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Company/Website: Webnode

Country or origin: Switzerland

Years online: 6 years

Sites Currently hosting: 7,500,000

Price to start a site: Free (personal, business or e-commerce)

Description: Webnode began in 2006 and launched its full blown site in January 2008. The site snow balled into what you see today.

The ability to create multiple sites is evident the moment you land on Webnode’s home page. If you want to create a personal website, just click on the button that says, personal.

There is also a button at the top right for business website and e-commerce website. I like the layout of this site. Webnode offers free hosting, free site building and a sophisticated platform to ensure your site is up and running.

What I also like about Webnode is that your free website will be free of ads. Some free website companies will plaster your site with advertisement  You have no control over this. Not so with Webnode. That’s great because ads all over a site can be a very unpleasant experience for your site visitors.

Remember also that you need no technical skills to begin building your free website with Webnode. You’ll also don’t have to download and install anything on your computer. Everything is done online.

All you will need is a connection to the internet.

To lean more about setting up your free website with Webnode, Click here. Or you can watch the short video below and then to to Webnode for the official website.


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