Wedding Websites Builders

Wedding Websites Builders
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The Top Wedding Website Builders: What are they?


Nowadays people practically live online. A substantial deal of their activities is conducted via the Internet. It has become a usual thing to surf there for any kind of data, do shopping, do business, meet new people, make friends, and even find a future partner. In this vein, creating a wedding website, website for short, has become a common practice for those who are intending to get married.

Best wedding websites help engaged couples to manage all the details of the planning process at a low-stress level. People who are not superstitious and do not mind exposing their big day to a certain group of viewers or even to the whole world will enjoy numerous advantages of their wedding site. In a nutshell, having started such a site you may post important details so your family members and friends are kept abreast of possible changes of the ceremony.


What are the core benefits of wedding websites?

Not sure about launching a wedsite? Just assume how fast and easy you can reach people on your guest list since they constantly check their mail accounts or messengers on smartphones, computers, and tablets. To get fully persuaded consider the following advantages of wedding website for couples.


You can tell a love story in person.

Revealing some memorable moments about you and your partner and how it all started makes you feel happy. At the same time, pictures or slides placed on the webpage tell everyone about your unconventional love and commemorate the turning point at which two singles decided to start a family. All in all, it creates a certain atmosphere of the future ceremony.


It is a fuss killer.

A wedding platform ensues the way from engagement to honeymoon is smooth and joyful. It saves time and efforts as your prospective guests are brought together in a joined online place. You are free to input data like time and place of the event, dressing code, gift list, etc. Moreover, it is possible to install notification alerts about some news or changes on the website.


Wedsite is cost-efficient.

Wedding website maker empowers the intending spouses to save money on hiring professionals for designing printed invitation cards. As invites are placed on the site, not a dollar is wasted on delivering them to guests. Through a webpage, it is convenient to contact and manage all issues with a wedding planner or particular suppliers. Finally, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on printing pictures after a wedding day. You just upload and share them with your friends.


What Are the Best Wedding Website Builders of 2019?


Having made up your mind to construct a wedding website, one can find themselves at a loss surfing Google for this as numerous platforms offer similar features. Here is a list of workable site builders that can be utilized both by tech-savvies and beginners.



Those who are eager to establish a presence online quickly and effectively appreciate this multifaceted website builder. Wix gained its reputation among young people planning their wedding events. It is due to a wide set of beautiful themes that may meet the most sophisticated taste. To start with, choose the most gorgeous template, which is likely to impress your family and friends. With Wix, it is easy to embody and reveal your exclusive style. You will see how it is convenient to manage wedding preparations due to numerous features of this builder (RSVP widget, Google Maps, etc.). Wix tools allow you to customize the data placed on a site.

You are able to upload as many photos as you want. Up to your mood and desire, it is possible to alternate the colors, shapes, sizes, and fonts of the webpage. The Wix Editor empowers you to add and restructure the existing content without special technical skills. The Wix Events helps control the incoming RSVPs. So, you are informed about the number of guests coming to the venue. It gives a feeling of taking total control over planning issues like a bridal shower, rehearsal including toast with a family.

Not every couple would like strangers to visit their site. In this case, they can switch off the search engine tool so a wedding site will not show up on search requests. Thus, the privacy of the event is protected. On the other hand, a password is given to those chosen by the newlyweds. Thanks to Wix social stream app, photos and videos can be streamed straight to the website.


  • free plans are available
  • it is easy to upload pictures
  • real-time update is possible
  • fabulous screen forms
  • secure


  • the individual website address is out of the question
  • links and images must be manually uploaded
  • it is impossible to switch templates



. If you desire to minimize stress and tension while preparing a marriage ceremony Squarespace is the very wedding website maker to meet this purpose. Any template can be tried for 14 days with no fee required. So, you get enough time to understand if it is good or not for you. As a plus of this builder, we can mention the possibility to transfer already created data to another template, which does not demand to begin from scratch. If you are ready for extra expenses you can get an annual plan at the cost of $144 providing you with a free domain name.

What you will love for sure is a customizable form of RSVP that is built into every wedding template of Squarespace. This form is extremely versatile thanks to Google Docs and Sheets which ensures a flawless organization of the wedding. You are able to gather information about your future guests like possible allergies to arrange the menu correctly, travel needs or childcare.

Designing a wedding hashtag has become an obligatory part of managing a wedding. Even if some of the guests do not have an Instagram account they can look through the photos documented on the site. With Squarespace a couple can make a hashtag stream on their wedding website, accumulating the best memories of the wedding day. This platform offers an easy way of creating a registry of cash gifts. In case some problems or questions arise, there is personalized support via live chat or email.


  • you get a professional looking wedding website
  • rather easy to customize
  • templates are of high quality
  • registry application is available


  • all plans require payment
  •  may be difficult for beginners
  • comparatively less amount of templates



This widely used website creator exposes the most essential features needed for developing a wedding site. Its free plan gives you a 500MB storage, drag and drop editor, SSL security instrument, sections tailored to meet wedding planning prerequisites, and of course a separate RSVP form.

Weebly users claim that amazing and flexible themes allow creating a responsive website that is destined to be like both by the couple and their guests.

The editor is intuitive and convenient for those who have no special technical skills. Weebly drag and drop tool provides a considerable degree of freedom in adding and deleting components. The website maker offers a good choice of themes that can be comfortably modified when you want. All these enhance the aesthetic appeal of the wedding website.

Weebly's App Center can be of great help adding more functionality to a site. If you have a limited budget, you can use a free plan and later switch to paid versions. Various applications provide tremendous advantages like placing a map of a route to the venue, managing a wedding blog and starting a guest book for wishes and comments. Furthermore, it is feasible to integrate a site with the accounts of social networks, which increases the number of people viewing photos and videos.

