Review of Best Mobile Website Builders

Review of Best Mobile Website Builders
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The beauty of technological innovation is that it makes ideas become a reality. Imagine how big a computer used to be in earlier times. Who would have thought that it was possible to reduce their sizes significantly? After a few years, it has become a reality. Today, there are tablets small enough to fit in a person’s handbag. Similarly, in the web development community, it would have been hard to imagine that you could create your website using a smartphone while relaxing on your sofa. But the reality of the matter is that now you can.

Google has made people believe that a website’s visibility greatly relies on its compatibility to all user devices. This is because search engines mainly prioritize mobile responsive sites. The facts prove this theory. The number of smartphone users is only growing larger each passing day.

Therefore, this article will review 5 of the best website builders. They include:

  • Weebly
  • Jimdo
  • Voog
  • Wix

Weebly - Reliable Inbuilt Mobile Editor


Weebly is one of the simplest site builders to use. It is often recommended for those individuals without expert-level technological knowledge. It’s ease of usage should not be mistaken for lack of enough features like other competitors in the market. For example, experts consider both Weebly and Squarespace as having the best e-commerce compared to others in the market.

Strengths of Weebly Mobile Website Builders

Some of the benefits of using Weebly as a best mobile website builder include:

A completely hosted platform

Once again, Weebly proves of its attribute as an easy to use builder. As a user, there is no hassle of installing or managing any software. The site will automatically create everything for you. Therefore, you do not have to worry about hosting your site. All this is taken care of under this platform.

Inbuilt editor

On top of having a wide range of designs, Weebly comes with a live page editor. Even though it offers you the basic editing tools, you still can do a lot with the resources available. To make the work easier, Weebly makes it possible for you to drag and drop components into its editor.

Inbuilt e-commerce support

Another competitive advantage of Weebly is their eCommerce platform. This is good news to small business owners as they can easily create their online store and sell products without much hassle.

Adequate app center

Thanks to Weebly’s app center, you can easily add amazing new features to your site. It gets better because they are inbuilt. This minimizes the hassle of having to undergo a tiresome installation process. Examples of apps you can find include language translation, photo galleries, and sliders.

Possible Drawbacks of Using Weebly

Realistically nothing is ever perfect. Therefore, what are some of the weaknesses of Weebly?


While Weebly’s completely hosted platform contributes to its ease of use, it is also a major source of weakness. The challenge, in this case, is that it makes the website maker less flexible to meet all the mobile users’ needs. There is no possibility of adding new external functionality to your site. Users can only make use of the features such as designs, themes, and images offered by the platform.

Hidden charges

Under the starter package, Weebly takes a 3% transaction charge for every product purchased from your e-commerce store. This is a tactic they use to get you to upgrade to a business plan, which has no such costs.

How are Weebly Prices?

The best thing about Weebly is that they have subscription packages depending on your needs. They even include a free plan, which still has a lot of functionality. Their prices include $8, $12, $25 and $38 a month for their starter, pro, business, and performance package respectively. - One of the Partially Free Mobile Website Builders is an innovative site that allows small businesses to develop their presence online through their smartphones. Created with the needs of small and medium enterprises in mind, builds you a mobile-optimize website that feels and looks like an app. The aim is to create a mobile-friendly interface whereby customers can browse with ease.

Expected Benefits of Using site Builder

There are several site builders available online. So, what attributes would make you choose to work with Some of these strengths are discussed below:

Mobile-friendly design

The design of is created with the needs of a mobile user in mind. This is fueled by their belief that business sites have higher phone traffic compared to any other form of traffic. This effectively contributed to their idea of developing a site that resembles an app for smartphone users as opposed to an abbreviated desktop version of it.

High customization levels

As a site builder, can integrate content from your social media accounts and business page in the creation of a customized website. It scans and arranges your existing content and feeds from all your online resources to develop a customized mobile site that is also desktop compatible.

Flexible editing options

Their option of developing customized apps is extended to their users. You can conveniently edit sections of your website through the help of They present you with images, information, and texts you can edit while offering you options of layouts to choose from. This helps you develop a professional website.

Drawback of

One notable weakness of is that compared to other mobile builders, their customer support is not very impressive. For a site with minimal design freedom, you would expect more personalized services. Price Review has tried to remain competitive even in terms of their pricing. They charge a monthly rate of $9 Starter plan. They also charge a monthly rate of $14 for Business package.

