Do you believe that creating a website with advanced features is certainly something beyond the capacity of the average user? To create a site from scratch or customize a CMS to perfection, you need to be a pro, with vast experience in coding and programming otherwise to get a website you have no alternative but rely on those who do it professionally. We have good news for you. 

Meet the 

The platform was launched in 2014 in England. Now it’s owned by the Endurance International Group. offers its customers one more chance to create a website. The chance for the "less experienced" or for those who need to quickly build a website. 

This platform is a valid tool to create content-rich websites with an attractive design without having any extra skills and experience.

Build a website as easy as 123

Sitebuilder is a website creation system based on templates and guided procedures. It does not require strong technical skills or the installation of any software on the computer. has proven itself as a high rated website creator

The SiteBuilder suggests users create a website in 3 simple steps. The development of your site starts with choosing a free domain and continues by choosing a template from thousands of available options and eventually you publish your website and go live on the web.

Working with the editor does not require any special knowledge, so you can figure out how to fill the pages with the necessary content, even without experience in website building. 

Website making with a price of morning coffee

The SiteBuilder is quite cheap but not free. We can guarantee you will not spend a fortune to create your first website. A cup of Grande Caffe Latte in Starbucks is $3.65. And we know it worth every cent spent. The price of the cheapest paid plan for a month is just 2 visits to Starbucks. It’s a ridiculous price if you think what you get as a result.

Sitebuilder Prices for 2019

Currently, you can choose one of the 3 pricing plans. 

The current prices are (note the 50% discount for 1st month):

  • Pro – $7.68 – $9.98 / mo
  • Premium – $11.98 – $12.98 / mo
  • eCommerce – $18.45 – 24.98 / mo

Please note that buying a paid plan you get hosting and domain for free. But if one day you will decide to cancel an account you will have to pay for the domain name. 

All plans allow you to use the basic functionality. Doesn’t matter if you decided to use Pro or Premium account, you will automatically get free hosting with a domain name. Right after the purchase of your plan, you will get access to intuitive and handy Drag-and-Drop Builder, the full set of templates, Website Statistics tools and Ad Credits. 

Nobody likes random advertisement popups once they enter a web page. saved you the trouble: you will not see ugly advertisement banners using even the cheapest plan.

If you go for a premium plan for the reasonable price you get the opportunity to get priority support to solve your problem as fast as needed.

When you opt for a premium plan you get both – priority support and full e-commerce functionality to run your online store.

Pros and Cons of using platform


  • First-term payment for a low price. You get a unique opportunity to test out all the functions of the site builder. Not all platforms give this kind of bonus for new users. The free trial period usually gives access to limited functionality while with you can use it fully to realize what you are going to pay for. 
  • User-friendly interface. The interface is truly intuitive and will be easy to understand even for the average internet user. Using drag and drop editor you modify the template according to your needs without writing a single line of code. Very quickly, you can master the basic features of the designer, and an experienced user can go deeper and create a convenient, stylish, selling site. Just you need to have good taste and designer skills.
  • All the templates are adapted to mobile devices. This feature is aimed at correctly displaying the entire site on any mobile gadget. Regardless of the type of device, the size of its screen and the type of browser used, the site is correctly displayed to the mobile visitor.
  • A special email address associated with the domain. As a bonus, you get an email address which will make you look more professional in the eyes of your customers.
  • Integration with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free service that collects attendance and user activity data on your site. In other words, installing a Google Analytics gives you the opportunity to understand who visited your site, when and why. The tool generates a set of reports that will help you to build a website promotion strategy. A comprehensive analysis of the target audience allows you to quickly respond to user requests.
  • All problems will be solved with the help of round-the-clock technical support, which is carried out in various ways, including through online chat. 


Of course, no review would be complete without looking at the possible disadvantages. Let’s have a look at the specific cons we have detected.

  • Insufficient customer support for Pro plan
  • The constructor loads slowly.
  • No SSL certificate
  • Some templates look outdated and inflexible 
  • Limited integration opportunities.

The main features of the SiteBuilder website

Right after registration takes you to the dashboard with a great set of tools to get started with building your perfect website. Some advanced tools and services require additional payments, but the basic functionality is offered throughout all plans.

Hosting and Domain

The first benefit you get right after purchasing your plan – is secure hosting. There is no need to go and search for a hosting company. As well as hosting, you don't pay extra for a domain name. Just choose the one available and go live. Everything is in one spot. It saves both – your time and money. 

