Best Website Builders For Blogs

Best Website Builders For Blogs
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Starting Blogging Career: How To Find Best Blogging Platforms


Lots of young and ambitious people dream of becoming influencers with a few million subscribers. Blogging seems to be a very easy way to become rich and famous. However, it’s a lot harder than it seems. It takes dedication to create great content, and if you think that you can just write about something, somewhere, somehow, and people will like it, you’re wrong.


However, if you have a cool engaging topic to write about, if you really want to share some new thoughts, approaches, solutions with people, if you are ready to put a lot of effort to become an influencer, you’re likely to succeed.


Still, there’s another important thing to keep in mind. Your idea, imagination, and motivation are crucial, but the concept of the blog is not the only key to success. You’ll also need to compare and analyze lots of blog best website builder to select the best one. It may be difficult for newbies, but there’s nothing impossible, especially considering that our experts have already analyzed the top blogging platforms. We also have some useful tips to make the right choice and get started.


Choosing the best site to start a blog – How to find the right platform?


We all are looking for the best blogging platform ever. However, perfect things just don’t exist. Everything, literally everything has its strengths and weaknesses. Builders definitely aren’t an exception to this rule. So how to find the best platform? The answer is very simple: analyze and compare. Yes, that takes time, but this is the only way to choose your perfect builder among hundreds of the best blog sites. Below we describe the most important things to focus on when choosing a platform for your future blog.


Significant aspects to consider when choosing blog websites: 

  • Pricing policy. Before you start your own blog, ask yourself if you are ready to invest real cash in your project. If you are, how much are you going to spend? Fortunately, people who are exploring the world of blogging don’t have to pay thousands of dollars, but you still need to choose among free and paid builders, and if you select a free one, do you want to use most sophisticated tools included in Premium plans?
  •  Interface. Even if you are an experienced webmaster or developer, we bet you want to use the site with a good, intuitive interface. The thing is you’re going to use a platform for years, so don’t underestimate this aspect, especially if you’re a newbie.
  • Drag and drop. Are you ready to spend a few weeks or even months creating your new blog? Do you want to overcome difficulties in editing content and adding visual elements? We don’t want to say that only simple editors are good ones (you can find different sites on our list, including more professional ones), but if you aren’t an experienced blogger, webmaster or web developer, you’d better choose a site with drag and drop editor.
  •  Number and quality of premade templates. Today, everyone can create the best personal blogs without any effort, just by choosing a great template and customizing it. Most popular blogging builders provide a user with everything he or she needs, from integration with social networking sites to a great mobile version of the blog. Just make sure that this platform has everything you need to start your blogging career.
  • Customizer. If people used only premade themes, we’d have a lot of website clones on the Internet. Of course, we can see some similar blogs, but the number of such sites is not tremendous. This can be explained with good customizers that most sites like Wix, WordPress, or Tumblr have. But what about coding skills? Do you have creative freedom even if you aren’t an experienced developer?
  • Community. Yes, it matters. We mean that you need to have an opportunity to ask someone about the difficulties you face, some technical aspects, etc. Of course, there’s a Support Department that’s supposed to be responsible for providing help, but the truth is that communication between members is often more effective and useful, especially for newbies.
  • Monetization. We bet you’re going to run a blog that generates good income. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the blogging platform allows monetizing posts, provides an opportunity to place ads, affiliate links, publish sponsored articles or advertisements, or even to offer Premium membership to your subscribers.


Top-rated website builders for blogs


Our best experts made a list of blog sites that are worth your attention.


  1. – A compromise between a pro builder and a simple blogging site
  2. Wix – All-in-all blogging platform
  3. Squarespace – It’s all about visual perception (and some powerful functions)
  4. Tumblr – For bloggers who focus on a younger audience
  5. SITE 123 – Young but fast-growing and very promising
  6. Weebly – No experience or skills, no problems in blogging
  7. – Not + set of useful built-in functions
  8. Blogger – Old-school blog site owned by good old Google
  9. Strikingly – The simpler, the better, or a good site for newbies


So, these are the top blog sites. But we don’t recommend to pick a random platform from this list. Try to identify your main goals and evaluate your skills and strengths to find out what type of blogging site will be the best for you. After you make sure that you know what you’re looking for, check out this list. It includes the builders that are great for creating various projects, from business card website to popular blog. – Top website for skilled bloggers


Why people like it:


  • No need to pay to use a lot of functions
  • A wide variety of premade templates and plugins
  • Opportunity to build any websites, including blogs
  • Creative freedom
  •  Plenty of 3rd party apps and tools integrate with this blogging site


Things to improve:

  • You need to spend some time to customize the basic template and make them look super stylish
  • You need to have some skills and knowledge to manage technical issues and hosting is one of the best plugin platforms if you’re looking for full accessibility and creative freedom. Its main advantage is that a user can run any website he or she wants. You can customize your web page the way you want or just select any of the premade design and templates. You can do both if you have some skills, and if you are ready to invest in your project. This is a developer-friendly platform with tons of plugins to install and use.


