Crushed to The Core!

sadHave you ever feel so crushed that you just want to give up after giving something everything you’ve got? This has happened to me a few times and I don’t know why I can’t seem to get it right.

A few days ago I did some investigation on a popular keyword tool. The tool suggested some very high traffic keywords that had me wondering if I was seeing right or my mind was playing tricks on me.

It got me so excited that I went ahead an build a site around the keyword the tool suggest.

To make matters worst….I didn’t just build the site out of blindness. I did it because some more test was needed to ensure the key phrase was good enough to target.

After a week of testing this keyword, I had enough data to give it a go.

So I went ahead and buy send flowers to ashwood vic for $10.00 plus tax. Before I paid though, I made a quick search for a coupon code and found one that reduced the price to $9.97.

I was too happy and I was feeling excited because the keyword looked promising. Word Tracker said the keyword got over 8000 searches a month.

I checked Sem Rush and Google too. Google and Sem Rush said that the keyword didn’t have enough searches but I didn’t pay those suggestions any attention. Big Mistake!!

My research was good because I followed a step that a lot of successful online marketers have done.

Here is what I did…After discovering the keyword, I set up a campaign on Bing to see if the keyword really have any search volume.

I set the keyword to exact match. Why exact match? This setting will only serve up what people are actually tying in the search engine.

My keyword was send flowers to ashwood vic. After letting it run for three to four days, I got over 2000 to 3000 impression. I was like what….amazing!!

I’ve found a gold mind! But, I was sadly mistaken. I forgot one main part of the puzzle when setting up this campaign. I did not set it to show my ad only to search only.

You see….setting up your ad to show on related sites will mess up your data. And I believe that is what got me.

I took the initial data and run with it. Set up my site and quickly got articles on it. Within a few days my site was ranking on page one of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

I was too happy. My wife was more than happy for me because she knows how hard I have been trying to not make another site that get little or no traffic.

I was mad and hurt. The keyword delivered up false numbers. Where the heck these numbers came from? And the campaign test just made it freaking worst!!

How could a keyword tool gives such inaccurate data? I find it very hard to believe any data from a keyword tools except Google’s free keyword tool.

I don’t care what anybody says. Get your keyword data from Google. And if you are going to run a test on the search engines, make sure it is set to search only and not search and other related or pages about the topic.

If Google keyword tool says there are no volume, believe it. Don’t even look anywhere else because everybody else out there get their search data from Google.

Now what to do next? I don’t have a clue. The site will just site there and when the domain expires I won’t renew it.

But, you know what, I won’t give up. Even though I am hurt inside because I gave it my all and it failed miserably, I will continue looking.

There will be a success post here about one that made it. I have a lot of ideas and when they come to reality I’ll post them here.

What did I learn from this? Test and retest at all cost before investing money. I could have put up a few articles on Ezine Articles or build a Squidoo lense to see what if the keyword has that much searches a month.

It also showed me that getting a site ranked on the search engines is not that hard. People make it seem like there is some secret formula. But my friends, there are none.

I did watch a few videos from Matt Cuts and a cool site I found call Traffic tricks. These two resource have open up my eyes even more on how Search Engine Optimization work.

Yes, some markets are extremely difficult to penetrate. And others are very easy to get into. The key is to find that keyword phrase that has high search volume with low competition. Are there any such phrase left? Yes there are plenty. I failed this time but I’ll keep trying until I succeed!!

What’s your story? Do you have a story where you gave something your all only to see it fail? Tell us.

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Crushed to The Core!
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