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buildyoursite2There are a plethora of websites available offering free website creation tools and Build Your Website is no different from the 1000’s I’ve come across. However, they seem to offer something a little different. What’s the difference Michael?

For starters, they are somewhat free to start and the cost is small. They are not the smallest but for $9.95 to get your business online I think this is a very very low investment. The impact of been online can greatly improve your business,  lead quality and overall bottom line.

The first thing I noticed was the trust factor. Build Your is build with the color blue. The color blue is considered as a color of trust. Some of the biggest companies website are build using the color blue., and many others. Most sales page, or sales letter are constructed around the colour blue.

The next thing you’ll notice is the offerings and price to get started. For only $9.95 your company or hobby are able to make their presents known on the web. I clicked on the FREE TEST DRIVE and was quickly taken to a page that lets you pick a theme. There we over 50 of them.

Most are very nice and easy to work with. Whats even more impressive is that you have over 4000 themes to choose from. That’s insane if you ask me!! With that many themes you could build a ton of websites with little effort. LOL

What I like the most is the support and help you’ll receive. ¬†They are dedicated to business owners who are looking to crow their business online. In big bold letters at the top of their page you’ll see those inviting words.“Grow Your Business Today With a Professional Website”!

The free assistant with anything is welcoming. Do you feel the same? What do think Build Your Website offers the most?


If you take a look at the right side of the picture you’ll get an idea of the level of service they have to offer. ¬†You get a free test drive but it’s going to cost around 9.95 to get your first website up.

What you get or what is included for 9.95?

You get a lot if you ask me. Website Pages, Web Space & Bandwidth, Free Domain Name, Live Priority, Support, Music & Video Support, Website Activity Reports, Monthly Web Hosting, Unlimited E-mail Accounts, Web Application Library, Social Media Integration, Online Advertising Credits and Custom Logo Designer, ten pages of website and 25 gigabytes of web space.

For $7.00 more you get spam & virus filtering protection, and SEO website promotion. There is another other plan call an e-commerce option for $8.00 more. With this option, everything is unlimited.

That includes an advance form build to take email sign ups, cloud backup so you don’t lose your work forever and an advance shopping cart for collection payments.

If you don’t plan to build a ecommerce website using Build Your Website, then stick with plan two or one. Either will do just fine. The Professional plan will work for most of users and beginners could go for the starter plan. However, if you feel you need all the options offered then go for the store front option.

This is where you will have a website to sell stuff.

It all depends on how many webpages you intend to build though. If you need less then 15 pages, then go for the starter plan. If you are looking to build a website with up to 50 pages, then go for the professional plan.  You still get a lot of storage (100 gigabytes) space and great options.

Can You Call This Company?

Yes you can.  Have questions? Give them a call: 1-800-446-7846.

What I also like is their BBB rating. Even though BBB ratings are not always reliable to tell if a company is 100% with their business practice and customer service. To honestly tell, visit the BBB website to see actual comments for users or a statement written about them on the BBB website.

Build Your Website has a A+ Rating! This is good and a good sign that they are not playing games. They mean business. I love this!

If you’ed like to visit Build Your Website, click here for more information.


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