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Wysiwyg Website Builder
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    uKit has a professional approach to the web page creation that has been polished and updated for years by the top experts in coding and programming. It is a unique fully-featured and utility-rich platform that is highly valued by the representatives of lots of kinds of different businesses. 
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    We give you all the tools you need to create your website today. Enjoy the freedom to drag-and-drop your content and images into your chosen template and build your dream site.

Pro Tips for Choosing the Best Wysiwyg Website Builder


Web design has drastically developed during recent years. Earlier, you need to hire a professional coder for creating a website of any difficulty. Fortunately, nowadays we have incredible WYSIWYG that allows people with no programming experience to craft their own sites for low costs.


WYSIWYG  means what you see is what you get. In other words, WYSIWYG website builders use a special drag and drop technology that enables users to create a professional site with the help of visual elements. You will not need to code or study a lot to start using a WYSIWYG web builder - its interface is amazingly simple and understandable. All the changes in your website can be done immediately, as well as all the functions and options that are surprisingly easy. 


However, there are plenty of WYSIWYG website builders online. Which one will perfectly suit your needs? What is the best WYSIWYG web builder? Below you will find a list of the most popular website builders, along with their benefits and drawbacks. Learn more about the pricing policy of each WYSIWYG builder and choose the most fitting alternative in a matter of minutes. 


Choosing the best WYSIWYG website builder




Wix is one of the pioneers in the area of WYSIWYG web design. The program uses a handy drag-and-drop builder, so the overall app’s management is as simple as possible. Wix is world-famous for its whopping number of templates, so you will definitely find something special to fit al your requirements. The templates are divided into handy categories, so you picking up a needed template is really convenient. 


As for the website customization, this WYSIWYG builder has fewer restrictions than its competitors. You can place the required element anywhere on the web page and enjoy creating a professional website according to your taste. 


Wix also allows having access to the more advanced options of the chosen element. Just right click on it, and you will see more options in the context menu. 


Being one of the mobile-friendly website builders, Wix will help you to create a responsive site that will look great on most portable devices, including smartphones and tablets. 


  • One of the largest databases of templates available to all users
  • Allows to create a website from scratch
  • Easy to use and understandable
  • Includes WYSIWYG web editor
  • Allows creating animated elements and texts
  • Flexible drag-and-drop builder
  • A whopping number of different elements, such as forms, panels, text boxes, and media
  • Open source website builder WYSIWYG - allows adding your own code to the website



  • Some templates require extra payments
  • You can’t change your website theme after publication
  • Exporting your website to another builder is hardly possible
  • Some templates might appear not to be responsive on portable devices



Wix pricing plans start at $5 per month. The more functions and tools you want to use, the more expensive your plan will be. 




Weebly is considered to be one of the best WYSIWYG website builders available on the web. The program has millions of active users globally, offering an amazingly rich functionality. 


The program has over 100 templates that are likely to suit any type of business or blog. The templates are placed into different categories, so you will be able to pick up the needed one in a couple of minutes. The builder allows previewing each template before implementing it to your website. 


After you’ve successfully chosen the theme for your project, you can start customizing your website. It is worth mentioning that Weebly offers less freedom for placing the elements on your site. However, meeting the basic requirements and restrictions of the builder, you will get a well-structured and professionally looking website with almost no efforts.


The program works really fast, so you will not need to wait for long to get the things done. Moreover, the more precise the template you choose, the fewer customization you will need to do to create a unique solution. By the way, the number of pages of your website can be limited in certain plans but the amount of free space has no limitations. 


What makes Weebly stand out from the crowd of other WYSIWYG builders is that has an in-built image editor. It is simple but fairly enough for editing your images directly on your site’s panel. 



  • Easy WYSIWYG website editor
  • Fully hosted software that offers to purchase the domain and hosting in a few clicks
  • Auto-saving option that allows not to worry about making changes to your site
  • Great for both online stores, small businesses, and blogs
  • Adding your own source code is applicable
  • A large number of templates for any topic
  • An incredible amount of various apps and widgets available in the builder’s App Center
  • Lots of elements, including forms, polls, media, etc.
  • Mobile-friendly design of all templates
  • Creating an account is quick and simple
  • Has a free plan for beginners



  • No undo option - you will need to delete the changes manually
  • Selling goods and services are available only for paid accounts
  • No personal gallery - if you need to insert the same image to different pages, you will need to upload it for each page separately.


