Yola # 8 on My List

Yola is cool. The site is pretty simple and like all the others that let you make a website for free you have to sign up with your full name and email address. If that’s all they want, I think that’s pretty awesome! What do you think?

You can translate Yola into a few languages. If your primary language is Spanish, choose Spanish from the drop down button on the top right hand corner of the site. If you speak French or Italiano, they have that too.

Yola also offers no ad site. This means they won’t plaster your free site with ads. Some companies do this. Not Yola! At the bottom of Yola’s website you’ll see samples of website that were created using their system. Most of them are pretty nice and the layouts are well placed.

What Can You Do?

You’ll be able to customize the site the way you want it and add pictures and text as you please. The set up is easy as they walk you through each steps of building your free website. I love Yola. Check them out for more information.

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Yola # 8 on My List
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