity in so many areas.


The pieces of detriments of the website builder for SEO Wix:

  1. With time, you may find this best SEO website builder stifling, as it does not offer its users to get into manual editing of HTML code of pages, whilst the integration with many additional tools may require so (especially ones that are not given in its app store). But, seems like it’s a price for more than comprehensible control over nearly every aspect of website construction.

  2. You cannot download the website in full so to migrate elsewhere.

  3. A lot of themes for websites and apps from its store are paid, which may significantly increase the monthly price of usage of this website maker.


Wix’s website builder price:

This best website builder for SEO 2019 has 4 plans for regular websites and 3 more for commercial websites. Its biggest disadvantage is that, compared to any other website maker, it never offers unlimited storage space – even in the highest-cost subscriptions. And bandwidth limit is only withdrawn when a user pays at least $12.50 a month. The plans for $4.50 and $8.50 go with harsh limits. So, based on the storage limits, it becomes clear it is impossible to create and maintain really large websites with many images, videos, and heavy databases.


Weebly best website builder for SEO

Weebly offers nearly the same possibilities to manage SEO, as Wix does:

  • Support of keywords

  • Prompts for a user when adding a new piece of product

  • Apps to manage SEO (several of them)

  • Integration of this website builder with SEO with social media (which pretty much every website maker does today except for those, which are lagging behind)

  • Managing images alt (but, unfortunately, you cannot manage the alt of the main image of a product)

  • Add Meta tags at your discretion to use the best website builder for Google ranking.

It also allows you to make custom URLs (which today are important for better positions in the search, as a short URL reflecting the page’s content is considered much better than the one with random numbers and letters or containing nothing but a few characters).

Its SEO boasts with excellent ease. It can be managed through the page editors. The ease of GA integration with Weebly is also about entering the tracking ID. So if you’re a small or medium business, Weebly is the platform, which makes it easy for you to manage your online presence & sales issues connected to those without hustle and bustle.


The points of excellence of website builder with best SEO Weebly:

  1. It is easy to use SEO, as well as the rest of the constructing interface.

  2. Many SEO apps and easy connection to GA.

  3. Custom URLs are created with ease.


The pieces of detriments of the website builder for SEO Weebly:

  1. Cannot manage the Alt tag of product images.

  2. The free plan doesn’t allow doing many things in general and in SEO in particular.


Weebly’s website builder for SEO price:

Weebly best websites for SEO offer a free subscription and 4 additional paid options. They all are denominated in Euros. Three of those are suitable for online stores (from 10 to 30 Euros a month) and one is good for starters (for 5 Euros a month).


Squarespace best website builder for SEO

As the two leaders, it offers a lot of SEO control but it is not for beginners. This SEO builder is not aimed at teaching you SEO and presupposes that you know what to do on your own. It offers you a lot of control over this aspect but it will not lead you through, as well as it will not set goals for you and will not check whether they are reached. This best website builder SEO offers its users a backend, where everything can be organized. But its drawback is that things you can do may depend on the template you choose to work with. And some things will require code injection – which is a good thing when you know what to do with the source code but not a good thing for complete beginners in the area.


The points of excellence of website builder for SEO Squarespace:

  1. Many beautiful templates for the astounding design.

  2. All the same points of strength as in Wix and Weebly besides the two that are mentioned as its drawbacks, below.

  3. No limits in storage and bandwidth – unlike Wix.

  4. Clean interface with better simplicity than Wix offers currently and it works faster. 


The pieces of detriments of the website builder for SEO Squarespace:

  1. Unlike Wix and Weebly, Squarespace SEO friendly website builder doesn’t have SEO prompts when adding new things and it does not have own SEO app.

  2. Its interface is not as straightforward and novices in this area may be a bit confused with more clicking than they thought they would.


Squarespace’s website builder for SEO price:

In order to make its users clear with planning, it only offers 4 plans ranging from 12 to 40 dollars a month (if you pay for a year in a leap). If you wanna go for a month-to-month subscription, the prices rise to $16 – $46 and you don’t receive a free custom domain name, as you do when paid for a year. So make the count of your money and give yourself an economy in these two issues simultaneously (with up to -30% yearly discount). Also, depending on the country of your residence, taxes may apply. 

So what you have in every package of best SEO optimized websites:

  • SSL security

  • No limits in storage and bandwidth

  • A lot of fanciful and beautiful templates with high customization degree thanks to drag-and-drop

  • Equal SEO opportunities for every package

  • Mobile optimization of sites to make them run smoothly on every screen

  • 24/7 customer help and support.

In the high-cost packages, you receive many sales features, Google email for business, and marketing opportunities.