Drag-and-drop editor

The main functional tool of the platform is a site constructor. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface any internet user can create a website with your eyes shut.


Choose one from a great variety of beautiful templates to create an attractive web page. The SiteBuilder team does its best to satisfy the needs of their customers. With an extensive selection of templates, it is easy as can be to find something that fits your goals and purposes. Therefore, if you want to create a writer's website you can find one that matches that topic. For an online store, you can look through many of the e-commerce templates. Note that all the templates are mobile-optimized so that each of them will look good and function well on any screen. 

E-commerce component

With the eCommerce plan for a reasonable price, you will get full online store functionality to sell your goods online. The store has options include adding products, shopping cart, billing, setting up payment and delivery. You can process the payment through It guarantees fast and secure transactions.


With any plan, you can easily connect Google Analytics to track your web site activity and profitability of your advertising. It may look quite basic, but this feature is really useful for getting a quick look into what’s happening on with your website.

SEO and Marketing tools offered by

SEO optimization offers a set of important tools to boost your SEO.

The most important is that the SEO settings page is as simple as it can be – all buttons and features are well-explained. Therefore, even a very newbie can improve the site position on search engines and level up web page traffic.

Email marketing

Use inbuilt email marketing tools and you will not need to use any of third-party applications. Just choose a newsletter template, design it according to your preferences and add customers’ emails.

Once emails are sent you can easily track the delivery analytics to see how many visitors view your newsletters.


You can simply synchronize your social network page with your site and easily manage all the publications on the You will not need to jump from one resource to another to check all messages and comments from your social pages.

For successful and time-saving site management you can stay always one step ahead planning your posts in advance.

  1. Free: 7

    Connect Domain: 8

    Combo: 6

    Unlimited: 10

    VIP: 24.98

    We give you all the tools you need to create your website today. Enjoy the freedom to drag-and-drop your content and images into your chosen template and build your dream site.
  2. Free: 8

    Connect Domain: 10

    Combo: 8

    Unlimited: 9

    VIP: 28.80

    uKit has a professional approach to the web page creation that has been polished and updated for years by the top experts in coding and programming. It is a unique fully-featured and utility-rich platform that is highly valued by the representatives of lots of kinds of different businesses. Speed & Security test

Placing your web page on hosting it's a really smart decision – you will not concern about hosting and security. SiteBuilder place their software on Amazon and Google servers, which are trustful and it's a small probability that their will go down. All your data will be well secured and protected. There is no 100% guarantee of course (as with any website platform), there are always security risks. In any case, you always can make a back-up to save your data.

Maybe SiteBuilder is not a platform with the fastest load speeds, but it is quite good for its price.

Sitebuilder templates and design opportunities

You can choose the perfect option from a large gallery of free templates and images for both business and personal purposes. Page design may be designed by inserting widgets, videos and buttons. You can change the borders of elements, text and images. The functionality of the system allows you to customize your favicon, place registration forms and contacts, view statistics and analytics. Custom code can also be integrated if needed.

Sitebuilder customer service rate

The team provides both billing and technical support. You call a definite support line according to your location. Users can select the American, British or Australian support line. If you are not located in countries mentioned about you can't get phone support. doesn't offer a ticketing system support service. You can use the contact form instead. The customer support team will respond within 24 hours. If your issue is too important and can't wait for 24h, for immediate support it is recommended to pay for the premium plan. Priority and eCommerce tariff owners get priority support. The issue will be resolved as fast as possible.

Sitebuilder Integration opportunities offers an App Market with applications that can be easily added to your website to boost the functionality. However, SiteBuilder can't boast a great variety of applications like its main competitors such as Wix or Weebly. If you compare them the SiteBuilder’s App Market will look quite limited.

Sitebuilder Payment process

The distinguishing feature of the payment process on is that it doesn't charge money until you decide to publish your website. First, you will go to choose a template, customize it if needed and add content. When it comes to publishing will request your payment information. It's kind of trial period, allowing you to realize if that's what you want or need for your business.

Sitebuilder discounts

Unfortunately, SiteBuilder has no free plan neither a free trial period. But at least you can save a few dollars per month if you will pay for a year or two instead of monthly billing. In this way, you will make the price 5%-25% lower.

For example, for Premium plan if you are billed monthly you will pay the highest price – $12.98, you can save 5% if you choose to be billed annually, and it will be $12.29 per month. And you save 8% paying for 2 years, then you will have to pay only $11.98 per month.