Pricing: Weebly has a free plan available for all beginners in the area of web development. The monthly payments for the other plans will require $9-$25 per month. 




Squarespace is an excellent WYSIWYG software that is known for its top-notch quality templates. The websites created with the help of the builder have a stunning look and convenient design. The number of pages is not as large as in Wix or Weebly but it looks like the program is focused on quality over quantity.


Squarespace has limited freedom of customization to ensure the perfect look of any website created with the help of the platform. Unlike most builders, the app’s drag and drop editor is designed in another way. You will need to click on a free space of your web page and choose the element you would like to add to this field. 


The program might require a bit more time for beginners to learn but it is still easy to use. The website builder allows adding flash elements, text boxes, media, HTML code, widgets, and use lots of other features according to your taste. 


The application offers the extended option of editing photos with the help of the Aviary tool. However, the program doesn’t offer to store your images in the personal library. So, to use the same image you will need to download is several times. 


Squarespace offers only responsive templates and will create a mobile version of your website automatically. There is no need to worry about your website’s performance on portable devices - they will surely look perfectly. 



  • Professional templates with excellent design
  • Allows creating mobile-friendly websites
  • Offers SSL certificate
  • Easily integrates with Stripe and Apple Pay
  • Allows using your own code
  • Excellent support via different channels of communication 
  • An extra option of getting the help of a pro designer for extra costs



  • Customization has a number of restrictions
  • No free plan available
  • Requires paying a transaction fee for each deal made through the website (1-2% depending on the plan you choose)



Squarespace is a little bit more expensive than its competitors. The pricing plans vary from $12 to $40 per month billed annually.




Shopify is one of the popular free WYSIWYG web builders developed for beginner users. The platform is developed to meet the needs of users looking for creating convenient e-commerce websites with no coding skills. 


The WYSIWYG builder offers a large number of templates, so you will easily choose a perfect theme for your online business. All the templates are mobile-friendly and will look great on different gadgets. By the way, the builder offers an automatic update of all the supported templates. 


The program can boast of having lots of various features for customizing your website: text boxes, slideshows, media galleries, product quick review solutions, navigation, and plenty of widgets for any taste. You can also effortlessly add social media icons to your site. 

Shopify allows using almost all popular methods of payments, as well as it has its own Shopify payment system for making the purchases even easier. 



  • A large number of well-designed themes
  • Responsive design
  • Lots of features and third-party widgets
  • Advanced shipping options
  • Easy-to-use for beginners
  • Unlimited amount of product pages
  • Premium customer service



  • No free plans
  • Transaction fees for all the payments, except those made with Shopify payment system
  • No access to the source code of your website in cheaper plans



The builder is available for reasonable money. The pricing plans start at $29 per month. The most feature-rich plan will cost you $299. 




Strikingly is a top-rated WYSIWYG website builder with a pleasant design and in-built drag and drop editor. The program offers everything needed for creating a website from scratch - starting from unique and colorful templates to dozens of advanced e-commerce and blogging functions. 


However, the program uses a little bit different technology for adding products or services to your website - you will not be able to create an unlimited number of product pages. You will need to craft sites that have multiple parts to them. 


The builder offers to purchase a domain name and hosting to make the process of creating your website easier. Strikingly also has powerful statistics features that offer to view the most important website parameters in easy and comprehensive charts. 


As for the bloggers, the platforms also has countless useful tools for easy blogging. Each post will be placed for a separate page for maximum comfort.


The platform has a developed community, with the blog, forum, knowledge base and Talk of the Town all available. 



  • Really easy to use WYSIWYG editor
  • Advanced analytics
  • Simple drag-and-drop editor
  • Allows adding JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code to your site without any limitations
  • 24/7 support
  • A free plan with limited functionality is also available



  • Too limited customization tools for cheaper plans
  • Strikingly branding will be embedded to your website design unless you purchase the most expensive plan
  • Switching between different section might appear to be difficult for beginners



Strikingly has a flexible pricing system. There are 2 pricing plans, available for $12 and $20 per month accordingly. However, if you purchase a yearly subscription, you can save up to $48. In case you decide to buy a 5-year subscription, you will save a whopping $528. 




