Webs.com surprisingly simple steps for setting up a free website. The internet is littered with ads, webpage’s and full blown sites offering us the chance to get a free website.

These sites are good at what they do but how do you choose the one that surpass your expectations?

To put your mind at ease, I’ve come up with a few ways of know what to look for when choosing a free website building software to create your site on.

I’ve also pick a top ten list that totally rocks when it comes to creating a free website. These free website building tools offer more than just a site. They offer full web service as well and a robust marketing solution for your newly build website.

With that said, Webs.com is one such company. I believe they have an excellent offer and a straight forward approach where anyone can get a site up quickly and easily.

The beginning:

Founded by three brothers, they had $2000 a single server, which they tucked away in a closet, back in 2001.

A few years later, business card/marketing giant, Vista Print acquire Webs.com. Today webs is better than ever and continues to offer free websites to everyone.

What you get:

Webs.com Pricing Model

There are four options to consider.

Starting at $0, you get a 5 pager website, 0.5GB, 40MB space and ad supported platform. At $3.75 you get a free mobile site with no ads plenty of space and 10 pages. Webs.com calls pages items. I don’t know the reason for this. Non the less, you get a 5mb of space and 150 Min of video storage.

You also have the option of choosing a higher quality or package for your site. Seven (7.00 plus) gets you their enhance package and for 17 plus a month you get the pro package.

The $16 plus package is mostly geared towards ecommerce website builders. As you can imagine, the more cost involve the more services you get.

So, if you would like a lot of space, brandable email address, no ads on your website that is not yours, a $100 Google credit towards your Google Adwords pay per click  marketing and $75 Facebook credit, then pick the higher packages.

However, if you honestly want the free option and you are not crazy about the other offers, then go for the free option. I don’t suggest this if you are thinking about building an online business!

How about Domain Name Sharing?

Well, if you don’t want to share your url with webs.com….eg: http://bubbleturtle.webs.com then you’ve got to choose the 3.75 option and get a unique domain for yourself.

Lets say you want to create a site about Bubble Turtle. Then by choosing that $3.75 option your domain name will look something like this….http://bubbleturtle.com!

Does this looks better? As you can see, by paying the $3.75, webs.com url is no longer shares yours. This option is a great way to establish yourself and build a brand around.

With the free options too, Webs.com will place their ads on your website and you have no control over that. That’s just one downside.

Nonetheless, Webs.com is still a top pick. The Simplicity and easy to use options are clearly newbie friendly. The drag and drop features are also a favorite mine.

In conclusion,

Before you build your free website with anyone else, give Webs.com shot.

What’s your preference Michael? My preference is WordPress self hosted website. Just like the one you’re on now. Why? With this option, Im in control at all times. I own everything…the domain, the hosting, content and it will never get deleted or disappear without my consent.

With said, it’s a wonderful feeling to get a website up without hiring a web designer. The cost varies but you can do it yourself. All you need is time and an idea. Remember that although sites offer the privilege of creating a website for free with them, it’s not 100% yours.

It can get deleted or discontinued at anytime. To keep that from happening….check out the WordPress tutorial here. I show you how to set up everything. From buying a domain to choosing a topic for your site.

Click here to learn how WordPress work and how to get your very own WordPress Self Hosted Website up and running in a matter of minutes.


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