Restaurant Website Builders

Restaurant Website Builders
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Restaurant website builders – five great options as of late 2019

Unless your guests are already familiar with your restaurant, they might want to know your menu, working hours, location, and whereabouts. It is unimaginable today that a restaurant, cafe, or diner does not have a website, where all these things can be found out. Using your website, you can do much more than just inform your guests about the mentioned. You also can:

  • make it available for them to book a table without even need to take a phone in hands

  • fill their mouths with saliva thanks to placing appealing mouthwatering pictures of your dishes, submitting them in a profitable light (you can play with fonts, colors, and illumination in your website’s menu, to make it even more appealing than in high-quality polygraphy of your offline location)

  • make them discover things that your guests wouldn’t usually find out when in your restaurant physically – like discounts on happy hours, events for kids (like ‘Make your first Pizza with your own hands!’) or partnering with other places like hotels, with interchangeable discounts. Or specials, which will be applied one day if some music band in the place is planned – like booking possible for special promo price if done online through your website, for instance.

The website helps your guests understand whether they should go there – thanks to the special ambiance that you are able to create on your web presence. Also, as you link the website of the restaurant with your social media pages and associated, you embrace a much bigger audience, doing the cross-channel work.  


What is the best website builder and what is it important to know about restaurant website builders?

Surely, as an owner or a manager of the restaurant (or a network of them), you can’t expect to invest much time into creating own restaurant website. So, by hiring someone who can do this job for you, building a restaurant website may take days or, at worst, a week – presuming that you already have all the materials to be placed on the webpages.

How the restaurant website differs from other types of websites? Well, it shall have the general pages like:

  • About us (to tell a few words about who you are and what peculiarity you have, which distinguishes you from everyone else, if any)

  • Location (with a Google map and the ticked place on it would be great) and working hours

  • Reservation

  • Terms and Privacy Policy – it’s a thing more required by your website rather than by your place.

In addition to those, the unique pages are:

  • Menu. It is one of the most visited pages of every online restaurant website – thus, people find out what you have and how much it costs. It is important for your guests to know, what is inside of each dish, as there are limitations in food ingredients that a person is allowed or wants to eat. It’s rather hard to find someone who’d eat everything, so, besides a fancy name and cool-looking picture, it’s highly important to give the list of ingredients to a dish.

  • Specials (the dishes that are not usually in every day’s menu but can be there on the recurring manner or be completely different with time).

  • Bar (you can place the exclusive drinks like wines supplied to your place specifically, as well as the drinks that you do in your restaurant/pub/cafe, which only exist here).

Here is a small list of useful tips for your menu to be placed on a restaurant website:

  1. check the best competitors and do similarly, maybe, offering something they don’t have

  2. do a manageable menu not to throw away food when a day is over

  3. play with colors (it’s known that red causes hunger, yellow – attention, while blue is bad, black is for out-shadowing the rest of screaming colors)

  4. ease to read – no monstrous fonts or tough colors

  5. comprehensible names, corresponding to the spirit of your place

  6. creative pictures and writing

  7. versatile menu that can be easily changed/added

  8. keep it simple

  9. update on a regular basis

  10. do not make a photo/scan of your printed menu, as pictures and PDFs are usually hard to read and take a lot of scrolling back and forth, especially on a mobile phone

  11. specials are highlighted.


What are approachable best restaurant website builders so far: looking at 5

Now as we deal with the fulfilling of your restaurant website, let’s take a look at what best website builder for restaurants can help you make it without any special tech or web knowledge. If you don’t have any tech background to make a restaurant website on your own, then hire someone to work with a website builder. In any case, hiring a freelancer to elaborate a website using one of those free or little-cost tools is MUCH cheaper and time-efficient than ordering a ready-made site from a web studio. In any of the offered tools, you can meet tens of pre-designed templates in your niche. Just pick the one to your liking and enter there your variables (texts, prices, pictures, videos) to make it personal and go live pretty quickly. Also, usage of any of those tools allows you to receive a site, which is indexed in Google, so people can find you online. Sure, some SEO work will be necessary but most of the tools also handle this issue with ease.