BigCommerce is one of the most reliable WYSIWYG builders for big businesses, a heavy website with a high number of pages, as well as multilingual sites. The program has a fully-featured functionality that is highly demanded by big market players. If you are planning to create a big site that has different versions for different languages or a big online shop, this application will be the best choice. 


The program has exceptional design and customization tools. With a large number of templates, easy editor, and ability to integrate with Wordpress, you can create a unique website for any e-commerce project.


BigCommerce is really good when it comes to loading speed. Most websites created with the help of the system are really fast and easy-to-use. Therefore, your visitors will not need to wait for ages until the site completely loads on their gadgets. Not to mention, the program automatically creates a responsive website that will have a superb look on any portable or desktop device. 


The utility has great SEO tools that will bring your website a  better performance when it comes to search engines. The number of functions for promoting your website includes customizable URLs, metadata, and robots.txt editing.

BigCommerce has an incredible management system. Bulk pricing, easy price lists, B2B payments are all available. The program also has a localization feature that allows crafting multi-language sites, receive payments in different currencies, and integrate with ShipperHQ.


The website parameters are also likely to be excellent. The platform is able to provide with 99,99% uptime that is the highest possible score on the market. With advanced backup and restore technologies, your website will always be safe. 



  • The high number of templates
  • Maximum number of customization utilities
  • Advanced SEO tools
  • Allows creating large sites with versions available in different languages
  • Safe and secure
  • Supports lots of various types of payments
  • Supports B2B deals
  • Easily connects with social channels
  • 15 days free trial period for all users
  • Supports cross-posting to other global platforms, like Amazon and eBay



  • Is not likely to suit blogs or small businesses
  • High pricing
  • Refunds are not available
  • Free templates often look too simple, so most users purchase paid themes



The plans of BigCommerce might seem pricey. The cheapest plan is available for $29 per month, while the most expensive one can be purchased for $249 per month. 


IM Creator


IM Creator is a unique WYSIWYG website builder that uses a special methodology for creating websites. Like most builders, it is based on an easy-to-use WYSIWYG drag and drop builder but the process of crafting the website is a way different. 


Most platforms allow creating and customizing each web page separately. However, IM Creator will help you to craft a one-page website with a convenient left-handed menu. 


The program has no limitations on bandwidth, hosting, and using tools for design, offering the possibility to create visually impressive sites within the shortest time. The platform design is really simple - the process of website creation is as easy as playing with Lego blocks. The matter is that the app has a revolutionary WYSIWYG  editor with all the functions and options located in handy menus. 


IM Creator is also proud of its advanced SEO tools that allow any website to boost its web presence in no time. With the help of professional functions, you will be able to increase traffic and get more conversions with no extra efforts.


The program doesn’t place any adds on your website, regardless of the pricing plan you choose. Therefore, your site will be clean and fresh anyway. 



  • Has a free plan, available for students, artists, and non-profitable organizations
  • A large number of beautiful templates
  • Great SEO tools
  • A large number of e-commerce solutions
  • Responsive design
  • Good support



  • Creating websites with the help of blocks appear to be inconvenient for users, who have already tried standard WYSIWYG builders
  • Changing the order or moving the blocks on the page is not allowed



The standard pricing plan is $9 monthly. The Whitelabel solution will cost you $350 annually. 




Jimdo is one of the leading WYSIWYG website builders available on the market. The platform attracts thousands of new users with its comprehensive design, a large number of functions, and responsive design. In case you have no coding experience or technical background, Jimdo will give you a helping hand for making your website absolutely perfect. 


To start using the app, you will need to create a  free account and choose any template from a large app’s database of themes. After that, feel free to start customizing your project and enrich it with different elements, media, and widgets. When you finish crafting your site, click a couple of buttons to bring your website live. 


Jimdo offers to purchase a custom domain or transferring your domain with the help of the platform’s functions. Both options are easy and understandable. When it comes to promoting your website, you can use professional SEO tools that are simplified for beginners. The builder has an automatic SEO to boost your website rankings within the shortest time.



