Spencer Haws Long Tail Pro Keyword Tool Analysis

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Spencer Haws Long Tail Pro

Thinking to buy Spencer Haws long tail pro keyword tool? Great! I had the same idea and thought about buying this keyword tool for about one day. To say I hesitated is an understatement but in the end it was worth it.

What’s special about this software? Well, not that much and a lot. I have used others in the pass and I was happy with them until I found out that most of my keywords were not getting the traffic that the tool was providing.

I was pretty bummed out when two of my sites didn’t go anywhere on the google serps! For that, I cancelled it and vowed not to buy another keyword tool ever. But today, I took back my words because Long Tail Pro V3 or Version 3 has a few tricks and genuine results that I needed.

Spencer Haws has done a good job with this tool. I am not saying this for hype. I bought it and I love it so far.

First, what is to love about this up dated version of longtail pro?

I couldn’t tell you the difference because I didn’t buy the first version. However, this copy is good and works very well. I’ve come to know that about 70,000 people have downloaded this software. That’s a lot of people.

What I love?

It is easy to use. The videos and pdf that I got after buying truly explains in detail how to use the software tool. Spencer really go into detail on how to take full advantage of the his v3 software.

Where is the data coming from?

Well, I was not too happy to know that long tail pro version 3 pulls the data from Google. When I saw a google longing I was a little upset because I am use to using the Keyword Planner and I loved that free tool.

Now here I am paying for something that I could potentially get for free. But, there are some trade offs. The google keyword tool does not do a lot of stuff like spencer’s tool.

You get info from google and google search partners. Pick a choice!
What the results I’ve getting, this tool is a good one. It might not be good for seasoned marketers who tend to use their brain more than tools but for beginners and intermediates, its a awesome buy.

Are there any upsells?

Yes there are a few. There are about three of them and they are worth the price if you have the money to invest. I didn’t grad any of them because I didn’t need all the data it was providing.

Below are some videos by Spencer himself demonstrating how to use his Long Tail Pro Vs keyword tool software.

Video #1 Click here for long tail pro homepage after watching video

Video #2 Click here for longtail pro homepage after watching video

Video #3 Click here for longtail pro homepage after watching video.

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Spencer Haws Long Tail Pro Keyword Tool Analysis
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