Cheap Website Builders

Cheap Website Builders
  1. Free: 8

    Connect Domain: 10

    Combo: 8

    Unlimited: 9

    VIP: 28.80

    uKit has a professional approach to the web page creation that has been polished and updated for years by the top experts in coding and programming. It is a unique fully-featured and utility-rich platform that is highly valued by the representatives of lots of kinds of different businesses. 
  2. Free: 7

    Connect Domain: 8

    Combo: 6

    Unlimited: 10

    VIP: 24.98

    We give you all the tools you need to create your website today. Enjoy the freedom to drag-and-drop your content and images into your chosen template and build your dream site.

Cheap Website Builder: All Popular Platforms In One List


Any businessman knows that he/she should reserve a warm place in virtual space. If your online shop or gallery selling photos does not have such a place, your business may remain small forever, as it will be beyond reach for some people who may be your potential customers. 

Here comes the question: why should you search for a cheap website builder, if you easily can hire a specialist who will help you to create something extraordinary and beautiful? Well, the answer would be your desire to spend money or not, and they have always been a sticking point on the road to the lazy pastime. 

There are tools called website creator. They have powerful editors that are able to help anyone to create a separate money-making site. Such platforms have different pricing, and the cheapest is not the best, remember it. But, there are tons of affordable site makers that will give you anything for a reasonable price, and we are here to present reliable and easy-to-use site editors.

Below you will find our top we have built based on such criteria as costs, quality of services, tech support, guides, and other essential features.


Our top of the low cost website builders: Pro et contra


First of all, you should decide whether or not you need a site maker, not even talking about the cheapest of them.

These tools are designed to help people with no special education or knowledge of how to create sites. The modern world demands any person to have a place in virtual space. But, it is not needed if you do not want to expand your fame, influence, business, or just have fun building your one-pager or launching a big project.

We can help you to make a decision before you start reading this article. You should try to make your site with one of the builders if you want to: 

  1. Launch a new online store but have no idea what to start with;
  2. Get a stable website with a complete range of services, including Analytics, integrations of plugins and services, and so on;
  3. Get a working platform without learning how can you make a site from scratch;
  4. Save your time;
  5. Do everything in one place - buy a domain and hosting, integrate services, communicate with other users, and so on;
  6. Test a new niche;
  7. Create just one project for one purpose (to present a portfolio, to sell one service, and so on);
  8. Launch a non-commercial project that will not bring you money.

If you recognize your aims and desires in all the mentioned above, you can continue to read. 


Weebly: a fantastic and cheap website developer


Weebly is the builder that offers the cheapest way to have a website. If you have only an inspiration, motivation, and $8, you can start with this site. With basic investments, you will get a fantastic editor and a premium service.

This platform is one of the few inexpensive websites that offer users to create visiting card websites, so if you need that, try to create it with Weebly.

If you want to make a site within several minutes or hours, you should know that with Weebly you will spend a lot more time, because its template collection is so huge that it can be compared only to Wix. There are five color schemes for each template, so you should devote more time to make your design.

In general, you will be able to work with simple but detailed admin panel, flexible editor, and several subscription plans for you to choose the most suitable one.

Prices to subscription plans

  • Connect - $60 for a year ($8/month)
  • Pro - $144 for a year ($12)
  • Business - $300 for a year ($25)
  • Business Plus - $456 for a year ($38)

Things we like in Weebly

  1. Plenty of just beautiful templates to choose from.
  2. Friendly interface of the builder itself.
  3. Users get a free domain for a year if they purchase any subscription plan.
  4. SSL-certificate is a free addition to any subscription.
  5. Pro, Business, and Business Plus allow to set up a membership website.
  6. Quite detailed Help Center with tips on cheap website building.
  7. There is a money refund after 30 days of using Weebly if a user is not satisfied with services. 
  8. Users can enjoy a free plan which allows them to test their tools for free.

Things that upset us in Weebly

  1. Weebly Connect Domain Plan does not eliminate ads.


Site123: The best cheap website builder for starters


If you know nothing about website building and have no idea of how these platforms work, you should open Site123. It grants users one of the simplest and cheapest ways to make a website. Count to three and get a site for your business or personal use!

This platform is not the best choice for people who have some experience in site developing, as it does not allow users to add their code or edit the existing one. People who come to Site123 can use only drag-and-drop interface and simple admin panel.