  • A significant number of templates
  • Professional design themes and easy customization
  • Understandable WYSIWYG editor
  • Custom domain
  • SEO tools for beginners
  • Advanced blog functions
  • All website protected by HTTPS encryption



  • Jimdo ads are removable only for premium plans
  • Some templates are not completely flexible



Jimdo has various pricing plans available for $10-$20 monthly payments. 




Ukit remains to be one of the WYSIWYG builders with the most professional templates design. The platform has an amazing number of 350+ professional templates divided into different categories. Moreover, the app has countless color schemes for any taste. Numerous fonts are available. 


The platform has a grid-based editor that allows creating a completely unique design with minimum efforts. Ukit also has no limitations on the number of pages, media, and traffic for your website. 


The builder will perfectly suit any type of business, as well as a blog or portfolio website. Ukit is a universal platform that is likely to satisfy each customer with its perfect design, different payment methods, lots of promotional tools, and powerful statistics tools. 



  • The largest number of templates
  • Easy customization
  • SEO tools for basic website promotion
  • Professional utilities for e-commerce solutions
  • Great blogging features
  • Mobile responsive solutions
  • User-friendly design
  • Allows integrating with Google Console, Google Maps, and Google Analytics 
  • Basic coding functions allowed, so you can insert your own HTML or CSS code to the website you create



  • Weekly backups might seem not enough for some users. Daily backups are much more preferable
  • Moving to another hosting might be complicated



Ukit packages are available for $4-$12 per month.

Best WYSIWYG Website Builders: Customer Reviews

Kim Lee, 


Using a WYSIWYG web builder is really easy. I decided to create my first online store for selling T-shirts less than a year ago. With no developer’s knowledge or experience, I created my website from scratch. I didn’t require any professional consultations from the support team since the platform appeared to be completely understandable. Now, I’ve started earning money from selling goods online, and moved to a more feature-rich plan to get even higher sales rates. Highly recommended!


Brandon Kuper,


Starting the blog seemed to be a really challenging task. I analyzed tons of various builders, compared tools and functions, learned the basics of web development for several weeks. I believe that that list of WYSIWYG website builders above is one of the most true-to-life and convenient ones.


 I’ve chosen the easiest website creator to suit all my needs and crafted my site with no extra help! That was simply amazing! Building your own website block after block, playing with templates and fonts, adding widgets is really cool. As a result, I created a really stunning blog with awesome galleries, videos, and photos that seems to be absolutely perfect. By the way, when I showed my site to one of my friends, he couldn’t believe this job was done by myself!


For those, who still hesitate: try different builders, test various functions and discover which platform will suit you most. Most solutions offer a free trial period, so you will not need to spend money on programs you will not use - feel free to experiment as much as you need. 


Megan Carter,


When I first heard about the website builders, I was really surprised. I had been dreaming to craft my own fashion blog for years and finally got a solution that is really cheap and easy. With only $10 per month, my dream came true! I didn’t need to hire a web developer, a designer, an SEO expert to create and promote my site. Totally, I save a miraculous $2,0000. The result suits me perfectly - I can maintain my fashion blog by myself, add posts, upload media and video, with just a couple of clicks. 


Jim, developer


With the help of WYSIWYG builders, my job became significantly easier. Now, I can choose a simple draft, customize it with the needed elements, and add some HTML, CSS or JavaScript code to make it completely unique. The website builders are easy, safe, and professionals solutions that will be useful for both newbies and coding experts. In case you have no idea how websites work, as well as if you lack SEO knowledge, this kind of software might become really life-saving. 


Mike Brown, 


When choosing a domain and hosting for my future website, I was totally confused with an incredible number of different companies that offer the following services. Moreover, creating a website by myself seemed to be too complicated. Fortunately, I came across a popular WYSIWYG builder that offered pricing with the domain and hosting included in the plan! Moreover, subscription fees appeared to be completely affordable. Now, I’m a lucky website owner, who is making profits from the online project on a regular basis. My advice to beginner users is to pick up software that has a domain and hosting included in the pricing. This way, you will not need to transfer the domain and will easily avoid any coding. 


Marc, user


WYSIWYG editors are surely great. I moved my domain from the software I used before and remain to be completely satisfied with the service I receive. I needed to make some coding but it was really easy since the support team helped me a lot. The process of transferring my site to the website builder required less than 1 hour. If you need to move your domain, don’t hesitate - the process is 99% automated.