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So you want to make a website for your kid or kids? I am here to help so please stick around and read my article.

In this article I will tell you what possible and what’s not. I will also tell you what’s available to you today. Right now there are 100’s of websites that will let you build a website for kids.

What’s Possible?

You can make a simple website or you can build a highly complex one. But since it’s going to be for kids, then I would image it to be a simple site.

Your free website could be complete in a matter of days it all depends on you and your child. But realistically, a site is an ongoing process.

You can also create a paid one where you buy a domain and hosting. This model lets you control everything and there will not be a chance of your website taking down without your knowledge.

Even though this is unlikely, it could happen and has happened to me and many others before.

With that said, what kind of site you are looking to build? Do you like this one? If you do, thanks for liking it….

With that said, are you looking to put up a site that’s simple to access for the child?

Wix, is easy to use and so does

These two sites lets anyone to build a site. It is very easy to use and your child won’t have a problem navigating it. It may be a little intimidating at first but the more you work with the better and easy it becomes.

I did a video on that gives a walk through on how it’s done.

On this site, you and your child will be able to add pictures, contacts, content, videos and much more. You can customize it to your liking and add as many content as you wish.

I like weebly and I know you will like it too. If you find it too complicated, try out wix, blogger, and webnode.

Just follow the instructions that they give you. It’s easy. But if you have never done this before, feel free to contact me.

Also, give yourself some time to become accustom to the site interface. I know it can become overwhelming but the more you log on and play around with the site the more easy it will be.

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