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Looking to take your business online without spending any money? With Weebly, Web start, Web Start Today and a few others your business website could be build for free with just a few clicks. Taking your business online is no easy task but Wix, Weebly, Google Sites, Yola and the rest of the group featured here, your business website could be build in just a few hours.

You will be surprise how simple it is and the many options available. To Making the perfect free website for your business a few steps should be taken before the start date of the build.

The easiest way to create a website for your business. Create your site at!
What you want to is this…

1. The domain for the site
3. content for the site
4. Images to put on your site

These three steps should are not difficulty to come up with so plan accordingly.

The Domain!

Pick a name that is closely related to your business. Also, try to keep it short. You must also be prepare to either have your domain share the host site or Weebly’s domain with yours.

Here’s what I mean. Since you are going to build a free website, Weebly will share your domain with you. Here’s how it looks. or

If you don’t which to share your business domain that way, then Weebly will provide an optional choice. This choice will let you keep your selected domain, if it’s available, the way you want it.

So if your business is Bath Towels Corp, then you’ll have a domain that is for a small fee. Wix, Weebly, Webstart will host the site for you.


If you plan to write the content for your business site, then put it together and add it as soon as possible. I suggest taking a few hours or days to craft five of six 300 to 400 word articles for the site.

It could just be an about us page, company goals page, contact page, privacy policy page, disclaimer page, terms of use page.

Your site could have just these pages to start. You could add the rest later. What you could also do later is add images.

So which free website build should you use to make your free business website?  WIX!

Weebly is also cool and easy as well as Webstart. But we think for business, Wix, Web Start Today are  your best options.

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