Website Builder For Musicians

Website Builder For Musicians
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Engaged in Music? You Urgently Need a Site, We Present 5 Best Website Builder for Musicians!

Why do need best musicians websites? It would seem that the possibilities of social networks are endless, and in 5 minutes you can create a new page or community, and post any information about your work. The official website for the musician is one of the most effective ways to promote yourself, and your creativity by attracting a large flow of target audience.

This is the only place where the target audience can immediately plunge completely into the artist’s world: get complete information about the person or group, listen to the work, read the biography, news, and even buy a disk or ticket if you foresee it. No social network can provide this, no matter how thoughtful it may be. So, here are the five tools for consideration if you want to make your website independently. 


Due to the need for a special site for representatives of the music industry, this site designer was created. Today, most consider it one of the best tools, and its creation date goes back to the distant 90s.

It is worth noting that this musician website maker has significant differences with the site designers that are presented on the market. Although the algorithms are very similar to them.

Here you can also customize templates, and their available number is up to 100 specialized for industries. To create a site, you do not need to deal with coding, everything happens by drag-and-drop elements.

There is no problem integrating social networks, so users can stream music directly from the site. Not all standard designers are able to offer such functionality. And given the need for the industry, this opportunity is simply a must-have.

You can sell music, tickets, etc. using the site without any commission. This is also a great advantage, as many others require a fee.

The constructor also provides good analytics with the help of which you can analyze what exactly users like and which compositions are more popular.


  • Each tariff plan involves uncommission e-commerce.

  • Good analytics, which gives an understanding of what is worth promoting.

  • The easy integration with social networks, the ability to broadcast music directly from the site.

  • More than 100 templates that are directly suited to the industry.


  • High fees for tariff plans.

Prices start from $ .29 per month to $16, 63. Each of them involves a certain number of pages and audio recordings. Therefore, if you need more than 10 audio tracks, you will have to choose a more expensive tariff plan. The most expensive one offers an unlimited number of pages and tracks, so this is the best option.

By the way, this constructor offers a free 30-day period. So you can first check the work of the designer and create band website for free before buying a tariff plan.


Although this is not a purely specialized designer, it provides all the necessary functions to create an excellent site in the field of music. Today it is a top-rated tool, as it offers its users ease of use and many features. No need to be an expert in the field of coding, all elements can be dragged.

This constructor offers many applications, the number of which totals more than 200. There are both paid and free ones with the help of which you can make a unique site.

Due to the simple social integration of all networks, users can easily listen to music directly from your site. No special extensions are necessary for this (this applies to your users).

As for the templates, there are really a lot of them. Their number is more than 500. There are those that are great for musicians and everyone who is somehow connected with it. So there is no need to look for an exclusively specialized designer. Moreover, users have the opportunity to try the tool for free to see if it is suitable for you or not. So you don’t lose anything.

If you want to sell something on the site (music, albums) then this is not a problem. The only thing you need to choose a tariff plan for $20 for this.


  • Many templates among which you can choose the one for the music industry.

  • It is relatively easy to use, and you can expand the functionality thanks to a large number of additional applications.

  • Tariff plans have affordable prices.


  • There is no way to change the template settings after the site is ready.

  • Availability of advertising in a free tariff plan.

As for the cost, the minimum tariff plan is $11 when buying a tariff for a year. And of course, you can try the free version. It has some drawbacks but is great for those who have just come to the world of music.

Music Glue

This music website builder is really different from all the others. It differs in that among all the provided, you can create a site absolutely free. Now many will agree that this is truly a competitive advantage. There is no annoying advertising as in the free version of the previous constructor. And also you can create the necessary domain name. It should be noted that in many others this function is paid. But let's talk about the possibilities that will be presented to you in this constructor.

Despite all the free opportunities, a commission of 10% of all sales will be charged. Therefore, users are offered all the functions for free. The creators of the designer want to make money with the help of your sales, and not due to the fact that you have made the site.

In general, everything is the same here, as elsewhere. You can select the desired topic and transfer the domain name, as well as select the desired name. There are all the settings to make a layout and integrate your social networks. And of course, do the newsletter.


  • It is absolutely free constructor.

  • All tracks that were sold are reflected in both physical and digital maps.


  • High e-commerce fees of 10%.



This constructor differs from many others in that it provides the opportunity to realize your creative ideas. Accordingly, it is especially popular among people who are closely associated with creativity. Well, music is no exception.

However, it is not easy to use like many others. Although if you take a little time, you can figure it out on your own. This can be checked thanks to the free version of the application. Without a doubt, 14 days will be enough to understand whether this tool is suitable for you or not.

Also, this tool is famous for its templates. Despite their narrow range that is suitable for the musical sphere, it is especially pleasing to those who love creativity and quality.

If you want e-commerce to be available, you will have to buy a tariff plan worth $26 or a premium one for $40. They suggest selling an unlimited amount of goods. So if your main goal is commerce, then do not pass this constructor.


  • Truly high-quality templates that are not found in other designers. There are specialized templates for musicians.

  • There is round-the-clock support with a quick response.


  • The high cost of tariff plans in comparison with other tools.

  • Not quite easy to use, especially for beginners.

  • For the possibility of electronic commerce, you need to buy at least an average tariff plan.

