UKit website builder: the ultimate review

UKit is currently one of the most well-known website builders all over the world. The platform, also known as Ucoz, has over 12 years of experience in crafting sites of any level of difficulty. Nowadays, millions of sites globally are using the service as a web hosting and development platform. You can start using the solution both for commercial or personal projects, choosing the most suitable number of tools for your needs. 


The service has a professional approach to the web page creation that has been polished and updated for years by the top experts in coding and programming. It is a unique fully-featured and utility-rich platform that is highly valued by the representatives of lots of kinds of different businesses. 


You are no longer required to purchase site construction services from web agencies and spend thousands of dollars on the website support - UKit is an advanced site maker that completely suits most beginners and pro coders. The secret is that 80% of the web development of your project is done automatically by the Ucoz system. Moreover, users with absolutely no tech skills are able to craft their own site in less than 2 hours. Want to discover more facts about the UKit website? Learn more about an excellent Ucoz platform right here below. 

UKit review: Strengths and Weaknesses

When it comes to comparing different web creating platforms, you need to consider the advantages and drawbacks of every system. Here is what we’ve found at Ukit:


UKit strength:

  • Reasonable pricing. The service has a loyal pricing policy that is likely to satisfy even the most limited budget. In case you own a big company or just starting a new business, Ucoz always have something special to offer you for good money. By the way, the UKit premium plan is available for a lower price than offered by its competitors. 

  • Great for various sites. According to hundreds of UKit reviews, the service is a perfect choice for blogs, portfolio sites, online stores, as well as both small and big corporate web projects. Therefore, the service can easily handle crafting a site of any volume and structure. 

  • Simple and friendly design. Since the service is developed for newbies in web creation, it has a miraculously easy to use interface. All the tools are right at hand that makes the way you construct the project with the UKit comfortable and even entertaining. 

  • Ability to import social media posts and images. If you have already used social networks, for example, Facebook, for promotion, you can easily import most data directly to your site. 


UKit weaknesses:

  • Some templates are not inspiring. The service has hundreds of templates with different menus and backgrounds: some of them look modern and top-notch, while the others are not. 

  • Limited blog functions. The app is constantly growing. However, the number of blog tools might appear to be not enough for pro bloggers and streamers. 


UKit ease of use: what to expect? 


Ucoz software is developed for non-technical minds who don’t want to spend hours learning coding and web design basics. That is why the editor was significantly simplified. Generally, its interface can be divided into two easy-to-understands areas. These are the Builder and Dashboard. The website creator has an unlimited number of customization utilities, making the whole process of construction very handy. 


The platform has a great Preview tool that gives you countless opportunities to check how your website will look like on various devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet modes. 


The UKit dashboard will assist you in connecting various widgets, analytics, and other tools to your project, as well as set up notifications and promote your website. 

Ukit basic tools

The service has an intuitive design and is not overloaded with dozens of useless and complicated pro functions. Everything there is developed for those who are crafting their projects for the first time. If you would like to know more about Ucoz features, take a look at a brief summary of tools below: 


eCommerce. This option is one of the most demanding for small online stores. You can add dozens of products to your site, manage order forms and currencies, complement with various shipping services, edit your shopping cart, and enjoy making your store easy and welcoming. 


UKit Online Calculator. This excellent tool is developed to encourage your site visitors to make a purchase. With the help of this function, the customers will be able to calculate the ultimate price for a complex product by themselves.


Table Sheets. Using the utility is as simple as using classical Google Sheets. Moreover, the tool can make the loading speed of your pages faster. 


Fonts. Users are allowed to choose from only two font styles. The number of available fonts was limited on purpose. The matter is that websites that contain more than 3 different types of fonts usually look unprofessional and odd. Using only 2 fonts allows crafting a perfect site with a really stunning design. 


Media. UKit is known for its advanced Media tools. Thus, you can add images on your site to be displayed either in the form of the gallery or slider. Video files can also be uploaded in a few seconds. By the way, any block of your site can be enriched with your own background. 


Widgets. The number of Ucoz widgets is really great. Feel free to add social networks widget, Google Maps, Steps, Timeline and other widgets to your project. There is nothing new that widgets make your site more advanced and user-friendly. Therefore, you can easily add a couple of handy widgets to your site with UKit for no extra cost. 


Hosting. What is surely excellent for UKit is its unlimited space you can use for your website and an automatic media optimization. This helps your site look perfect and very speedy. The hosting, provided by UKit is 100% safe and reliable. With years of experience in the hosting area, the service will make your site available all the time with no crashes. 


Promo. UKit has a convenient system of prompts for newbies in the promotion field. Thus, you won’t even need to learn the basics of promotion - the platform will automatically show you hints on how to better your project. You can also connect your project with Google Analytics and get even more detailed stats for your website. 


Service Tools. Setting up the block animation when scrolling, designing a 404 page, and lots of other common services are all available at Ucoz. 


Integration with CRM. The platform allows connection with AmoCRM, one of the most powerful systems to boost your sales and manage lots of services. 


Domains. The premium plan allows connecting an existing domain or purchasing a new one according to your personal taste. The process is usually completed in a couple of minutes. 


