Website Builder For Kids

Website Builder For Kids
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How to Choose the Best Kids Website Builder


Kids nowadays are so smart with gadgets – they can learn how to use YouTube before even learn how to read. If you assume that there is no way for a kid to create his own website, we will change your mind. Children love computers and the Internet, and they will actively use them as long as it is entertaining enough. Well, sometimes you can combine fun and education. Website builder for kids gives opportunity to make your own web site for kids.

Our social environment requires many skills from everyone. There is no business company without their personal website. Even freelancers and influencers create their own web pages with all the necessary information about their occupation. No bees no honey – without internet page, you could not earn extra money. Web development is a very useful skill for future success. The Internet keeps evolving, so for the young generation having such skills is crucial, since this sphere gets more and more involved in our daily life.

We searched for approved data about the best website builders. The task was to find an adequate website maker for kids with affordable costs and beautiful templates. We made a short review of the best of them, talking about prices, tools, interface, and particular features.

The necessity of interesting webpages for kids

Childhood is directly connected with toys and cartoons. Why does your child should want to know how to create an interesting website? Well, there is no way you should force your kid into designing a web page, but as time shows, children think that web development is exciting. They love hosting blogs about animals or favorite videos and cartoons. This will be entertaining and useful at the same time. They will be glad to start making their own websites once they receive the proper tools and instructions.

At school, there are many projects connected to the kids’web design. The earlier your child will achieve this knowledge, the better. Modern education tries to imply online tools and technologies into the school routine to raise children’s interest in science. They create online portfolios, watch educational videos together with the teacher, etc. This technological environment certainly will have an impact on kids’ involvement in web design. It will be exciting for them to share information about their hobbies and favorite cartoons with the world.

Children love making stuff of their own, construct something in the exact way they want it to be. Website building might even become one of fascinating hobbies, and it could be useful in the real world as well. It can be an addition to their main activities too. They can tell the whole world about their interests, progress and achievements. Business is about making money out of your resources. If your kid is very talented in singing, knitting or anything else, he can become famous and earn money since childhood. Alternatively, he can grow into a person who loves web development and programming. This career choice has become enough relevant and it will be essential in his future.

Best platforms for web development

There are hundreds of platforms for website building, but what about kids web builder? They have to be simple, colorful and affordable, but, in parallel, functional and educational. We searched for the best ones, looked through each of them and made our own top 5 where you can make your choice about free website builder for kids, featuring popular Wix, laconic WordPress, educational Weebly, fun Kids Website Creator and artistic Doodle Kit. There is a short summary of each of them:

  • Wix is an affordable option with interesting tools. It is enough user-friendly best website builder. The settings and interface are easy to learn too. Wix is not specialized in web development for kids, but its simplicity can cover this task. Most children seek for an attractive design and not special banners or tools. This online platform is one of the top-rated for its range of templates. There is also an option to use Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). If you do not want to customize everything manually, you can use ADI so that everything will be done automatically. You’ll have to answer several questions and after a short analysis of your preferences, the interface design will be completed. If something is not fit enough, you can change this particular feature. If you seek for a free option, Wix can be the best choice. Though this platform doesn’t have any specific design options for kids, their creator tool is really simple and colorful;
  • WordPress is the famous platform for website hosting. It is especially perfect for blogging, which it was created for in the first place, but nowadays the powerful feature set is suitable for any type of website. There is a wide variety of templates; each of them is open for customization. A perfect advantage for kids will be a forum, where they can ask for help from more skilled users. The community of users on this platform is really strong and supportive. Many reviewers see that as a huge benefit. There is also tech support for unexpected shutdowns or any other problem the kid may face. WordPress offers automatic backups – if your kid is doing an important school project, he will not lose any information or settings. You can manually create and change banners or choose automatic customization. For teenagers, there is an option of code editing for a super personalization. If a website is really creative and perspective, you should buy a domain name and care about a hosting. If you are okay with a subdomain, then you can use all the tools and settings for free;
  • Kids Website Creator is a great solution since it is specialized software. It is not as modern and stylish as Wix or other platforms but it is free and attractive for kids. It has different templates designed specifically for kids and simple drag-and-drop website builder. The whole setting tools are easy to apply. The encouragement for earning money makes it special. This is one of the few website builders for kids that actually can help your child to get profit with their own web page. You can add Google AdSense advertisements and other useful e-commerce tools. However, you can get access to this option only after buying a premium package. There are several subscription options to choose from depending on your budget. The cheapest of them can be easily paid by your kid himself. The pricing range is from 5$ per month to approximately 25$, depending on the necessary storage space and monthly bandwidth. This builder is a perfect choice for a small website created for fun or more advanced ones with an option of getting profit;
  • Doodle Kit is an interesting choice for hosting a web page. It was created for both adults and kids, but it has a unique, kind of goofy, design, which especially attracts the younger audiences. It offers a free plan for kids and other options, starting from 14$ a month. Doodle Kit is an artist-oriented space for art and fun experience. The whole interface can be learned intuitively, which helps to make a web site for kids. There are several entertaining features for a web page – blog, gallery, and forum. Children can create a photo album with pictures, drawings, etc. Each photo has its description. Blogging can be useful too – it can vastly improve your kid’s writing skills, vocabulary, and speech in general. Every website has a featured forum, where your child can add his friends and together discuss various topics or even meet new people. Since Doodle Kit is a platform created mostly for youth, your children can easily find a friend there with similar hobbies and interests;
  • Weebly is absolutely free for web development. It has no particular options for kids, but it has an interesting function for education. You see, Weebly kindly provides a free solution for a classroom website (similar to Google Class). Teachers can create a web page and register their students. Kids can do tests there, apply their essays, create student’s portfolios, etc. They don’t have many templates connected with children, but they have a number of simple colorful patterned themes that can be very appealing. No technical knowledge is required for using this platform. It is very user-friendly and made as a what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of website creators. This can be helpful for a kid that has no knowledge about site-building. A young creator can combine playing around with the tools and at the same time learning about their functions and peculiarities. Therefore, if you are looking for a platform to make a blog about education, this is your best choice. It has all the necessary tools and can make studying more interactive and exciting.