WordPress best website builder for SEO

This is still one of the most powerful tools on the market, as it was originally developed for those in the know. If you are an assured user, you can find Wordpress website maker much more usable to reach every SEO goal than you would with most of the other website makers. Wordpress offers flamboyant plugins (tens of thousands, actually!), which as of today are able to cover any need one might have. The only big thing is that you have to know HTML and more things around but it eventually gives you a website, which you can be proud of. 


The points of excellence of website builder for SEO WordPress: 

  1. It is a great tool to put a strong hand at your SEO, as it offers widgets and plugins to cover any need, including SEO.

  2. It is fantastic for people in the know.

  3. It is a powerful tool when it comes to the rest of things, not only SEO alone.


The pieces of detriments of the website builder for SEO WordPress:

  1. Users must be advanced in site construction or hire someone who is.

  2. Sometimes, it will be hard to work with its interface and figure out how to cover this or that need of yours, even if you’re working in, not its ‘bigger brother’


WordPress website builder for SEO price:

In addition to a free start, it is possible to use its 4 paid plans:

  • “Personal” for 5 Euros a month (for a simple site)

  • “Premium” for 8 Euros a month (great for bloggers and freelancers)

  • “Business” for 25 Euros a month (for small businesses)

  • “eCommerce” for 45 Euros a month (for online stores).

They previously had another subscription option, for blogs, but it seems like today they don’t have this option anymore.


Shopify best website builder for SEO

If you’re specifically aimed at online sales, then there is no better option today than Shopify (even though many other website makers for SEO have already come out on this market, their power is not as big as Shopify has). SEO has become a priority of this website tool for SEO a long time ago and it is focused on the things that are important for online sellers, like alt texts, site structure, proper product tags, and keywords.


The top-rated points of excellence of website builder for SEO Shopify:

  1. You can manage all your commercial SEO with ease.

  2. It is tuned at the things that online sellers specifically need, which is a different thing from, for instance, bloggers.


The pieces of detriments of the website builder for SEO Shopify:

  1. Some pieces of SEO are only manageable with extra plugins, the biggest part of which is paid, which significantly increases the monthly subscription.

  2. HTML Sitemap does not come for free. The XML map is not excellent. 

  3. Slow work on mobile devices.


Shopify’s website builder for SEO price:

It only offers 3 options for subscriptions, which are easily differentiated by its clients. The prices are $29, $79, and $299 a month – and they vary in commissions paid for sales, the number of staff accounts, POS powers, availability of professional reporting, and a number of other more minor things. In addition to those, there are 2 more options:

  • Shopify Light for those who don’t want to have own store and is only happy with sales through Facebook

  • Shopify Plus for those preferring individual conditions and monthly pricing.


SEO pieces of advice

  1. Try to mimic the most efficient websites in the top-1 and top-2 pages in the Google search (their description, title, site map, and alt tags).

  2. Add snippets to your site.

  3. Publish only worthy and reliable content, which people want to share.

  4. Make the site easy to use to reach as best customer experience as possible.

  5. Optimization with keywords so people can find you.

  6. The content should answer the search queries.

  7. The site must be indexed high by the search engines, so it must be accessible, have a nice domain name, be reliable-looking, and have other sites citing you.


Above, we have seen 5 best pieces of software – website makers for SEO that should cover your needs. If you are unsure where to start – pick Weebly or Wix website builders for SEO and you should be just fine.


FAQ about website builders for SEO

Why SEO matters so much?

Because of SEO, your site can be found online. If users won’t see you in the search results, you are not having any audience and buyers. SEO allows you, by following the rules of it, to be indexed by search engines and to create a long-term online presence. This is a contribution to your future in a long run, as SEO organically influences the search results while you are not paying anything for applying SEO tools and enjoying its results (unlike commercial promotion for money).


Which of the presented website builders for SEO is the easiest in usage?

If you want to avoid all hardships but wanna have a powerful and manageable tool, then pick Weebly (unless you are not aimed at online sales – then pick Shopify).


Why Alt tag is important?

This is how search engines understand your site’s pictures. Not all pics require Alt tag – only those, which are important to readers, not all of them (technical ones may make 90% of all site images but they don’t need Alt). Also, when the picture is being downloaded on a slow Internet, thanks to Alt, a reader may find out what is this picture about.


Structured data: what is it?

This is a specific feed of your site’s data so search engines can show it in the search results in a rich format, appealing to viewers. It may include rating, reviews, description, picture, table, a bullet list and so on. Structured data makes a link found in Google more enticing to click on, pumping more visitors to your site. This piece of code may be inserted into the site directly.