However, there is no all-in-all technology that would allow users to drag and drop content elements. WordPress experts keep it all separate, but we can’t deny that such an approach has its advantages too. For instance, you can edit the content on your blogging platform without changing the design and vice versa. Both Visual editor and Text editor are available for paying and non-paying members.


Our conclusion: If you are a newcomer to the blogging industry, is not the best fit. The only way to use its functions properly is to spend some time on education. So, if you are a beginner who doesn’t mind learning a lot of new things about technical aspects and hosting, you can use this platform – it really has great customizer and plenty of powerful SEO tools. Moreover, if you need more functions, you can use any of the plugins offered by Not all of them are easy to use, but they are valuable for professionals.


Wix – A good fit for those who want to get started


Why people like it:

  • All main functions are free of charge
  • You can rearrange content elements without any effort (no need to code)
  • A tremendous number of templates (more than 500)
  • A user can choose categories
  • Hundreds of apps that help improve the final result


Things to improve: 

Perfect for amateurs, not so good for developers


If you don’t have a great deal of money or much time but still want your site to look professional, Wix may be a good fit. In fact, this blogging platform belongs to the group of websites where you can just choose a template and don't need to do anything else to make it look minimalistic, professional, and great-looking. Can you use your custom domain? Yes, of course, if you’re ready to pay for it. We can’t say it’s a disadvantage – all free builders add their subdomains if a member doesn’t pay for the services. Seems fair, right?


We’d also note that this is a mobile-friendly platform. Hence, you don’t have to worry that the mobile version of your blog will look awful. Moreover, you don’t even have to spend time to provide your subscribers with an opportunity to enjoy your content looking at the screen of a mobile phone or tablet – this is the in-built, automatic function. Hosting is also free, and the content is updated frequently.


Our conclusion: In general, Wix is popular for plenty of reasons, and we’ve described them above. Unfortunately, it also has its cons. For instance, a user lacks an opportunity to change the template later or customize it the way he or she wants, without any limitations. Still, we’d recommend you to think about joining this site because it has more advantages than disadvantages.


Squarespace – Blog maker to create fantastic visual and informational content


Why people like it:

  •  Amazing design
  • A good number of templates
  • Several authors can run a blog
  •  4 apps


Things to improve:

  • Advanced plan is quite expensive
  • Replacing a picture may lead to unpredictable consequences
  • Too many clicks for one action
  • SEO tools are not so useful


Want to start your blog and wonder if Squarespace is a good platform to try your hand in blogging? If you're going to create something really beautiful, this is probably the best option. All the themes are very customizable. Moreover, the premade templates look just great. As for the widgets, the wide selection is available, but you can’t just download the application to place some third-party widgets.


We should also note that Squarespace is a good option for people who want to focus on one activity, for instance, on selling goods and/or services or blogging, not on the website itself. That’s why so many people choose it. Overall, it has it all: it’s fast, easy-to-use, and has a high-quality customizer to attract new members and retain regular users.


Our conclusion: There are tons of perfect-looking templates, analytics tool, customizer, widgets, multi-authors feature, comment feature, so it may seem that this blog maker is perfect. Well, it’s not exactly true. Squarespace has some weak points, in particular, SEO tools are not so powerful, but it’s still good enough to be in our list.


Tumblr – Social networking site or a blogging platform?


Why people like it:


  • Perfect for publishing short posts
  • Free of charge
  • The simplest builder ever
  • Free hosting for every member


Things to improve:

  • No plugins
  • A limited number of features
  • No powerful advanced tools
  •  It’s not so good for people who want to earn money


The first thing to say about Tumblr is that it’s the best blogging platform if you’re going to work with a young target audience. Moreover, it’s perfect for people who think that traditional blogging, posts, and comment threads aren’t that good. Visual content is its main focus. If you are a writer, if you want to share long and meaningful articles, you can still use it, but there are better platforms, actually.


Although it’s an easy-to-use builder, if you have coding skills, you can improve your blog by adding some special, purely original details. But if you don’t, don’t worry – there are enough opportunities for self-expression and customization. Keep in mind that any materials can be added, so if you want to post text + pics + music, Tumblr is the best.


Our conclusion: Tumblr is not just another website builder. This is a social networking site and at the same time, the blogging platform that allows creating amazing web pages. It’s fully mobile-optimized because the majority of its audience uses smartphones and tablets instead of laptops. In general, if you don’t like old-school builders and want to create something interesting and share it with a huge community, Tumblr is what you need.