Pricing is above average. The cheapest plan will cost $12, and the most expensive costs $40. There is also a free version, but you won’t be able to use it all the time. The term of use is 2 weeks; this is purely for acquaintance with the designer.


If you have a group and you think that you want to create a website, then this is the best option. This free band website tool is highly specialized for people from the music industry. Many users note that it is very easy to use and subservient to those who have never done sites before.

As for the templates, they do not correspond to modern standards. If you like minimalism, then you can hardly find a suitable one, since all the templates are too cluttered. Also, if you are striving for creativity and uniqueness, then all template designs are very similar to each other.

However, many users write that here is the best range of templates. But still, when compared with offers from all other designers, they are specifically behind. As for the settings, they are standard and similar to such a constructor as Bandzoogle.


  • It’s easy to use this constructor and it does not require any skill to create a website for your group.

  • Very low prices for all tariff plans.


  • Templates are very similar to each other and are very outdated.

Prices are quite affordable. Just imagine that the cheapest tariff plan will cost you just a little more than one dollar. The more expensive one costs only $9.95 per month and allows you to get more tracks and subscriptions.

What Do I Need a Website For?

You definitely need a website! Concerts and various events are good. But the site is your business card, an opportunity to attract new listeners, sell music and even attract the attention of producers.

Accounts at social networks will not give the effect that can be achieved using the site. Yes, they are good to start, but the site will provide many opportunities and enhance you in the eyes of your fans.

A beautiful, easy-to-use site makes visitors come back again and again, share their impressions with their friends and relatives, recommend it. After all, this is exactly what is needed to promote creativity. Keep in touch with your target audience and do not forget to delight them with the latest information about your work. After that, are you still in doubt?

What Pages Are Vital to Make?

This question may arise for many since still, the music site is not much different from other directions. Let's take a closer look at this item so that you know what is useful to you before you start working on the site.

  • It all starts on the home page. What to place here depends on your preference. Someone publishes video performances or information about upcoming concerts. It is up to you to decide, but you should think over this page well.

  • Developments. Reporting your speeches is especially important. But you should not be limited by location and time. Do not forget to write about how and where your fans will be able to purchase tickets. This will facilitate their task.

  • About. Since you are representatives of the art world, it is simply vital to make an excellent story about who you are and why you came to the world of music. Because your new audience needs to be given a complete picture of who you are.

  • Your music. Without this item, there is no sense in all the further efforts. Do not be afraid to share your songs with others, because that's what you created your professional musician website for.

  • Online store. If you have something to sell, then do not delay it. You can sell not only your creativity but also tickets for upcoming events. You might also consider selling souvenirs.

  • Contacts. You can create a separate page for this as well as a feedback form. Why do the bands need this? It's simple, what if producers or studios will pay attention to you. They must have access to contacts in one click.

Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

It's no secret that a site is the best way to promote everything. The same applies to the musical sphere of activity. If you want to express your creativity, then there is no better way than starting from the Internet. But in addition to creating a site, there are other ways to promote your creativity.

Firstly, you can take part in many music competitions that take place online. This can further promote you and attract a new audience.

You can try to promote your creativity thanks to various influencers. Many are happy to share good music with their audience. Moreover, today it is the most popular type of promotion on the Internet. So do not neglect this method. At the start of your career, this is a great option.

Set up SEO to optimize your site. With the correct use of keywords, you can achieve additional traffic to the site.

Do not forget about your social networks. Today it is one of the most powerful tools to attract a large number of audiences.

What about the power of content in expanding your audience? If you are full of creativity, then you will not have problems with this.

Let’s Summarize

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in creating a website to present your work to Internet users. You learned about 5 popular website builder for musicians that will help you turn this goal into reality.

As for which software to choose, it is up to you. It all depends on what stage of your career you are at, for which audience you are creating the site for and how much finance you have. As you already noticed, in our review, there are designers for every taste. But let us once again briefly reflect all the features of each of them.

  • Bandzoogle is a specialized designer that allows you to create everything that you may need for the site of a musical group.

  • Wix will help to make a site without much difficulty and customization of sales.

  • Music Glue is a free website builder that provides everything you need to create a full site. But if you plan to sell a large assortment of goods, remember about a commission of 10%.

  • Squarespace will delight lovers of quality design. You can create a unique website for musicians with high-quality templates.

  • BandVista is suitable for those who have a limited budget, but the site is very necessary. It is also very easy to use, so many beginner groups give their choice in favor of this constructor.

Do not waste time and start creating your site now with the best band website builder. Do not be afraid to declare your creativity to the whole world. And as already mentioned, this is a great way to do this.

FAQs If You Still Have Questions

How to make a band website on my own?

Our list contains tools that do not cause any difficulty for independent use.

Will I be able to sell music on my site?

Yes, this is not a problem. But it is important to pay attention to the fact that many builders will require a commission from each sale. For example, an instrument such as Music Glue provides its services for free, but with a commission of 10% for each sale.

Which of these tools is easiest to use?

Among all the website builders for musicians reviewed, Wix is the easiest to use. You can mark BandVista as well. Just these two tools have differences in their capabilities.

Will I be able to create a unique site?

This can be done using Wix and Squarespace. The first offers a wide range of templates, and the second offers a quality design.