Wix restaurant website builder

Wix is an obvious choice for most of the tasks connected with any website, not just the one for a restaurant/cafe/pub. It has tens of cute-looking and effective templates, artificial intelligence to handle your design needs, and many apps to integrate with easy to make your site up and running smoothly as if done by a professional. 


Pros of Wix restaurant website builder:

  1. Obvious selection of most beginners in web design for the vastness of ready-prepared themes and own app store.

  2. AI to help you with your website, which is ready to do the entire job for you, with a possibility of future customization. 

  3. No need to know the coding.


Cons of Wix restaurant website builder:

  1. Too many different options in an interface, which makes it easy to be overwhelmed. 

  2. Impossible to change the template after going live.

  3. There is no auto-optimization of HTML code, which is why Wix-created sites are usually in the tail of the search in Google.

  4. It’s impossible to download the entire site should you want to migrate elsewhere.

  5. There is no possibility to edit the HTML/CSS code.

  6. You can’t attach any third-party apps to your site, which are not in Wix’s app store.

  7. Huge bandwidth and storage limitations. 

  8. Not all templates and apps are free.


Restaurant website builder Wix price for usage:

If you are not planning to sell through your website, then it is possible to run it for $4.50…$24.50 a month. Beginning from $12.50 a month, the bandwidth limit disappears, and you will also see no ad banners of Wix restaurant website builder on your site’s pages. The number of storage space in this option is 10 Gb while opting for $24.50 a month, you get 20 Gb storage. In a plan for $4.50 a month, there are neither enough storage nor bandwidth for a restaurant website.


Weebly restaurant website builder

Weebly is great for a number of templates, which are highly functional and of beauty. It may be considered a “lighter copy” of Wix – it’s interface is easier and simpler, the number of templates and apps is smaller but neater, and the plans for subscription give bigger freedom.


Pros of Weebly restaurant website builder:

  1. Flexible editing, which is not overwhelming.

  2. Many great templates and apps.

  3. Great support center. 


Cons of Weebly restaurant website builder:

  1. You should have your own images to download, as the free images it provides are not flamboyant in quality and number.

  2. It does not work through all territories of the world (it’s limited in some).

  3. Pay in Euros only. 


Restaurant website builder Weebly price for usage:

Run it for no money – but there will be no own domain name and only 500 Mb storage space. For €5 a month, you get the same but also obtain the possibility to connect own domain (bought elsewhere). For €10 a month, you receive a free domain for a year, any room for storage, and some cool e-commerce options, as well as a site search function. For the twice as big price, get powerful e-commerce options, and better marketing tools. All other packages that this restaurant builder offers are for online retailers, which are not really needed for you as a restaurateur. 


Review for Squarespace restaurant website builder

This online tool allows doing highly professional websites and offers certain nice themes for restaurateurs. 


Premium pros of Squarespace restaurant website builder:

  1. Beautiful templates, which are going to attract new customers for you easily.

  2. Free custom domain and no limits in online storage as well as bandwidth – in all packs. 


Cons of Squarespace restaurant website builder:

  1. Comparatively pricey to the previous two restaurants builders – as its price starts with $12 a month, up to $46.


Restaurant website builder Squarespace price for usage:

From twelve to forty-six dollars a month. It gets 25% cheaper a month if you pay for a year, not month-to-month each month. 


Flavor Plate restaurant website builder

This tool is specifically designed for restaurant owners to make sites easily. The website builder for restaurants has a template for those who have multiple locations and languages. 


Top-rated pros of Flavor Plate restaurant website builder: 

  1. Easy to build a restaurant website with screen-optimal menus.

  2. Sell your restaurant and gift cards.

  3. Connect to apps for table reservations easily. 


Cons of Flavor Plate restaurant website builder:

  1. A not flamboyant creative control.

  2. You can’t run it for free (after the end of the 14-day trial period).


Restaurant website builder Flavor Plate price for usage:

It only offers 2 plans: for 35 dollars on a monthly basis or for 378 dollars for the entire year in a go (-10% discount applies).

