Portfolio Website Builders

Portfolio Website Builders
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The best portfolio website builders


What is a portfolio? This is a collection of the below mentioned, which characterizes your working or other handy experience, embracing:

  • articles
  • artwork
  • certifications
  • design work
  • lesson plans
  • letters
  • reports
  • resume
  • transcripts and others.

A portfolio allows the potential employees to see and estimate your skills much better than a plain 1-3-pages’ resume would (or as it is otherwise called a CV). It is to demonstrate your particular talent and accomplishments in a particular field. And here is the list of creative, freelance, and regular types of employment people, which may need an online portfolio (we’ve tried to make a list as comprehensible and full as possible just to give you a right impetus if you are one of the mentioned):

  • woodworkers
  • web designers
  • videographers
  • video games designers
  • tattooists
  • singers
  • sculptors
  • PR managers
  • photographers
  • music composers
  • models
  • jewelers
  • illustrators
  • graphic designers
  • florists
  • fashion workers
  • editors
  • developers
  • artists
  • architects
  • animators
  • all types of writers
  • advertising managers
  • actors.

Having own online portfolio in addition to the folder where you store printed versions of your best works is a fabulous way to showcase your work to everyone on the Internet. If you work as a freelance worker, you are perfectly aware that you may receive requests to show your works to this or that potential employee several times a day. That’s why it is so unavoidably expedient to have a good-looking online portfolio to receive new jobs and orders in the way of never-ending avalanche (if you’re really good).


Defining a portfolio website builder


Okay, now, as we know who and why needs a portfolio, it’s time to talk about how to make one online. Effectively, fast, for little money. And here is the point when you discover for yourself portfolio site makers. These are online tools, which allow making a professional portfolio website where you would put the pieces of your work.

“But, wait a minute, shouldn’t I have some knowledge & skills about sites construction, hosting, running, and the other technical stuff to know how to make a portfolio website, which I am not fond of at all?” Would be your words. No, you shouldn’t. You don’t need to be a mechanic or a car-making engineer to drive a car, right? So why in a world of the 21st century with all that technical advancement that our society has would you need the skills and knowledge to build a portfolio website just to create and run it? Thanks to the IT software development, now you don’t need to have absolutely any idea how things work technically – just open a site with a portfolio builder to your liking, register, choose a proper template that fits your ideas, and use your mouse & keyboard in a drag-and-drop comprehensible WYSIWYG maker to make one of fairly decent portfolios sites in hours. The industry of portfolio offers many marvelous templates, as it is one of the most popular industries in every site maker.

To help you make the right choice before you can answer with confidence on a question, how to create a portfolio website, below, we are giving you 9 best website builders for a portfolio so to save your time. Let’s go.


Looking at nine best portfolio website builders


The tools below were carefully collected, tested, pondered about, and compared with one another by us so to save your time and point out for you the pricing, pros, and cons of every. We save your time so you can do what you’re doing, not wasting your efforts on unnecessary searches. 


  1. Wix
  2. Squarespace
  3. Weebly
  4. Fabrik
  5. SmugMug
  6. Format
  7. Godaddy
  8. IM Creator
  9. Jimdo


Review of Wix website maker 


Wix is a really good choice when it comes to nearly every type of site to make. But it is especially proficient when it comes to portfolios. Using this site maker, you can make a lot of adjustments, to easily put the pieces of your works in a visually alluring catalog and set the effects (like appearance, transitions between images and videos, and the popular today (but highly irritating to some people) carousel). It’s an often choice – because of the power of its interface and fairly low prices. But it is also not liked too much by people having heavyweight sites as Wix portfolio maker has a number of silly limitations in storage space and bandwidth (which are depleted particularly fast if the portfolio contains large graphics and videos). 


The advancements of the Wix site maker:

  1. Powerful interface.
  2. Artificial intelligence is here to help you out make a site fast, in seconds/minutes.
  3. Over 500 categorized and adjustable templates to use.
  4. Restore and backup at any time.
  5. Use one of tens of thousands of free or paid apps to connect to your site from the attached app store.


The shortcomings of the Wix site maker:

  1. You can’t change the template after the initial selection.
  2. It is impossible to download the entire site easy to work offline or to migrate.
  3. Can’t edit HTML/CSS/JS/PHP.
  4. Not all paid plans withdraw Wix branded banners on the pages of a site.
  5. Bandwidth and/or storage limitations – always.
  6. It’s kinda heavy to load and requires a lot of Internet speed to work in it normally.


The cost of the Wix site maker:

  1. $4.50 a month – for 1 Gb bandwidth and 0.5 Gb storage. Commercials all over pages. No free domain.
  2. $8.50 a month – for 2 Gb bandwidth and 3 Gb storage. Free domain. Some small extras.
  3. $12.50 a month – for any bandwidth & 10 Gb storage. Free domain. A little more extras.
  4. $24.50 a month – the previously mentioned + 20 Gb storage. Good support. Some free money to spend within Wix, more features.
  5. 17-35 dollars a month – for an e-store (to sell pieces of your works, if they can be sold, to visitors).