 You need to learn the builder that Site 123 has because it looks limited and simplistic. However, it has plenty of tools to create a unique platform for you and your visitors. So, just enter the site and start making your own site for free – this builder allows you to enjoy its services without payment and does not limit its functions. You will be able to try the tools without spending even a coin.

Prices to subscription plans

  • Basic - $10.8/month
  • Extended - $16.8/month
  • Professional - $22.8/month
  • Gold - $28.8/month

Things we like in Site123

  1. There is a very useful feature: it offers the users to choose among one-page and multi-page site templates.
  2. The platform allows to use plugins - they are available in built-in AppMarket.
  3. Site123 is translated into 15 languages.
  4. All the templates are adapted to mobile devices.
  5. The templates are customizable: people can do almost everything with any of them.
  6. Users can connect Google Analytics to their sites.
  7. Anyone can enjoy Site123 for free for an unlimited period, but the site that was created for free will have ads.

Things that upset us in Site123

  1. It is very inconvenient to use Site123 for free because free members can get only 500 MB of disk space, 1 GB of bandwidth, and the possibility to process only 10 orders for goods or services.
  2. To come to an understanding of how to use SEO tools will take quite a lot of time: they could be a bit more simple.

Wix: The builder people know and love

Wix is quite similar to Weebly. Well, it will be a bit more correct to say that it is Weebly that resembles Wix. This platform is a titan that carries the world of website builders: it is famous just like Michael Jackson.

Only a decade ago, uCoz headed all the existing ratings. Then there came Wix, and it seems that we have a new persistent leader. Well, such a rapid growth of people who want to use this very platform instead of any other can be easily explained by its large (actually largest) collection of templates, top-rated website editor, and just a good guide that will help anyone to find the answer to any question.

Though Wix is a “world star” having plenty of fans and possibilities to share with people, it is still a cheap website developer. You can create anything with it, from a blog to a shop selling toys. If you are on a budget but want your site to look stunning and work smoothly, set your sights on this platform, and you will not regret this.

Prices to subscription plans and additional services

  • VIP - $24.50/month
  • No-limit package - $12.50/month
  • Basic - $8.50/month
  • Business Basic - $17/month
  • Business Unlimited - $25/month
  • Business VIP - $35/month
  • Connect your domain service - $4.50/month

Things we like in Wix

  1. All the sites created with Wix are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption, and it does not demand additional payment.
  2. Amazing collection of templates for the realization of an idea.
  3. 14-day trial: if you are not satisfied with the services, you will get your money back.
  4. A lot of available payment methods.
  5. Users will get a free hosting if they purchase any of subscription plans.
  6. There is a possibility to track, analyze, and optimize traffic with Google Analytics.
  7. Drag-and-drop interface.
  8. Help Center is just great: it is detailed, well-categorized, and comprehensive.

Things that upset us in Wix

  1. To get rid of the ads and connect a domain demands purchasing a more expensive subscription plan. Cheap website builder for experienced people


If you have ever used Microsoft Word, you will easily understand how to work with Wordpress. It is a bit weird comparison, but if you have a look at Wordpress’ editor, you will see that it is as intuitive and simple, as Word.

However, to use all the power of this site maker you should have some practice or at least to learn how does it work at the help center. Luckily, there is one, and it is detailed enough for anyone to become a junior site developer on Wordpress. Additionally, tons of video tutorials explain almost every single detail on admin panel and editor. Though it is easy-to-use, experienced developers can do a lot with the templates by this site creator: it has an open code, so they can add their own or change the existing one. is the best choice for bloggers and photographers, as it offers reasonable prices for these particular kinds of private entrepreneurs. By the way, Wordpress is one of the favorite platforms to use by charities, because it provides its services for free.

Prices to subscription plans

  • Blogger - $2.98/month
  • Personal - $4.96/month
  • Premium - $8.71/month
  • Business - $23,74/month
  • eCommerce - $42.76/month

Things we like in Wordpress

  1. There is a possibility to use services for free.
  2. The site offers extended SEO and analytics tools.
  3. Jetpack Essential Features is available for free users too: it protects the sites made on Wordpress from spammers and speeds up their performance.
  4. Wordpress grants the owners of Premium, Personal, Business, and eCommerce subscription plans a free domain for one year.
  5. The administration is constantly developing the platform.
  6. Popular sites made on Wordpress include The New Yorker, Sony Music, Beyoncé’s website, and so on.
  7. There are literally thousands of templates that are available for users to choose and change.

