10 Amazing Websites That Lets You Create a Website For Free

Pros & Cons

When creating a free website there a some negatives and positives you must consider.  The negatives might not affect you that much but if you want to take your site or blog to the next level it might derailed your plans for the future.

Nevertheless, the positives are also something to consider if you plan to just stick to the free platform.

In my years of setting up blogs and html websites, these little hick ups can be good and not so good to you. Here are a few to consider…


Free website for as long as the parent site stays online.

Free hosting for your site. It cost around 3.95 to 9.99 per year to host your site (privately or your own site)

Free templates and sometimes free images you can use

Free ad placements or monetization programs ( some will allow this)

Stylish website with nice themes and layouts

Search engines friendly sites

No limit on how much content you can add to the site. This will include photos, videos (some of them) and links

No out of pocket cost.

You can like your free website to faceboo, twitter, google plus and many other social network sites.

If something goes wrong with your site, you can get help for free from the host site. Meaning where ever you put up your free site they will help you if something goes wrong.

Simple to use (most are drag and drop style) If you can use a mouse, you are good to go.

You could ad products for sale on your free website. Amazon will give you a free associate/partner account which gives you access to their entire list of products. You can then login and pick products that are related to  your site and put them on it. If someone visits your site click the link buys that product you make money.

There are 1000′s of programs like these all over the web. To get access to these programs is easy and will cost you nothing. I will be doing a segment on associate programs soon.


You will never own the site unless you pay for it

Your site can vanish without warning. These companies have the right to take down anything that they feel violates their terms of service. So before you invest your time, please read their terms of service. (here’s webstarts tos)

You will have to share your domain idea with theirs. Here’s what I mean. Lets say you want to build a website call base ball caps. You go over to lets use Weebly.com for┬ádemonstration.

You head over to weebly and type in baseballcaps but something happens. Weebly gives you two options. Share their domain or buy it from them. It goes like this. http://baseballcaps.weebly.com. That does not look too nice does it? Something like this looks better. http://baseballcaps.com. So what you can do is just pay for the rights to get that domain the way you want it.

You will still be able to host it on Weebly. If you don’t mind sharing the weebly name in your domain url then go for it. However, if you are looking to stand out for professional perposes or stand out, pick the pay options. Its a small price to pay for standing out from everybody.

Next: You can’t put any and everything on these free websites. Again, please read their terms of service. Profanity, slander, lude photos, etc is not prohibited.

You can’t truly pass off the site as your own. Why? you are sharing the host name in your domain url.

You will have some problem monetising the site the way you may want to. Google as a program call adsense. This is where you place ads on your website. If someone clicks on these ads you make money. You can’t do this with the free websites.

The one that really troubles me is having your site vanish without warning. Imaging if you put three months of work on that site only to get up one day and no site? WordPress.org is good for this so before you do anything regarding free website set ups, read everything, especially their terms of service, before you do.

Or you could just pick my number one choice.:)

This not an exhaustive list but the very basic and the ones that truly matters to the people who are putting up a website for the first time.


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