SSL Security. All UKit users get an SSL certificate that allows making payments on a website for free. SSL certificate is what makes your site reliable and trustworthy for both customers and search engines. 

  1. Free: 7

    Connect Domain: 8

    Combo: 6

    Unlimited: 10

    VIP: 24.98

    We give you all the tools you need to create your website today. Enjoy the freedom to drag-and-drop your content and images into your chosen template and build your dream site.
  2. Free: 8

    Connect Domain: 10

    Combo: 8

    Unlimited: 9

    VIP: 28.80

    uKit has a professional approach to the web page creation that has been polished and updated for years by the top experts in coding and programming. It is a unique fully-featured and utility-rich platform that is highly valued by the representatives of lots of kinds of different businesses. 

UKit designs


The service has over 400 fully responsive and professional templates, divided into 40 different categories for your convenience. The themes will suit any niche you can imagine and have a versatile number of menus, colors, and tools. The categories with templates vary from traveling, e-commerce, dating, blogging, portfolio, to lots of less common fields. 


Furthermore, all templates can be changed and updated to meet your needs. For example, you can manage and delete blocks, switch backgrounds, upload media, and make your project look 100% unique and creative. 


UKit SEO functions 


The builder has a whopping number of functions for promotion, including an opportunity to edit meta tags, use headings of different levels, collect analytics, connect social media, and improve your website’s results on search engines. All completely understandable for SEO beginners! The web maker will automatically show you lots of different ways to improve your SEO scores. 

UKit support system 

If you suddenly faced any difficulties or issues when using the constructor, you can take a look at the platform’s powerful knowledge base with hundreds of answers to the most common questions. UKIt blog might also be helpful for solving any problems. If you still feel you’ve stuck with any tool or feature, you can contact a pro support team anytime day and night. 


UKit costs


The price for different packages depends on the durability of your subscription. Thus, you can get pleasant discounts when purchasing plans for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and 2 years. You will benefit from each plan with saving 5, 10, 20, and 30% correspondingly. 


Generally, Ucoz has 4 simple pricing plans that are sold out for 5$, 10$, 12$, and 15$ per month. Furthermore, you can use the service during its trial period (2 weeks) for free. 


UKit Reviews 


Megan T, Blogger: “A perfect option for newbie bloggers and streamers”


What did you like? Ease of use is the coolest advantage the program can boast for. I’m a manager and have never dealt with web creating software. However, UKit appeared to be a really simple system that allowed me to make a good-looking blog in less than 3 hours. 


What you didn’t like? It would be great to add a little bit more tools for professional bloggers. 


Your recommendations. Perfect choice for tech dummies like me.


Jackson M, E-commerce website owner: “Great tool for small online stores”


What did you like? The platform has all you need for online shops that sell both real and digital products. A shopping cart is easily customizable, the product details are great and the widgets are very handy. 


What you didn’t like? The platform helped me to meet all my goals in web design. I have no reason to dislike it. 


Your recommendations. Top platform for web stores. Just try it and you will definitely stick to its awesome functionality. 


Martha, Photographer: “Superfast builder with awesome media tools”


What did you like? The cost of building my own project. The price of using the platform is surely reasonable. It perfectly fits my budget for web design and promotion. 


What you didn’t like? The system has no bugs or technical issues. I’m fully satisfied with using Ukit.


Your recommendations. Don ’t hesitate to try the builder. 


Franklin, CEO: “Brilliant web maker with good support” 


What did you like? Crafting the website for my small company required no special skills. I stuck with some functions when moving my site from another domain and didn’t know what to do. However, the builder’s tech support solved my problem is less than 30 minutes! Excellent guys and a good platform. 


What you didn’t like? Moving from another hosting was a bit difficult but the support managers helped a lot to solve the issue. 


Your recommendations. Highly recommended service with a pro support team that is really fast to reply. 


How to add google analytics?

You can find the following option on the Dashboard. Just click the corresponding button and start setting up the service. 


How many users does UKit have? 

The builder has millions of users in lots of countries all over the world. 


Are there any sales at UKit? 

There are some sales on special occasions. You can subscribe to the platform not to miss the most appealing sales. 


Is the constructor mobile responsive? 

All the templates look perfectly on different kinds of gadgets. 


Who is the service best for? 

It is a multi-purpose utility that is good for business owners and bloggers. 


Is there any free plan? 

No, but it still has a trial period for two weeks that is completely cost-free. 


It is suitable for bloggers? 

Yes, it has excellent blogging functionality. 


Final Thoughts 

The builder offers a top-notch and high-quality service on all the stages of web development. You can use UKit hands down and get a beautiful web project for any taste. The application easily copes with crafting all modern types of sites, such as portfolio, blog, web store, landing page, or corporate website. 

Free: 8

Connect Domain: 10

Combo: 8

Unlimited: 9

VIP: 28.80

uKit has a professional approach to the web page creation that has been polished and updated for years by the top experts in coding and programming. It is a unique fully-featured and utility-rich platform that is highly valued by the representatives of lots of kinds of different businesses.