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Church Websites
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Top 5 Church Websites Builders to Stay Connected with Your Parishioners

Recently, people have become less religious, but more technologically advanced. During this time, an incredible leap has been made in the field of information technology and communications. What is this talking about? We are less and less communicating with each other personally. An alternative to this is the Internet. Taking into account such changes, it becomes clear that the site of the church is very relevant!

Of course, ideally, it would be good if a person, when he wanted to go to church, would go into it, find out the schedule, and then come to the service. But today most likely there will be another option: a person will want to go to church, go to the Internet, and without finding a site he will not know the schedule of services and simply will not go anywhere.

Therefore, the creation of a site is a real need. But there are a lot of questions about how to do this. So we decided to prepare a review of the Christian web builders so you can compose the best site! If you need to pitch upon the best church website builder, stay with us!

5 Best Church Website Builders

Before reading the review, you need to have a clear understanding of some aspects. Thus, it will be much easier for you to pitch upon the best church website builder. First, determine what the purpose of your site is and how many pages should be in it. Next, decide whether you want to compose it yourself or take the help of professionals. And of course, calculate the budget that you can allocate to compose a site.

When you give answers to these questions, you will have a clear understanding of what you need. Well, a review will help you find the relevant option!

We decided to prepare a review so that you can pitch upon the best builder that will help to realize your preferences. We will consider the most popular and affordable tackles that are easy to put forth and have a sufficient set of functions to compose a high-quality site. Do not close this page if you still need to get the best website builder for churches.  


This constructor is popular in the market. And this is not surprising, it attracts with its affordability, set of features and relative simplicity. In fact, with this tackle, an absolute beginner in this matter will be able to deal with the task. It is necessary to spend a little time studying the tutorials materials and start the work. By the way, there is an opportunity to try the free version before purchasing any kind of tariff plan.


  • This is a universal constructor for composing any type of site.

  • Intuitive editor. The development does not require special technical knowledge and programming skills.

  • The presence of more than 500 topics for different types of sites.

  • The ability to optimize the site for the mobile version.

  • Site management using an application that is available for both iOS and Android.

  • Availability of free hosting and domain connection.

  • The ability of integration the constructor with Google Analytics.


  • You must pitch upon the theme carefully, as it cannot be changed.

  • You can spoil existing topics due to the possibility of making your changes.

  • A slightly visually overloaded interface.

  • In the tech support section, it’s hard to find the right answers for beginners.

As for prices, the cost of plans starts at $17 and ends at $750. A Combo plan will be sufficient for putting forth. It costs 17 dollars a month, and if you decided to buy it for a year, you get only 13 dollars per month. A set of opportunities will be sufficient to compose websites for churches.


This builder positions itself as an affordable and unsophisticated tackle for composing a site. The same is noted by users, so if you need a unsophisticated solution to get the site, pay attention to this product.

If you have the skill to work with the text editor like Word and Powerpoint, then this minimum will be enough to compose a site yourself. The product presents an opportunity to make a beautiful and functional site. Let's look at the pros and cons, as well as pricing.


  • To work with the tackle there is no need for knowledge of coding and programming.

  • A good support service that provides real-time guides and answers to questions.

  • The free trial period of product functionality.

  • The topics available are really diverse.

  • It is possible to get webpage data and analyze it, as well as enjoy a free domain.


  • Topics have a strict structure. This means that it is not possible to place elements wherever you want, but only where this is provided by the topic.

  • You can put forth only the built-in features, as there are no additional applications.

  • Some users are hindered by some positions in the settings. Although many of them have noted the ease of operation.

Prices start at 12 to 40 dollars. However, to build a church web site, a plan for $12 will be enough. As you can see, the price is much cheaper than for the first constructor.


If your site will contain no more than 10 pages, then in this constructor you have the opportunity to work for free. But even if you want a larger site, you will be pleasantly surprised by the price.

Like previous constructors, all the things are intuitive and unsophisticated. If you want to make your presence tastefully, then do not pass by.


  • unsophisticated interface that is suitable for beginners.

  • High-quality topics that suit every taste.

  • It is possible to compose a site for free.

  • The ability to be guided by the site through a mobile application.

  • Loyal prices for composing personal sites or webpages for organizations.


  • There is no undo button when developing a site, you need to do everything manually.

  • Not enough tools for content marketing, and SEO optimization.

  • Hosting on the manufacturer’s domain when using the free version (although this drawback is inconsistent).

Three versions of the plan are suitable for composing a church webpage: Free, Starter, and Pro. The cost of the second plan will be only $8, and when paying for the year, only $5 per month. If you purchase a Pro plan, it will be $18 and $12 with an annual subscription. As you can see, the prices are very affordable, plus you will be able to come up with something marketable with the minimum investments.


This is a narrowly specialized tackle that is put forth to compose church web sites. In this niche, this tool is especially popular. This is essentially a complete solution for the presence of the church on the Internet.

The mega advantage here is that all topics are designed for the same theme. But the main drawback is the price, which significantly exceeds the previous tools. Let's take a closer look at the basic information and prices.


  • The presence of a large number of niche topics.

  • Suitable for those who do not have graphic design skills.

  • A complete package of necessary proposals for the functionality of the site.

  • The ability to compose a mobile version and even an application.


  • High cost in comparison with other constructors.