Jimdo - Mobile Friendly Website Builders for Beginners


A suitable description of Jimdo would be a site builder that makes everything easy and simple. This is why it is regarded as one of the suitable platforms for beginners. You can utilize their free plan to improve your web development skills by employing their app editing tool.

Strengths of Using Jimdo as the Best Free Mobile Website Builder

One of the benefits you experience by employing Jimdo is high levels of mobile responsiveness. When you use any of their design templates, you do not have to worry about editing your site. Its responsive templates make them automatically compatible with all devices.

Use of artificial intelligence under this platform helps in speeding the site development process. Under this system, three distinct products are effectively integrated. They include a website builder, online store developer, and a domain customization mechanism. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about designing your site. Most of the work, including customization, will be done for you.  

Disadvantages of Using Jimdo Mobile Website Builders

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) makes it hard to understand what is happening in the background. Even though considered as a suitable builder for beginners, you want to get a little bit more involved. You want to be sure what is going on, and the processes followed. Their use of AI also contributes to their limited number of design templates.

Jimdo’s Pricing Plans

For those who want to give it a try with no money involved, you can effectively do this under their free plan. From there, you can subscribe to several other packages. One of those is the Start plan, which subscription is at $9 per month. Other include Jimdo Grow, Business, and Unlimited for monthly charges of $15, $19, and $39 respectively.

Voog - Multilingual Mobile Websites Creator


It is a multilingual site builder that provides users with a simplistic avenue for them to develop their mobile-friendly sites. Their objective is ensuring that users place all their efforts in the development of excellent content as opposed to worrying about the technical details behind it. What do we mean by simple? With Voog, you can select a template and then go about developing your site. Their editor is also suitable for mobile devices, which makes it more convenient for your needs.

Pros of Voog Website Builder

Among the greatest strengths of Voog is its multilingual feature. This particular aspect makes it a suitable platform for online businesses that are targeting customers from different corners of the world. It is the only site builder offering the option of multiple languages. This makes it a suitable destination for businesses seeking a multiple language feature.

If you are a web designer, there is something for you to love about Voog. It offers users the freedom and capacity to create quality sites for their customers. Among the ways this is made possible include: strong API, a desktop tool kit to simplify your work and access to an active community of developers.

Cons of Using Voog

One of Voog’s weakness is that it has taken long to introduce an online store app. This has largely disadvantaged users of this platform. They have limited options required for developing and customization of their website. Lack of important components limits their ability to improve competitive based innovativeness. For example, with an online store, they probably would have had translation tools for their multiple languages.

About Voog’s Competitive Pricing

Voog offers some of the most competitive prices around. You can subscribe for their basic package a monthly charge of $9.05. Their unlimited package goes for about $15.83. What makes their prices even more competitive is the addons and bonuses included in their costing system.

Wix - Suitable Platform for Blog Builders


Wix is a very popular online website developing tool. It is very popular because of its regular innovation to improve its offerings. Also, because it has one of the best drag and drops editors available in the marketplace. Further, it has mobile-optimized templates for improved compatibility.

Strength of Wix Platform

Wix wide range of site creation options makes it flexible to various customers’ needs. They have offered their users option for creating their mobile-friendly sites. The options include: use of drag and drop editor, creation of your website from scratch and the option of providing feedback about your preferences, and they create a customized site for you.

They also boast of a reliable online app store. Being a fully hosted platform, you get access to a huge number of templates, themes, images, and texts. These are the resources you can use to improve the customization and functionality of your site.

Disadvantage of Wix Mobile Websites Creator

The main drawback of Wix is that it has the most non-transparent pricing system. For example, when using their free Connect Domain plan, you will be bombarded with several annoying ads. Therefore, to eliminate them, your only option is to upgrade to other premium bundles such as the Unlimited plan. On the other hand, some of their paid-for packages does not provide you with the benefit of a customized domain name and website.

Review of Wix’s Pricing System

There are several packages to choose from under Wix. You can begin with their free plan, which comes with limited features for developing your mobile site. Other common packages include their Connect a Domain at about $9.16 a month. They also got the Combo plan at $ 14.95 per month and their superior Enterprise plan that goes as high as $500 a month.


Concluding Thoughts


From the review made in the sections above, it is evident that each tool has its pros and cons. This makes it hard to pinpoint the one that is more superior to the others. However, every user has unique needs when it comes to website builders. For example, if you are not much of techno-savvy, then Weebly would be the way to go. For those of us that require wider options in terms of features and designs, then Wix would be your safe bet.