SITE 123 – Young but fast-growing and promising platform


Why people like it: 

  • It’s multilingual
  • Quick sign up
  • App market
  • Simple to use
  • Best customer support service


Things to improve:

  • You can’t change a template after publication
  • Lacks flexibility
  • You can’t get rid of advertisements without paying for Premium membership


So what’s special about Site 123? It doesn’t offer anything fundamentally new or revolutionary, but people still use it to create their blogs. So what are the reasons? Firstly, you can use it for all purposes – there’s no need to download some third-party apps and extensions to get the work done. Secondly, it’s multilingual, so if you speak a few languages and want to write in both, Site 123 is perfect.

Thirdly, the designs look good even without changing them. They are pretty flexible, as well. However, Site 123 is a relatively new platform for blog creation, and it has some weaknesses. In particular, there are too many ads, and the only way to get rid of it is to upgrade. Besides, there’s less creative freedom for bloggers. Unfortunately, you can rearrange elements the way you want. 


Our conclusion: Site 123 has lots of older, much more powerful competitors like Wix or WordPress. However, it’s still gaining popularity because 1) it’s free; 2) there are 100+ designs; 3) it provides good customer support; 4) it allows users to monetize their blogs.


Weebly – The best solution for business & blogging


Why people like it:

  • Even non-experienced users don’t have any problems with Weebly software
  • Almost 50 themes
  • Lots of apps
  •  Pretty good eCommerce solutions


Things to improve:

  • Pro plans are a bit pricey
  • It’s difficult to sort the pages, especially for large sites


If you doubt that you can cope with technical problems or hosting, if you don’t want to explore the world of web development and design (or at least if you don’t want to spend all your free time on education), Weebly is waiting for you. Although it competes with such giants as WordPress, Wix, and Tumblr, it has a lot of loyal members worldwide.


This may be explained by the fact that it fits all. The editor is fantastic, and anyone, we mean literally anyone can use it. You can be a stranger to blogging today, and a popular blogger tomorrow – the quality of in-built functions is very high. Moreover, there’s a huge number of various apps you can download to improve the working process.


Our conclusion: On Weebly, you can create small blogs or a site with a large and complicated structure. Customization, unfortunately, is not that good, but we should admit that the templates themselves are of high quality and great-looking. – Balancing between Pro & easy-to-use blog builders


Why people like it: 

  •  Set of useful tools
  •  Less difficult to use than some competitors like
  •  Reasonable pricing


Things to improve: 

  • It’s not so easy to use, especially in comparison with competitors like Wix
  • No drag-and-drop blog editor
  • No preview shouldn’t be confused with that we’ve already described above. This is a new, blogging-oriented platform that has already gained popularity among lots of people worldwide. There’s no need to be a developer – although looks like a builder for Pros, it’s actually a great option for bloggers. Still, we should also note that it is a good site for people who have at least a few months of experience in this field. Newcomers may consider it to be too difficult to use mostly because of the absence of drag-and-drop editor.


We mean that you can add posts without any difficulty, but it may be pretty difficult to understand what to do to add the content elements like pics and videos. Still, the set of features is pretty good. It includes analytics, sorting by categories, comments, integration with social media sites, and search. Moreover, there are a lot of useful plugins that can be installed to improve the process of creating and editing a blog (however, only paying members can use them.)


Our conclusion: is rightfully considered to be one of the best builders who have some experience of work with such programs and have some coding skills. It has a free plan, but the best features, in particular, a wide selection of great plugins, are available only to paying members. As for customization, this platform really has much to offer to a user, but a beginner will hardly use custom CSS. In general, this is a kind of compromise between the builders that you can’t use without coding skills and very easy-to-use platforms like Wix or Weebly.


Blogger – Perfect for creating your 1st as well as your 10th blog


Why people like it:

  • Unlimited number of projects for your blog
  •  It’s completely free
  • Focused only on blogging
  • Owned by Google
  •  Quick and simple monetization


Things to improve:

  • Limited opportunities for customization
  • It lacks versatility


You can sign in with your Google account and start work on your blog immediately - this platform is owned by good old Google. What are the benefits of using except for the fact that it is made by the most famous company in the world?


It seems that the developers had two primary goals: make Blogger as simple and possible and make it free for everyone, always. We appreciate this approach, especially if a builder lets you use the most useful tools to keep your blog informative, visually attractive, and up-to-date. Everyone can just pick a template, customize it (fonts, color scheme, background), get a free SSL certificate, get a domain (or paid for a custom one) and write and post his/her articles for free.

It’s an all-inclusive blogging platform, but you can download some apps to get more opportunities. Your pictures are stored in Google Photos, and you can earn some money by working with Google AdSense.