If you want to explore full potential of Weebly website builder you can opt for premium plans ranging from $5 to $25 per month. A custom domain is available at $19.95 annually.


  • user-friendly site editor
  • available templates can be easily modified into wedding themes
  • comments section can be added
  • applications satisfy the wedding planning needs
  • RSVP section


  • less appealing designs in comparison with Squarespace and Wix
  • limited features of free plan
  • options for creativity are restricted in number

The Knot

As the wedding website creator, the Knot takes the first place in the US platform rates. The biggest advantage of the builder is that it requires no fee. You do not have to choose between free and paid versions. Everyone can find a template to his/her taste among a hundred of samples that look professional. The Knot editor functions like a dashboard. Still, it is clear and easy to utilize. To be sure, that all the elements are orderly placed you should preview your wedding website from time to time.

All-in-One Wedding Planning of the Knot allows setting a site in a few minutes. What is more, you can browse it on different devices. Besides, it opens numerous opportunities that make your planning easier. You will also appreciate the Newlywed Fund tool showing the gifts to the guests informing them about retail registries.

Wedding Vision instrument reflects your wedding style and ensures it goes in line with the vendors. Guest List help to collect addresses and RSVPs of the invited people as well as notes with thanks. It is possible to stay in touch with relatives and friends via the app for sending messages. Budgeter creates an individual plan of expenses. Vendor List informs a couple about nearby hotels and available rooms.

To be on the safe side and to protect a website, custom privacy control will do the job for you. It can hide your wedding website from searching tools.

Many users find the Knot checklist awesome as it keeps them organized while performing their everyday activities and planning a wedding. A Wedding Vision helps to bring into accordance such things like colors of the theme and napkins.


  • intuitive interface
  • user-friendly
  • requires no payment
  • twinning as a wedding planner


  • RSVP section cannot be customized according to guests’ likes
  • editor potential is rather restricted
  • no specific apps to make your site more outstanding


Appy Couple

Like the above-analyzed website creators, Appy Couple aims to make your wedding site as fascinating as possible. All the issues related to planning are brought together in a single package meant to exclude any unexpected moments and troubles while preparing the event of your life. Appy Couple is a workable platform that implies several instruments for organizing the guest list, mailing invitations, receiving RSVPs, informing people about available accommodations in the neighborhood if needed and many other aspects.

This website builder is developed professionally so to help the users embody and share their greatest ideas. With a wide range of templates, you can design a masterpiece that will communicate the most important and pleasant moments of the wedding. Appy Couple site maker is easy to use and update from computer, tablet or smartphone.

Fashionable and exclusive layouts with personal content function as a great backdrop for a user. A theme can be edited in the application or online in case of necessity. One more positive feature about Appy Couple is that information placed on your app and wedding website can be seamlessly synced with no difference where and how your guests or you need to interact with someone.

What your guests will appreciate is a Plus Ones feature informing them that it is allowed to someone along and tell about this in advance. You feel more and more excited as the date of your wedding approaches. In this respect, a Countdown feature of Appy Couple will remind everybody involved of how much time is left to the event. So, if you agree to pay $49 or $149 for the Boutique or Luxury option you will get a package of necessary features for constructing a wedsite.


  • superb and luxurious designs
  • wide choice of interactive features
  • available personalized application
  • 24/7 technical support


  • no free plan
  • set-up is time-consuming as there many built-in features



As one of the latest wedding website creators, Joy offers a broad set of organization tools demanding no fee. With Joy, you can construct a site and even a twin application for your wedding. Wedsites built on Joy go with free hosting but on its subdomain, which means it is possible to run a site as soon as it is ready.

Despite being an all-in-one planner platform, it is a winning builder that makes a preparation process much easier. The greatest advantage of Joy is that you gain access to all the features free of charge. Moreover, you get a custom website and application that can be utilized with no time limit. Joy proposes a handy registration through email address, Facebook or Google account.

Guest List Management option enables you to import a guest list done previously in Excel or Google Sheets. The tool allows placing details about the guests on the central dashboard. Applying the guest management instrument you introduce permissions like sharing pictures or videos on social nets or taking +1s to the wedding ceremony.

Invitations and RSVPs are sent straight from Joy account. To give a reply, people may use the RSVP portals of both a wedding website and custom wedding application. As for visual design, the possibility to choose fonts and colors is considerably restricted. Nevertheless, Joy’s templates are fashionable enough and should not be regarded as a drawback. Companion Apps comes in very handy when you need to check your wedding website being on the run. Besides traditional and basic features, Joy suggests such options as a Collaborative Environment and Gifting.


  • no payment demanded
  • a set of basic wedding planning tools
  • login-less RSVP


  • poor choice of templates  
  • no one-in-all option
  • coded access to the app


The presented and analyzed wedding website builders can help organize your occasion quickly and easy, at low cost and efforts. It is up to you to decide which one to pick to commemorate the most important event in your life. Before making the final decision we suggest you should view some wedding websites examples constructed on different platforms:


How can I construct my wedding website?

A great wedding website demands a certain degree of creativity and accurately chosen platform. You should decide which style and design meets your vision of a wedding ceremony. Look through available free or paid website builders. Select the one with the features you are sure will satisfy your demands.


Which wedding website builder should I choose for demonstrating photos?

The best choice for this purpose is Squarespace, which empowers you to display big wedding photos of high quality. Due to its visual templates, it is easy to create both picture galleries and videos.


Are premium plans worth buying?

Of course, free plans give you all the necessary features for building a modern wedding website. However, if you want your site look more sophisticated and fashionable you should opt for a paid version. Unlike free plans, the paid ones allow using a personal website address and excluding any ads.