These five platforms are considered to be the best website creators for kids. They have their own unique tools and capacities and it is up to you to choose one of them for your kid’s project.

How to choose the best website builder?

Now you know a bit of information about the most useful website creator platforms, but how to choose the best one of them for your kid? Your first step can be the priorities establishment. Considering these peculiarities about different platforms, you can rate the top of the best ones for yourself and either choose one and use it or several options and try each of them.

It is possible to choose the convenient platform by judging it according to several criteria:

  • Price. So, when it comes to the price, each of the platforms offers different solutions. They all have access to create a free account and make a simple, yet functional website. Some of them restrict the cloud space; others reduce tools to a custom page as much as the user wants to. A free website can be a good first shot of web development for children or may fit for a small school project. If your child feels really enthusiastic about webpage maintenance, you can buy a premium package with more tools and options. The least expensive ones are Wix and Kids Website Creator. Their minimum price package costs around 5$. Wix for this price removes ads and watermarks and gives access to more templates and tools. Kids Website Creator gives more cloud space and after buying a more expensive package (up to 25$) it gives you an opportunity to make a profit out of ads. What can be more exciting for a kid than earning pocket money with his own project? Don’t underestimate children’s talent – they can become really successful;
  • Simplicity. All the platforms named before offering a laconic and easy to apply drag-and-drop website builder. However, Weebly will be the best choice for educational purposes. It has instructions on how to use every instrument. Doodle Kit is simple, yet entertaining. It has interesting features that you have to learn how to use correctly. WordPress has a huge community of users. Those that are more skilled know how to use complicated settings and implement banners from different websites. They will be happy to help your kid. It will increase his communication skills and the feeling of respect towards adults. Kids Website Creator was developed for young children, so their tools can be learned intuitively in a short time;
  • Website Content. Sit down with your child and talk about his or her plans on this web page. Maybe your child is an artistic person, who wants to share his music taste with others or write about how much is it important to take care of stray dogs. Alternatively, maybe he just wants to talk about his daily life and share funny pictures. Blogs are the most popular type of websites among children. WordPress was created for blogs particularly. It can offer the best tools for designing a page, such as fancy colorful templates, fonts, banners, etc. Wix is also one of the best companies in this field. Since blogging became so popular, it can offer many settings as well. Doodle Kit as an instrument for artistic people, it has pretty templates to make the page look fun and interesting. 
  • Design solutions. When comes to design, Wix offers the widest choice, but since the platform is oriented more for business people, many of them are not as colorful as a kid might want. For something bright and eye-catching you might use a Doodle Kit with their fancy designs or Kids Website Creators with kids-oriented templates. However, kids who are almost teenagers prefer something laconic and ‘mature-looking’. They won’t get upset with modern geometrical design with pale colors that Weebly can offer. Studying current fashion trends can increase their sense of style. So, if your child is interested in making a serious website with useful information, colors can distract users from the information;
  • Settings and tools. If your kid wants a complex interactive web page with interesting features that give many opportunities, choose Wix. All platforms have an almost equal amount of tools with different variations, but Wix is an affordable one. If the question is about the profit, choose Kids Website Creator. They allow you to take profits from ads. WordPress has perfect settings for articles, from standard font variations to how the blog post will look at the main page. If your child wants to concentrate on visual part of the website, Doodle Kit shows up as the most creative one. Here you can choose fancy designs, add pictures and banners. The interesting and popular tool is a photo album, where you can set pictures with hashtags and descriptions.

If your child wants to build his own website, your main task is to support his decision, encourage and help him. Maybe he is not sure about the type of web page. You can chat about his hobbies and find out the necessary format. If your kid is into drawing, he can create an online portfolio and post sketches and pictures. If he likes pets and wants to share his passion with the world community, he can run a blog about animals. We are sure that children are capable of creating their own web page and their interest has to be supported.