Our conclusion: Blogger is part of a huge ecosystem. It’s a good platform that is focused on blogging only, and we believe it is its major benefit and disadvantage. On the one hand, it offers you everything you need and allows you to focus on your materials only, but on the other hand, you can do anything else.

Strikingly – Popular platform to create stylish and minimalistic blogs


Why people like it: 

  • Super simple editor
  • Post are automatically imported to the site
  • Around-the-clock support
  • Ads-free experience
  • Good flexibility
  • Monetization (only for paying members)


Things to improve:

  • You can only build a one-page site
  • Not too many templates compared to other builders
  • Free users' domains are attached to the subdomain
  • Only paying members have access to the most useful features


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use blog builder, you should definitely check out Strikingly. They even call it “Simple Blog,” mostly because the team of experts focuses on the simplicity and made it perfect for the newbies. That, however, doesn’t mean that it’s not functional: any user can create posts and import them to the blog section of his/her site (if it’s also built on Strikingly.)


So what about the functions? The drag-and-drop editor is available, so you don’t have to learn how to insert pictures, buttons, and videos. In fact, even the first-time visitor can handle this, so yes, it’s that easy. Everyone who’s set up an account on Strikingly gets direct access to all manager features and see how the page will look on the site. Social sharing, comments are also available. As for Search Engine Optimization, Strikingly has pretty good tools to offer, but a user needs to upgrade to use them. Free members get 5 GB of storage space. If it’s not enough, and if you want to use the whole set of features, you’ll also need to upgrade to Pro or at least to Limited.


Our conclusion: Although Srikingly seems too simple, it is a good builder to get started, even if you can’t afford the Pro plan. Just check the settings to find some cool features you didn’t even expect to see, from the opportunity for the site visitors to subscribe to your blog for sorting posts by categories and collecting emails. We’d recommend it to the newbies, but it may be too basic for experienced users.


More useful tips for finding the best blog website builders


We’ve already described the most effective strategy of choosing the best blogging platform. However, there are a few more useful tips. If you are a blogger with a few years of experience, you’ll hardly learn something new, but if you aren’t a guru in this industry, this information may be really helpful.

Do you want to earn some money? Learn how monetization works

So, you want to start writing some cool interesting articles about something, and the question is how to turn this into a source of income. There are a few ways to do it:

  1. Place ‘cost per click’ or ‘cost per 1.000 impressions’ ads
  2. Place ads of private customers (companies, service providers, other bloggers, etc.)
  3. Place affiliate links
  4. Create and sell your digital products
  5. Promote your own business
  6. Sell Premium membership.

I want to get started. What should I do?

Of course, all blogs are different, but there is a single way to become popular with a certain target audience. Here are a few steps to take:

  1. Choose the topics to write about
  2. Choose a blog name
  3. Pick a good builder (if you are a newbie, choose one of the easiest blogging platforms)
  4. Select a stylish template and customize it
  5. Write a few articles and post them (we recommend to post content once a week)
  6. Promote your blog in the search engines and social media
  7. Monetize it.

How do I promote my new blog?

We have already mentioned that you can promote on social media or on Google, but the thing is that there is also a pre-promotion stage, and you should never underestimate its importance. Before you start promoting your web page, make sure that you can offer interesting SEO-optimized content and great visual content. After you make sure it’s interesting to read and pleasant to look at, choose one (or all) of the following promotional methods.

  1. Send emails to your subscribers
  2. Promote your posts on your social media profiles
  3. Pay for promotion in other more popular blogs
  4. Promote yourself on content discovery platforms and in the search engines.

Keep in mind that ads are not always super expensive, so you have a good chance to become an influencer if you create good content.

I want to become a blogger. What should I write about?

Only you decide what to write about. However, some recommendations can help you achieve success in the nearest future. Don’t write about anything that doesn’t really interest you, try to find a topic or topics that you are ready to discuss for hours. Try to identify your audience. Who’s likely to read your blog? Maybe there are some interesting topics that your audience may like? Conduct research, don’t rely only on your own opinion. Search for facts, hypothesis, and other info that can make your content not only engaging but also useful.


Here are the top 10 popular blog niche ideas to make money in 2019:

  • Travel blog
  • Tech blog
  • Parenting blog
  • Health and fitness blog
  • Internet marketing or how to make money online
  • Financial advisor
  • Beauty secrets
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Education

How to become popular?

Want to achieve success? Read these tips to develop the right strategy!

  1. Identify the target audience of your blog
  2. Be passionate and sincere when writing your articles– you don’t have to sound like a professional journalist, your opinion and charisma really matter
  3. Check out the best blog sites (if you don’t know where to start, choose a few from our list) and pick one of them
  4. Pay a lot of attention to visual content – customize your page, add photos and videos
  5. Publish articles, promote them, respond to the comments.