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Hi all, it’s Michael again with another exciting post. In today’s post I want to talk about a free logo generator I ran into a few days ago. Free logo creators are everywhere but not all are created equal. Some are great while others are easy to work with and affordable. Some are horrible and a few are super easy, and incredible affordable. Best of all, they deliver high quality logos for your awesome websites or business for an affordable price. Really cheap!!

Have you searched for free online logo maker but are not pleased with what you found? Or tried one or two free logo services but decided not to waste your time with them? Well I want you to look no further because this one is high quality and its free.

Your free logos designs are available or you could design your own. If you really want to create a log for free then check out LogoYes.

I stumbled on their service while I wrote about their free website service. I didn’t even realize they have this site. It’s buried at the base of footer with a few other gems.

I couldn’t help tell YOU, my readers, about this cool website.

What they have?

They have a ton of pre design for logos. There are also lots of general objects which you can add words, add colors, change shape and save with invisible background.

This free online logo maker is totally worth checking out guys. No design experience or software is required. You do it all yourself and its affordable. The one I design only cost .99

PS: Don’t want free?  Check these guys out.

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Free Logo Generator
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