Things that upset us in Wordpress

  1. Users have to pay for a year at once. There is no possibility to pay for a month.


Strikingly: Best cheap builder for one-pagers


If you are going to launch a small project that does not demand a huge website with dozens of pages, Strikingly may be a great choice for you. 

There is nothing special in this platform, actually, except for its focus on freelancers and startups. Any Strikingly customer gets a blog and the possibility to monitor the site with analytics. It will be easy to make a new one-pager within one click, as this builder has a service that allows a new user to get a website within five minutes, but only if you have a Linkedin account, as the system will import data from there.

As far as simplicity is the main feature of Strikingly, it does not allow to change the code or make significant changes in templates. So, if you are addicted to such kind of activity, this very builder will not be the right option for you.

With its quite nice number of services and tools, Strikingly remains a cheap website creator that can give you a site within several minutes.

Prices to subscription plans and additional services

  • Limited - $8/month
  • Pro - $16/month
  • VIP - $49/month
  • Custom Email Service - $25/year

Things we like in Strikingly

  1. Strikingly’s websites are adapted to mobile.
  2. The free plan offers free domain, unlimited free sites, and 5 GB monthly bandwidth.
  3. There is a possibility to buy several years, and the more a user purchases, the bigger the discount.
  4. No coding is needed to create a low-cost website.
  5. There is a forum where users share their sites, hacks, and just communicate.
  6. People can try Strikingly for free for 14 days.
  7. This platform is perfect for building a seamless one-pagers.
  8. There is a blog with tips and tricks on entrepreneurship, building websites, and marketing strategies.
  9. Users can upload custom fonts.
  10. Knowledgebase explains literally every single detail on the builder.
  11. Free domain for a year comes with any subscription plan.
  12. Users can purchase Custom Email Service that gives them a more professional-looking email (e.g., [email protected]).

Things that upset us in Strikingly

  1. Strikingly has fewer templates than any other website builder.
  2. Owners of the sites on this platform are billed yearly.


1&1 IONOS: The perfect way to build cheap custom websites


What is the most inexpensive way to make a professional website? Our answer to this question is 1&1 IONOS website builder. It is one of the most popular site makers for people on a budget. 

You will never find a cheaper platform to make a site because it asks users to pay just $1 (!) per month for the first year. Do not make any premature decisions, please: 1&1 will not disappoint you with cheap-looking templates, a limited number of tools, or poor editor. It has everything that premium builders have, but it offers its services for a lot more reasonable prices.

With 1&1 IONOS, you will get more than 10,000 templates, comfortable drag-and-drop interface, and complete protection of your data by SSL-encryption. But, with all this abundance of services, there is no possibility to adapt a template to a mobile device and no site exporting, so if these features are essential for you, you can get past 1and1.

Prices to subscription plans and additional services

  • Online - $5/month ($1 for the first month)
  • Online Store - $15/month
  • Online Store Advanced - $25/month
  • Online Store Expert - $45
  • To buy domain - $5/year
  • Mail Business - $15/month
  • Web Hosting - $4/month

Things we like in 1&1 IONOS

  1. There is an integration with Google Translate.
  2. Users can edit HTML and CSS.
  3. There is a PayPal Mini Shop widget for users who want to launch an online shop and make it attractive to visitors.
  4. Members of the Support team are ready to help on the phone 24/7.
  5. Clients get a free domain with any subscription plan.
  6. Free backup and restore allow users to preserve their data.
  7. The first year price is only $1/month.
  8. Free Wildcard SSL included into both subscription plans.
  9. Users can cancel subscription anytime without money losses.

Things that upset us in 1&1 IONOS

  1. Less flexible website editor than on similar platforms.


GoDaddy: Not the cheapest builder, but still affordable


If you are a fan of Linux, GoDaddy will be your personal heaven. It is the only platform in our rating that offers a possibility to choose between Linux and Windows servers.

With this nice, though not very popular service, GoDaddy grants its users very friendly prices and the complete protection of data. With this best low-cost website builder, you need not panic and always monitor your website’s security, adding plenty of plugins or any other software.

