Creating a Website

What do you need to create a website? To be honest you don’t need a lot to build a website. Creating a website is easier than you think but you do need to have everything set up correctly so it will be successful.

The most important part of your site is the content. Next is how easily can the search engines find your site and the next one is does your site serves a purpose.

It’s not ok to just build a site because everybody is making them. You have to build it for a specific reason and make the reason obvious.

This can be done on the about page or on the Who Am I side bar under your image.

With that said, do you think creating a website is hard?

To be honest it is. But because html coding is not a pre-requisite, php and the poweful WordPress platform makes it dead easy to create.

I am sure you are not trying to build another Facebook. The reality though is that WordPress php/css style sites works.

Don’t get me wrong, some sites will need highly skilled developers. These developers are easy to locate and if you have a project that you need someone else to do for you by all means hire them.

What do you really need to start creating a website?

As mention earlier, you need an idea for a site. Once you have the idea you want to find keywords that people are using to find your site. We do this using our brains and keyword tools.

Next you want to check and see if the domain idea you have is available. Head over to name cheap or hostgator and check. If it is, great. Register it.

Next, will be your site layout or structure. This part is crucial. If you site is going to be about Corn, get keywords that are associated with corn.

Here is what I mean…

Title of site: Corn – Types of Corn – Popular Corn States – Corn as a Mean  – and so on. Remember you’ll get a lot of ideas using Jaaxy keyword or Traffic Travis. Google’s tool is also a good option.

Next you want to figure how which platform you will use. At this point, WordPress should be considered as a beginner.

The steps to get this set up is too easy not to do it. Even though their is a learning curve, it’s not steep. The video below and to your right explains the process in detail.





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Creating a Website
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