Review of Squarespace site maker 


If you really have to lean on visual perfection to impress your visitors with a site like a pro, then definitely choose Squarespace, which is so cool in making alluring sites to eyes.


The advancements of the Squarespace site maker:

  1. Perfect visual representation of every webpage. The elegance of every pixel loved by many. Exactly what you need for a portfolio.
  2. Nice features to add to your site – as a visual part must organically intertwine with the effectiveness of work.
  3. Fabulous FAQ to make you master its interface quick.
  4. Free custom domain, SEO power, unlimited storage and bandwidth in every subscription plan, as well as a free SSL security certificate, 24/7 friendly support, and web metrics.


The shortcomings of the Squarespace site maker:

  1. Relatively expensive.
  2. Its interface will require from you some learning and mastering. If you don’t want this – try SmugMug or Godaddy.


The cost of the Squarespace site maker:

Four plans (if paid month-to-month) cost 16, 26, 30, and 46 bucks a month. Paid annually, they shrink to 12, 18, 26, and 40 bucks a month, giving you 25% economy in finances. Opting for Squarespace’s high-ranking three plans, you get premium features like Google mail coinciding with the name of your site, CSS and JS customization, analytics, e-commerce, individual customer accounts, some free promo money, any number of products to sell, sales checkout on an external domain, donations accepting, connection to API, Instagram, Facebook, and more other fabulous options. Now as you know the list of what you get, it’s pricing for so many awesome features is hardly called too big.


Review of Weebly site maker 


Weebly is one of excellent portfolio website maker, which brag about the ease of work, excellent designs, simplicity of making changes to the selected themes, and stunning building experience. You will be a happy person when choosing a Weebly site maker, as it allows you to work without wasting your nerves and time, offering fantastically smooth and functional working process.


The advancements of the Weebly site maker:

  1. Ease of use and functionality of personalization of a site are balanced.
  2. A fabulous way to monetize your site right from the start of its life.
  3. You can run it for free, with free SSL in every package, even a free one.


The shortcomings of the Weebly website maker:

  1. Many apps from its app store require users to have a premium subscription to use them.
  2. Too limited storage in two initial plans.


The cost of the Weebly website builder:

You pay in Euros for its plans:

  • 5 a month for a free domain
  • 10 a month for some extra free advert money, unlimited storage, and no Weebly ads
  • 20 a month open up a great store
  • 30 a month make this store a piece of art.


Review of Fabrik website builder 


The feature of this site maker is that it was created by a handful of creative people to help the same creatives to place portfolios with the best possible power on the market. Its templates are tuned for creative professionals, leaving aboard everything that is out of this scope. It’s relatively cheap and effective. You are in good hands if opting for this site maker.


The advancements of the Fabrik website maker:

  1. Great themes, tuned to be easily and powerfully adjusted to your needs.
  2. Amazing for the best appearance of your portfolio.
  3. SEO is very strong, the strongest on the market from the list that we have in this article.


The shortcomings of the Fabrik website builder:

  1. You won’t have a too large personification, as its creators think that going too far may spoil the perfection of the pre-created templates.
  2. It is not great for other types of sites but portfolios (but you don’t need others now, right?).


The cost of the Fabrik website builder:

You are proposed with two options: pay annually or monthly. Annual payment shall save you from 17% to 20% of the price:

€7.50, €9.25, and €17.50 are annual prices and €9, €11, and €21 are monthly prices.

For the starting option, you get 10 portfolios (that is, 10 different portfolios to meet 10 different work goals), any number of blog posts, 2 Gb media storage and any number of code and text on pages, SSL, and basic customer support. For 9.25 (11) Euros, you get the mentioned plus 20 portfolios and 5 Gb storage. The highest-costing plan offers everything unlimited. As simple as it can be.


Review of SmugMug website builder 


SmugMug has a super easy interface, several dozen templates to work with, and a powerful monetization – if the pieces from your portfolio site can be sold to visitors, not only showcased. Focus on visual alluringness easily and without hustle. Let your creativity receive another touch.


The advancements of the SmugMug website builder:

  1. Nothing special needed to start to monetize from the beginning.
  2. Promote your works easily.
  3. A professional platform for portfolios.


The shortcomings of the SmugMug website builder:

  1. A really costly when it comes to two high-paid plans ($23.99 and $41.99 a month). There are a lot of alternatives out there to make it cheaper.
  2. Limited design and adjustment options.


The cost of the SmugMug website builder:

The yearly price of its four packages is 48, 72, 180, and 360 dollars. The monthly prices are 5.99, 8.99, 23.99, and 41.99 dollars (billed month-to-month). Paying for a year, you save from 29% to 38%.

