Website Builders For Photographers

Website Builders For Photographers
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Best Website Builder for Photographers


A well-developed site is crucial for every business and photography is not an exception in this respect. To make a photography website is vitally important both for mature and green photographers who want to share their masterpieces with the whole world. It will help them show up among the professionals.


 Even though every person can take pictures with a smartphone or other mobile devices, professional photography will never be out of demand. Digital market arms photographers with numerous tools and appropriate software for creating and maintaining their websites. 10-15 years ago, it would be obligatory to hire a qualified designer to develop websites for photographers. Moreover, it was rather costly. 


Those days are gone thanks to numerous site builders for starting a photography website quickly and effortlessly. These instruments make it possible to design a website almost in a blink of an eye. Reliable and workable platforms for website building are certain to promote your online galleries of bright and catchy pictures. If you still doubt whether to make a photography website or not, and how to choose the best website builder for photographers, consider the following benefits you can enjoy.


Advantages of Website for Photography Business


Online Sales of Photography Products. 

Since e-commerce is booming and gaining pace, the overwhelming part of consumers worldwide prefers to purchase online. Therefore, you have nothing to do but design a site and establish an online shop if you want to be competitive. In addition, displaying your works on the online platforms you can increase sales and receive bigger profits at a shorter time. 


Portfolio Promotion.

A digital photography portfolio represents you and your style the best way. Moreover, potential customers can look through a collection of previous works and conclude what services you can provide to them. All this contributes to website success.  


Online Schedule. 

Suppose you got clientele and now you need to manage a calendar that can be time-consuming. Having integrated online scheduling software with your photography website, you can kill two birds with one stone. First, your website becomes more user-friendly that appeals to clients as they can book an appointment when they want. Second, you eliminate no-shows practically to zero since customers receive an automatic reminder of their appointments.


Effective Advertising Campaign. 

If you have paid for advertising your business on social media, a website can become a keystone of your campaign. Putting money into paid search ads will attract the target audience and enlarge a client pool.


Customer Feedback.

The peculiar feature of a prospective customer is that they make detailed research and look through numerous reviews on best websites for photographers before buying a service. Customers’ feedback and positive reviews on your website will definitely enhance your brand promotion. 


How can you start a photography website?

Having considered the above-mentioned advantages, you should decide where and how to build a photography website. In the first place, browse the best websites for photographers to get a vivid example of what it looks like and how it operates. The next step is to select a proper builder that suits your services and goals.  A correctly chosen best website builder contributes to the usability and visibility of the site.


There remains the question. How is it possible to pick the right website builder out of those available on the digital market? Having thoroughly analyzed dozens of platforms in terms of different criteria, we concluded that despite exposing weak and strong points, the best website builders for photographers include:

  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • SmugMug
  • Weebly


Now let’s look deeper into each of them and unveil their potential as great solutions for modern photographers.



Suitable for Comprehensive Website Development

A number of people using this builder constitutes about 100 million that proves its effectiveness. Experts are convinced that it is an affordable tool for making a photography website in a short time since it has a strong template editor for unleashing your creativity. A big variety of modes to present images remains a major appeal for photographers who are looking to share their art. E-Commerce options of Wix enable artists to sell their photos straight from the site.


Utilizing Wix you upload and preserve a big amount of high-quality photos and win brand recognition at the same time. Being a classic builder with enrolled AI platform, Wix provides its users with an excellent editor. What may disappoint a photographer is that the storage is slightly limited and advertisements cannot be removed from a website. However, these problems can be tackled if you opt for a premium plan that allows adding a personal domain with no advertising. 


As for the interface, it can be embodied in two ways. The first type implies a drag-and-drop editor, which allows for placing graphics and text in any part of a page. It gives you a tremendous advantage as you can see how future customers will perceive your content. Wix ADI (artificial design intelligence) as the second type is a groundbreaking solution that generates a website based on the information received from your answers to certain questions.


Pros of Wix

  • Immensely versatile and customizable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to control
  • Available automatic optimization
  • Applicable to different devices
  • Recommended by professional photographers 

Cons of Wix

  • Difficult or practically impossible to change a template after a website launch.
  • Additional costs on third-party applications to enhance scalability.
  • Abundant customizable options can become disruptive.

With all these mentioned, Wix is certainly a great instrument for creating an outstanding, interactive, and powerful website. 



Suitable for stunning and inventive design.

Squarespace is winning popularity among photographers for its ability to develop a mobile-friendly photography site. Unlike Wix, it cannot boast such a vast range of templates and instruments. However, the unrivaled set of templates deserve special appraisal. It helps you customize the web design adjusting it to your unique style and professional needs. Any time you want to breathe fresh air into your site design you can easily change the templates.


To start a website with Squarespace you just need to select a suitable theme and place the content in it. This process does not require any skills of coding or writing HTML. All Squarespace themes fit any mobile device that contributes to the perfect visibility of the site. Regarding applications, Squarespace does not have any. Instead, you can easily embed third-party widgets on your website and get the appropriate support for these integrations.