For this money, you get:

  • Multichannel customer service

  • Mobile-friendly templates

  • The domain name to your liking

  • No limits on bandwidth or storage

  • Sell your cards

  • Have SSL for secure sales using bank cards

  • The events calendar is built-in

  • Any number of forms to interact with your customers and get their contacts

  • As many menus as you want

  • Ability to attach many locations to one umbrella


Let's Eat! restaurant website builder’s features

This is the least likable restaurant website builder on today’s list – because of too little creative control and the need to purchase the apps to add to your site. 


Pros of Let's Eat! restaurant website builder:

  1. Good-range pricing.

  2. This is a specially created tool for restaurateurs.


Cons of Let's Eat! restaurant website builder:

  1. No free plan and things cost ya.

  2. Creative control should have been better (but 40 templates may give you some diverseness).

  3. There are no integrated things like menu creator, table booking, coupon, and gift card generators – they all are bought additionally, which makes you wanna check another restaurant website builder.


Restaurant website builder Let's Eat! price for usage:

It’s just to create a restaurant website and make it running online – pay 10 bucks a month or 99 dollars for a year. Anything other you’d like to add comes for an extra price.


The analysis of competitors

To make your site up and running, it is advisable to conduct some preliminary analysis of your competitors. As a rule, people look at those things (if they do not have own marketing and brand department):

  1. Target audience to offer the right menu.

  2. Point out your advantage – to stand out from the crowd.

  3. Do the menu optimal for different screens, which makes it a bad decision to upload the JPG/PDF version of it. Try making structured text + an appealing picture of every dish instead.

  4. Make your site look bright and simple – corresponding to your brand book (if you have any).

  5. It must be easy to find on the site where to find you and your contacts.

  6. Link social profiles. If you don’t have them yet – start ones. It’s very bad today for online promotion and keeping in touch with your target audience not to have any social profiles and not to link them to a site.

  7. Connect to Google Analytics to track visitors and other technical data – to understand the ways to improve your site (there is always room for improvement). 

  8. Your content should be buzzing and engaging.

  9. E-mailing to your subscribers is good, as it informs your prospects and guests about novelties you have and turns some part of those who receive them, into recurring customers.

  10. The site should be kept up-to-date. If not on a daily basis, then, at least, weekly updates are necessary.

  11. Photo gallery of your place or dishes should scream to your audience about the likeness of visits to your restaurant. 

Creating the content using a restaurant website builder

It is easy to start creating the content using any of the restaurant website builders that we have submitted above. As they are based on a drag-and-drop visual interface, everything you gotta do is to take your mouse, keyboard, and log into your account. There, add pictures, videos, gifs, texts, or HTML5 animation according to your liking. 

To do that, there is no need to possess any tech skills, as restaurant website builders are the tools, which were specifically designed to allow literally anyone with online access to create something that was previously available only for those paying thousands of dollars to professional web studios (restaurant developers).

So buckle up and get ready for the adventure of ease of making and running the content!



Today, with the advancement of technologies, it is extremely easy to build a restaurant website. Wix even offers Artificial Design Intelligence, which is here to build a site for you in meager minutes (based on the selected theme, the personal information, and pictures that you provide to get started). What you really have to worry about is the price of running the website – as it can vary largely, from around 5 bucks a month to nearly 50 (which makes it like 400+ dollars for a year, considering the yearly discounts). If the budget is not that important, certainly, you can opt for the poshest options and receive the entire set of functionality that you’re interested in (and even above that). But even if you are a starting entrepreneur who only begins the restaurant business and has no time for trifles, making a website in just a day or two is the solid advantage, which you are going to receive with restaurant website builders.



What tool is for the premium SEO?

Try Weebly and Squarespace, as they have special tools for that and the source code of the received product looks much more appealing technically than the one of Wix.

Is it possible to sell through the site that you create in restaurant website software?

Yes – but to do that, you have to purchase the “e-commerce” subscription or at least, any lower-range package with this opportunity. Remember about the commissions, which might be applied when you’re selling through the site. Some restaurant website builders take it, some don’t.

What should I consider when making my restaurant website?

The template that you select should allow you doing a nice-looking menu optimal for different screens sizes, as well as to reveal your uniqueness and ambiance.