  • The difficulty of putting forth for beginners without a minimum set of relevant skills.

  • The design is slightly inferior compared to many other constructors.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a Christian web builder. This is due to the high cost. The monthly fee is $45. While in some other constructors this amount may go for half a year of operation. Of course, this is a good option to compose a church site, but not as accessible as the previous ones!

Ministry Designs

This church website builder is also a niche and has an interesting history of creation. However, its technical feature is not unusual. It is a constructor with standard but usefull features for beginners. As for the topics, they are attractive, but in terms of design they are also inferior to universal builders, so to speak. Let's discuss the pros and cons and, of course, the price.


  • A convenient solution for putting forth with any skill level.

  • Interesting and beautiful topics.

  • Intuitive constructor’s interface.

  • Not a bad quality of the finished result.


  • All settings and features are standard.

  • The high cost of put forth, plus additional hosting costs.

How much will this church websites solution cost you? Each month you will pay 20 dollars for hosting. And of course, you pay $1,000 in one installment. In fact, the cost is very high. With a limited budget, the game is not worth the result!

Let’s Summarize: What to Choose?

As you already understood, each constructor has its competitive advantages and disadvantages. In order to decide which one platform will be the most suitable option, you must clearly understand what result you expect!

Some constructors are the best option for composing sites on their own with a limited budget. While other tackles are suitable for those who evaluate their time more than finances needed to get the things done in a few easy steps. 

Therefore, we decided to refresh in your memory the main points of each of them, so that it would be easier for you to make a decision.

Wix: This is a very common tool that is suitable for composing any kind of site. A distinctive advantage is ease of putting forth for beginners without specific technical skills. There is a large number of different topics many of which are suitable for the church. It is also possible to compose a mobile version. As for the cost, it is average based on specific plans, but for only 17 dollars you can compose a webpage with a high-quality design.

Squarespace: This is a tackle with which you can compose a beautiful webpage with a good design. With this constructor, you don’t need to worry about the domain, since it comes in a set. Technical support will answer all your questions and provide a lot of recommendations, so you can work here without knowledge of web design or coding. And the price is much cheaper than the first (12 dollars).

Weebly: This is a very unsophisticated constructor that can be put forth for free. If you purchase a plan for 8 or 18 dollars, then this will be quite enough to make a good site. If you are an open-minded person to instantly immerse in technical details, then maybe you can squeeze the full out of the free version! 

ShareFaith: If you want to put forth only a specialized constructor, in which everything is tailored for your topic, you can pitch upon this option. But if you have an understanding of what quality design is, then it is better to opt for common tools. It is worth paying attention to financial opportunities, as the monthly fee will be $45. But as a result, you will have a complete solution to your problem.

Ministry Designs: This is also a niche constructor that provides everything you need to make your site look properly. If it’s important for you that everything that you need will be done easily, there is no need to search among thousands of topics that are not relevant but get almost an instant result. However, remember that the service charge is very high!

Now you have refreshed the features of each, so you can make a choice! There is no doubt that out of these 5 modern builders you will find the one that will help translate all your ideas into reality. But this review does not end there. In conclusion, we want to help you get even closer to the right choice. Let's move on to the final note!

FAQs as the Final Note

Now you have passed an introductory course and may surely say that you already have basic knowledge on how to promote your church on the web. But lastly, we decided to prepare for your answers to the most popular questions that arise when it comes to composing a site. This will help you to sum up all the information.

Which builder to pitch upon if there is no technical knowledge?

There are two constructors that are very unsophisticated to put forth without programming skills.

Wix should be your perfect way out if you need to make a webpage only after reading the methodological information. Firstly, it offers a truly high-quality design and many features to make your site unique and functional. Let’s recall that today many give their preference to this particular constructor.

Weebly is a super constructor if you will be satisfied with a very minimalistic solution. Working with it is unsophisticated and you do not need to be an expert in this field. All you need is to spend a little time to get acquainted with the features and you can start working.

Which constructor to pitch upon the budget is limited or there's no money at all?

In this position, the same constructors win again, as they provide the opportunity to make a webpage for free. Therefore, if you do not have any finances to compose a site, you can easily do this with these building tools.

If you do not ready to spend a lot of money on their plans, then you can get an excellent result without any special financial costs. Without a doubt, these are the key benefits of these tools. But we want to remind you that in the case of Weebly your site should be no more than ten pages in the free version.

General builder vs specific builder: which one is better to pick up?

It is difficult to give a definite answer to this question. It all depends on your goals, capabilities, and needs. It is worth considering the fact that niche tools have a higher cost compared to universal ones.

If you can spend time looking for a suitable topic and you appreciate high-quality design, then niche builders will not suit you.

If we talk about niche tools, then with them you will receive professional help and compose a site in accordance with the requirements of your area. You will be able to get all the things done in one place, and you won’t need to know whether your site complies with the modern canons.

How to pitch upon the best domain for my church website?

Everything is very unsophisticated! Try to pick up the name that will in tune with the mission of your religious organization, it was easy to remember for your parishioners, or, as an option, contained a mention of your location.

What about hosting and where to get it?

It all depends on which tool you choose. Today this is not at all such a problem as it might seem. We hasten to please you, each of the builders we have listed provides such a service. Therefore, all you need to do is just compose your website and not worry about the technical aspects.