If you know nothing about making websites, welcome to the GoDaddy’s help center that will easily explain to you all the details of this sophisticated work. But, this video library will help you only to understand how to work with GoDaddy’s interface, so if you are looking for general knowledge, you should seek another place to learn.

But, if you are ready to register on this particular platform, you will get two site editors instead of one, huge gallery of templates for any sphere, and constant assistance by Support team members! Isn’t it enough for you to register right not?

Prices to subscription plans

  • Site Backup & Restore - $2.99/month 
  • Economy - $4.50/month ($10.99/month when you renew)
  • Deluxe - $6.95/month ($13.99/month when you renew)
  • Ultimate - $10.95/month ($21.99/month when you renew)
  • Business Hosting - $22.99/month ($37.99/month when you renew)

Things we like in GoDaddy

  1. Users can choose between cPanel and Plesk to create a site.
  2. CPU, RAM, I/O and plenty of the other services are just a click away from you.
  3. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal can be integrated into GoDaddy.
  4. Users can communicate on the forum.
  5. The site provides any customer with a free domain (goes with all the subscription plans).
  6. DDoS protection 24/7.
  7. 1-click setup for registered domains of GoDaddy.
  8. Users will not suffer from data losses with the Site Backup & Restore service.

Things that upset us in GoDaddy

  1. A bit uncomfortable admin panel.
  2. Free SSL-encryption is only for buyers of the most expensive plan.


Squarespace: WYSIWYG low-cost website builder


In case you are wondering what this abbreviation means, we will explain it to you. It stands for “What you see is what you get.” It’s the best possible description of the Squarespace website builder – cheap, but powerful enough to help you to make a nice site. Its site editor is as simple, as is only possible, and you can work out your new project even if you know nothing about sites.

Being launched in 2004, this platform has collected tons of amazing templates that are properly organized into several categories for the clients to search for the needed one with comfort. Clients of Squarespace will get intuitive and clean space to work in, stylish templates, and, finally, a professionally made and cheapest website that looks like it was developed by a specialist.

The main page of the site states that you can turn any idea into a reality, and it is actually true if you use Squarespace. SEO, blogging, Analytics, and other useful tools will make the process of making a new platform comfortable, easy, and just funny. 

Prices to subscription plans

  • Personal - $16/month ($12/month if you pay for a year)
  • Business - $26/month ($18/month if you pay for a year)
  • Basic Commerce - $30/month ($26/month if you pay for a year)
  • Advanced Commerce - $46/month ($40/month if you pay for a year)

Things we like in Squarespace

  1. The platform offers free hosting and domain.
  2. Users can enjoy fully integrated eCommerce if they buy a subscription plan (any of them)
  3. Plenty of services like SEO, Analytics, and the other tools will help any customer to monitor and maintain the activity on the site.
  4. Users can integrate a lot of apps, such as Google Maps, Unsplash, YouTube, Instagram, and so on.
  5. There is a unique possibility to pay monthly instead of yearly, like on the other platforms.
  6. All templates are mobile-friendly.
  7. Customers can switch plans anytime they want.
  8. Students get 50% off their first full year of Squarespace by signing up with their academic email addresses.
  9. The site grants users with unlimited bandwidth and storage if they purchase any of subscription plans.

Things that upset us in Squarespace

  1. Only Google и Typekit fonts are available to use for free.
  2. Squarespace is a bit more expensive than the other builders in our rating.
  3. Mobile website and store are offered only for users with Professional and Business membership.

Summary on cheapest website builders


All the information given above is aimed at helping you to understand what website builders can offer and how does it correspond to the services that a site maker provides. If you see that the number of services is not enough for you to pay as much, choose another platform. 

All the builders from our article deserve your attention, and you can quickly start with the cheapest one - 1&1, or with the most expensive one - Squarespace. No matter what you choose, you will benefit, but only if you make enough efforts for your business to grow and flourish. 

Here is the full list of the websites considered, with the minimal prices per month. We provide you with the regular prices - no discounts, no first months or years, only basic prices that you will pay after the first month or year of using services:

  • 1&1 IONOS - $5
  • - $2.98
  • Weebly - $8
  • Strikingly - $8
  • Wix - $8.50
  • Site123 - $10.8
  • GoDaddy - $10.99
  • Squarespace - $16

Remember that these platforms are just the instruments for implementing your ideas. Please, take your time and do your best with what you have on a builder you have chosen, and you will succeed, no matter what money you pay for services.