Every plan allows you to customize and load as many photos and videos as you want, get responsive designs, a mobile app to work on the go, have any number of traffic to your site as you wish, embed videos and pictures from your site’s background to other Internet sites, have a powerful visitor analytics, synchronize with Lightroom tool, receive powerful SEO and XML. The max number of 1 file should be no more than 150 Mb for a picture and 3 Gb for a video. The length of video can’t exceed 20 minutes and its max quality should be not better than 1080p.

What plans do differ is in the name of the app used for ads and spam, ability of personalization of webpages, some safety and security features, e-commerce, marketing, and branding. Certainly, it’s your call but we haven’t seen a drastic difference in all four plans but the branding, marketing, and commerce powers – and the two high-paid plans really differ in the set of offered possibilities.


Review of the Format website builder


Make your portfolios vibrant and dynamic with this tool.


The advancements of the Format website builder:

  1. Attractive representation of your works.
  2. Stylish and modern templates.
  3. Intuitive working interface.


The shortcomings of the Format website builder:

  1. Relatively pricey.
  2. Creative freedom is significantly lower than in Weebly or Wix.


The cost of the Format website builder:

Three plans:

  • $6 is billed annually only – just to have a really appealing start with unlimited storage/bandwidth, many themes, layouts, and features.
  • $12 a month if billed annually or $16.99 if monthly, offer the same as the initial plan has + 20 products to sell online and many additional features, which make this plan a popular subscription option.
  • $25 a month if billed annually or $32.99 if monthly, offer you a whole long list of features and opportunities, many of which are unlimited.


Review of Godaddy website builder 


Godaddy is a convenient and reliable portfolio option, which allows you to build a site easily.


The advancements of the Godaddy website builder:

  • Build pages intuitively, easily, fast.
  • Great customer support working 24/7/365.
  • Very convenient.


The shortcomings of the Godaddy website builder:

  1. Limited designs, not releasing you too far in creativity.
  2. Not perfect functions to power up your site.


The cost of the Godaddy website builder:

For $5.99 a month, get started. For $9.99 a month, get SEO in addition. For $14.99 a month, get some starting store. For $19.99 a month, get a powerful store.


Review of IM Creator website builder 


It is a one-of-many solution, which indeed makes it possible to create a portfolio site but this maker does not offer anything super eye-catchy.


The advancements of IM Creator website builder:

  1. Quick building.
  2. Very comprehensible working interface.
  3. A free plan.


The shortcomings of IM Creator website builder:

  1. Templates are modern and neat but not beyond this definition.
  2. Customization is poor.


The cost of IM Creator website builder:

Running it for free, you receive just 0.05 Gb hosting and some basics. For $5.95… $9.95 (depending on how long you pay in a go) a month, get any hosting and bandwidth, support, and a free custom domain. If you’re interested in White Label – then try paying $350 a year for it.


Review of Jimdo website service 


It’s hard to name one or a few things, which would make Jimdo site maker stay out of the crowd, as we haven’t found any. It is good to showcase your portfolio and it is easy to work in – but every other tool on our list does that.


The advancements of the Jimdo website builder:

  1. You can easily monetize and sell.
  2. Relatively low pricing.
  3. A free run possible.


The shortcomings of the Jimdo website builder:

  1. Poor templates choice.
  2. The interface should have been better.


The cost of the Jimdo website builder:

In addition to a free plan, you can opt for €9 a month for a free domain and a site freed from the branded ads. For €15 a month, get SEO. For 19, get online store without sales commissions, and for 39 Euros a month, get premium web stats, support, and, finally, an unlimited storage space.

FAQ about portfolio website builders


What are online portfolio websites?

It is the same type of portfolio that one may have offline, only tuned to be shown to people in an online catalog. The obvious advantage is accessibility over the Internet, a possibility to sell pieces of your work and to easily attach explanations and remarks to every piece of the portfolio. You can have multiple portfolios for multiple differing needs, which is especially important when you are running an online business with many people working with you on various specializations.


Can I make a portfolio site for free?

Yes, that’s all that portfolio site makers are about. Just pick one to your liking from our list or find your own, register in it, pick a right pre-built theme to change to your needs, and go with its personalization in creating a portfolio website.


I’m not sure which site maker to use. What should I do?

Now as you know the 9 best websites for portfolios on the market, you should carefully estimate their features (offered in every subscription plan), decide on the comfort of the pricing (estimating value for money), and to try the interface of portfolio site makers with your hands – to select one, with which you’ll feel the best. Just for a random start with best portfolio websites, try Weebly and Fabrik.



There are a lot of tools out there but we have carefully estimated 9 to show you that there are at least nine tools perfectly suiting your need to start and run the online portfolio. With many tools, you can safely have multiple variances of portfolios after creating a portfolio website, which are tuned for separate occasions and types of works (for instance, if you are proficient in technical writing, pictures reshaping from different formats to vector, and design of game characters – these are three distinguishing areas of work, and thus, it is expedient to make portfolio website with 3 different portfolios filled with relevant pieces of work to show to different orderers).