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Oh my oh my-that’s the feeling I get when I visited Web Start Today. It’s not like I haven’t seen sites like this before but this one got me excited.

What caused me to say those boyish phrase is the beauty of the site WebStartToday homepage.

I can’t build these things but I must give props for the designer who code it. Hey man or woman, you rock!

With that said, lets get down to some serious business.

Today, I will be talking about WebStartToday.com. I am sorry for not finding this site sooner but I believe it’s better to be a little late than never.

At a glance, Web Start Today looks good. I can see the up front engaging with their site visitors in that critical 3 to 10 second mark.

The big green arrow makes no apologies about what it’s there for. I like a site that do not waste my time after clicking through.

The layout is simple yet crisp with lots of white space providing little distractions. This is also good. If you want to start a free website, click on the green arrow that is there. It’s as simple as that.

Whether you want to make a website for a business, yourself, family friend, your kid/kids check out WebStartToday.com They also have over 1000 themes and category to pick from.

What I like most?

There are a few things that instantly crab my attention and I like this. I mentioned a few of them earlier but just to cement my feelings….

I like the big green arrow that speaks to me to start my free website.

I also like the fact that below the big green arrow stats that no credit card needed. This is a nice touch to ease your visitors worries about whether your site offers really free website building.

Web Start Today also provides us 3 ways to become a member and start building your site. The first option to start build your site is to enter your email address. The second is to use your Google G Mail email address and the third is Facebook. (No Gmail account? get one here.)

Next on my like list is the fact that there is someone around 24/7. This is really helpful and a great idea for first time free website builders. Imagine getting stuck and you can’t reach someone? That 24/7 support scores big in my book!


I notice something on Web Start Today home page that I don’t normally see on other free website platform. On their site, they have a link that points to Hire a Professional. This is sweet but could get expensive.

That service means that if you don’t want to lift a finger to build your site,  just hire someone to do it for you. The service doesn’t stop there either. You can hire an SEO consultant and Content writer. These are valuable services but as I mention earlier – could be expensive.

If you have to cash to pay though, do it. Just be clear on what you want. Ask them to show you a few sites they have build for others and also ask them to submit a few articles so you can read them.

By doing this, you’ll save yourself some head ache further down the road. S.E.O, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand is another story. If you don’t know what that means, pull up a chair and start reading. Read Wikipedia explanation of SEO. It’s very interesting.

Before you start building your free website, please check out the Web Start Today DEMO VIDEO. It’s professionally done and it explains a lot. I like that video.

What I didn’t Like?

For one, not enough users. In my experience, websites in this space tend to have millions of members and sites . It looks like WebStartToday.com is the new kid on the block…..but for how long?

I notice that they only have 18,000 sites build on their system. If that number is actually correct, they have a lot of catching up to do!

I also did not like that the bolded Website Builder  text didn’t have Free in-front of it. I can see that they are targeting the keyword phrase “Free Website Builder” but it’s not on the page. Who is your seo guy?

Having this will greatly increase your visitor engagement. This simply means that if the searcher types the word ‘Free Website Builder’ and they land on your page-that visitor will immediately see that word along with your subtext.

Web Start Today will reduce the chance of getting the dreaded back button exit!

That’s golden if you ask me.

Also, the image and icons below “Features You Need to Build Your Website” should be clickable and have there own designated pages.

I had to scroll down to see the features and get an explanation of what they do. Having your visitor scrolling down to see features and benefits is a mistake. Keep it above the fold! This means as soon as I visit that page I must know what the site is about and my problem will be solve.

The last negative about Web Start Today is that focus is geared towards the business sector. There are no simple templates to work with and the majority of them will need editing.

I found that stuff like phone number, testimonial, product pages etc must be edited for the ordinary person.

That’s all the boo ha about Web Start Today free website creation platform.


Web Start Today will fill the need if you have a business and you want to make presents online line for free.. The negatives are few and the overall experience and simplicity shines. Don’t let ” I can’t do that” hold you back.

It’s easier that it looks. I know it can be intimidating but if you spend a few minutes and read the site instructions and tutorials or just visit YouTube and watch a few videos on how to set up a free website you’ll catch on easily.

WebStartToday.com gets a thumbs up from me on the business sector side.  However, for ordinary folks who just want to put up a simple yet professional looking site look else ware.

Places like Blogger, Weebly, Wix, Jimdo, WordPress, 350.com will more work for you.

I must admit It’s perfect for the business sector – Web Start Today got you covered.


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