The last but not least: note that offers a 50% discount for the first term. It's a unique chance kindly offered by SiteBuilder team during the 1st month that will help you to understand if you’re interested in building your site with this product or no

To sum up is a nice site creator for blogging, forums and chats, photo galleries, news feeds, portfolio and business card sites. The ability to insert HTML code will interest programmers, webmasters and freelancers who can build unique sites. The platform offers domain, personalized email, advanced statistics, a set of e-commerce and social media marketing tools. Also, it allows viewing and restoring previous versions of the site, designer services, confidential domain, Google and Yahoo search engine promotion, speed increase, security, advertising, SEO e-book and priority support.

User Reviews on platform

“I needed to make a website for a small amount of money in a short time. I made a research, studied and compared several website builders. As a result, I stopped at This platform offers a simple intuitive interface, handy tips; practically there is everything that I needed to create a site. I made the site myself, and I always make adjustments if needed. Customer care is good; they solved all the problems I had.

In general, there is all the necessary functionality for creating a site. So if for some reason you didn’t like Wix platform or Jimdo (as it happened with me), you should pay attention to SiteBuilder. The offered features are satisfying, and unlike many competitor platforms, the opportunity to construct a decent online shop here is well implemented through Ecwid. The system allows you to customize your favicon, place registration forms and contacts, view statistics and analytics.

I don't really like the interface, but as they say, there is a lid for every pot”


"I would call this resource the right platform for beginners. Even though Wix and Weebly may have more wide functionality to offer and sometimes they look less costly, I am sure is still a good option. For instance, these built-in social media and email marketing tools are really amazing. However, if you want more functionality to set up an online store, or a platform with more customer-oriented support, I would offer to use another platform.”


“It’s been almost a year since I started to use this site builder to make a commercial site. Those who have at least once ordered a website development from scratch in a web-studio or from a freelancer should know what a painful process with an unpredictable result it is.

To create a new project, I immediately decided that I would use only the website builders. It took some time to choose a platform. Having studied a lot of information and reviews, for some reason, I intuitively stopped at What can I say? It is worth choosing this site builder. Everything is edited easily and simply, after 3 days of testing it out, anyone can create their website. SEO is good too. I am promoting my site myself, I enter the top Google on the positions I need.

I also do not know how good is when it comes to creating an online store. Everything written above is about a regular site.”


“When I was choosing a website maker platform I clearly understood one thing: any website builder is just an accessible and handy tool suitable for those who do not understand web-building at all and have no money to order a full-fledged website. I read many dissatisfied comments about bad templates, lack of customization, wrong widgets, ugly design, etc. And I wanted to say: guys, if you decide not to pay or save as much money as possible on something that costs money, then the probability of a good and expected result is close to 0. Site building is a place where there is no such thing as a miracle. You cannot make a cool web resource for free, generally without understanding it, spending 2 days.

I needed a web presence to start a custom-made furniture business. All I needed was a business card site or landing page. And I spent half a year to do what I finally like. I had to sit and closely study SEO, usability, internet marketing and everything that would help me to promote my web resource. And only then I got a satisfying result.

Now about the site builder itself. I am 100% satisfied with it. Yes, some templates are similar. Yes, there are limited customization opportunities (as in any website builder). But! It’s not a template makes a site, but its content: texts, the way of presenting information, images. At this moment, my site on the is in the top 3 of Google for a pair of key queries, in the top 5 for the near key, and in the top 10 for almost all of my topics (linked to the city). The site turned out to be great. Everything works fine. Customer support is adequate. For all the questions I got clear answers.

Today I can afford to buy a full-fledged site, but I do not do that: the current site on this platform completely copes with its task."


How can I change the template on SiteBuilder?

To change the selected template open the SiteBuilder editor or select another one via the Template picker. Use Preview to make sure the new template will fit your site.

Can I add a slideshow on SiteBuilder?

To make a slideshow click Add content button, drag a Slideshow onto your page and the Slideshow source window will appear to select images for your slideshow. You can edit images, change the transition type and set the time duration or speed.

Can I use SiteBuilder for my business website?

Yes. This platform is suitable for creating online stores or business cards for individual entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses.

Free: 7

Connect Domain: 8

Combo: 6

Unlimited: 10

VIP: 24.98

We give you all the tools you need to create your website today. Enjoy the freedom to drag-and-drop your content and images into your chosen template and build your dream site.