It is highly appreciated by beginners and professionals due to premium plans, which are not very expensive. Purchasing a monthly personal plan, you are awarded broad bandwidth and storage. The interface may seem a bit difficult to use if compared with Wix. However, it is just the first impression. Having scanned this builder properly, you understand that this editor is rather convenient. 


In case you make up your mind to use Squarespace, consider the advantages and disadvantages listed below.

Pros of Squarespace

  • Easy and convenient setup 
  • Amazing layouts with beautiful sketches
  • Fast speed and loading time
  • Robust set of SEO features
  • Affordable pricing
  • Efficient customer support

Cons of Squarespace

  • A narrow set of templates 
  • Limited functionality
  • Single website hosting 
  • No free of charge plans 

Briefly, Squarespace is a solution that enables a photographer to develop a responsive website to show gorgeous galleries of photos and drive new customers. Based on this platform your site will look professional and sophisticated.



Suitable for Committed Professionals 

This builder is rather popular among photographers due to software, which ensures the upload of both proofs and complete edits into a gallery with no difficulties. This specialized photographer website builder puts forward a set of services like perfect file management, photo printing tools, constant client interaction, and maintenance. 


If compared with Wix and Squarespace, the analyzed builder lacks their level of versatility. As for pricing, SmugMug does not provide a free plan. Instead, it offers monthly subscription at a price ranging from $4 to $25 depending on the type of the plan (basic, premium, portfolio, or business).  


The quality of your pictures as the final product is surprisingly high and viewers find them magnificent. Photography business owners can choose a photo lab that best meets their clients’ needs and wants. With SmugMug, you get a possibility to collaborate with experienced printers so that your prospective customers can order printing their images straight away from your website. 


When it comes to storage issues, all SmugMug plans presuppose inexhaustible space for uploading and keeping photos. This makes the platform impressive and attractive to photographers. Regarding responsive templates, their number constitutes approximately 70 kinds. The editor allows tweaking little changes that essentially increases the design options as well.


Presented below pluses and minuses of SmugMug should not dissuade you from applying it as a website builder.

Pros of SmugMug

  • Excellent photo-sharing service
  • Fantastic image quality
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Custom watermarks for image protection
  • Scalable social media integration
  • Synchronization with Lightroom

Cons of SmugMug

  • No invoicing system
  • 15% of profit on sale
  • A limited number of print vendors 
  • Two weeks valid link for download
  • No possibility to select an image format

No doubt, you will benefit from SmugMug as it enhances sales with no obligatory extra integrations.



Suitable for small and middle-sized companies.

If you are not tech-savvy, Weebly is for you.  What differs it from Wix and Squarespace, is its interface, which is simple, clear and user-friendly. The website editor enables you to construct a page just by dragging elements from the drawer. That is why people with no specialized technical skills in web design will adore this solution.  


Weebly gives you the freedom to experiment with pictures and blocks. You are also empowered with four options for developing your website (Design, Builder, Pages, and Adaptive Site View). Undoubtedly, it is a customizable platform, since it is equipped with the editor for establishing font pairs and alternating the uploaded pictures. 


Like the above-discussed builders, Weebly provides its users with the unbounded space for storing the files. Efficient SEO optimization function will be a great plus for a newly established photographer’s website. Many applications in Weebly App Store are tailored so to meet the requirements of SEO. The only disadvantage here is that they are available on premium subscription


Although Weebly’s designs have been constantly improving, it lags behind Wix and Squarespace in terms of templates, which are not so attractive.  Consequently, you may need to resort to third party templates as your venture flourishes and ambitions are growing too. 

In case you face any problems connected with website management or design, you can receive immediate help addressing the base with ready-made answers to possible questions.

Before using Weebly get to know its strong and weak points.


Pros of Weebly

  • Unsurpassed Apps Store
  • No forced and annoying advertisements 
  • No payment for all themes available
  • Easy-to-understand interface
  • Personal custom domain 
  • No dimension restrictions on photos uploaded

Cons of Weebly

  • Most Apps are available exclusively for premium subscribers
  • A limited number of Blog posts 
  • No possibility to utilize a third party commenting system
  • Expensive customer support
  • Not a flawless backup system


Overall, Weebly would be of great help to photographers who still do not know how to start their photography websites. Based on this builder, a website operates smoothly and you have no worries concerning technical maintenance and security upgrades.


What should you consider searching for the best website builder?


Launching a website for photography business can be a challenging task even for a mature photographer. What you should bear in mind is that the platform must communicate images to your potential customers efficiently. Here are some tips to follow to be on the safe side choosing a website builder:

  • make a list of things you would like to have on the site;
  • surf your competitors’ websites to know what you can make differently;
  • use the opportunity of getting a free trial of the builder;
  • make sure a platform has proven storage capabilities;
  • check out growth options.




Can I Afford a Website Builder?

If you have some financial difficulties, you can pick a free version and later switch to a paid one. The difference between free and paid builders lies in their functionality. Traditionally, prepaid options supply you with a bigger range of services like own domain, larger storage, automatically updated codes, etc. 

Does a website builder have customization potential?

A successful design greatly depends on customization possibilities. You should not perceive customization only as of the process of replacing fonts, content, or colors. It goes far beyond this. A workable website builder has many innovative options such as background settings, big variety of fonts, margins editing, etc.