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What’s up Ya’ll?  Would you rather create a page instead of a full blow website? Here’s what I mean. Lets say you have a small idea and you just want to write a few headings and some text.

You’re not really feeling the time it may take to create a full website. Seth Gorden thought about this and came up with Squidoo is awesome, very powerful and easy to use.

What they did over at Squidoo is just what you probably need. All you do is put-what they call modules un-top of each other to form your one page/lens or website. They call these pages Lens.

It’s pretty amazing how simple it is to set up. I’ve build a few myself on following this site directions. I had to pay for that but it was worth it.

The reason I used that person’s website instructions was to make some extra money. I watched the videos and did what Jennifer said to do.

Results at first were as expected but as time passed it was clear that her methods worked.

Squidoo is not the only site like this. Another platform that you can use is called Hubpages. I did a few hubpages but didn’t like them too much.

These guys policy’s were too strick for me and I only build about three or four Hubpages. I didn’t want my months of hard work to vanish without warning.

This could happened in Squidoo too but they are a little more lenient.

Any others Beside These Two?

Blogger is similar but not in the same way. Blogger, WordPress (my fav) weebly offers full blow sites. Also you’ll be able to get your site up in minutes if you know what you are doing. If you don’t, then plan for a few days worth of work.

If you have no clue, just read and click around first. Get yourself familiarizes with the sites interface and wiziwig editor. Don’t let that term spook you. All it is is a fancy word for word editor.

This where you add your text, images, video and some audio files to your site. Let me put it a little simpler. If you use Microsoft Word, you can do this.

Most of them are set up this way. Here is a screen shot of mine. They look exactly or similar to the image you are looking at. What do you think? looks easy to work with right?  It is.

This image is the content management are of the site. Most of the site offer this model. It might not be the same set up but you can expect the same functionality.

As mention earlier, if all you want to do is build a few pages or add modules, Squidoo and HubPages is your best bet.

My preference is Squidoo and they work well for people looking to make some extra money online. Just be-ware of some topics. Make sure to read their terms of use carefully.

You wouldn’t want to put up your page and see it vanish or get locked! Remember to check out this program for enhance help. It’s not free.

I almost forgot..

Squidoo offers a ton of ways to make money with your Lens. You could add Amazon products to your lens, Ebay products to your lens, CAfe Press products to your lens and much more.

Whats also cool is that you could donate your earnings to a charity of your choice.

I’ve placed a video at the top of the page to your right. This video is not from me but it gives a good example of what a Squidoo Lens is and how to set them up.


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